Human Error

Jennifer's Most Memorable Accidents.....  There are many more, but head injuries affect memory. 

1. I shut my own head in a car door.  (See July 3, 2003 Blog for details.)

2. I was excused from gymnastics practice when I failed to make contact with the 2nd paralel bar and went flying.
3. I lost my balance and ended up seated on a (now broken) marble chess board...with all the pieces on it.

4. I was doing ladder work in front of a business by a busy street.  I lost track of how many steps there were on my ladder and still had one to go when I stepped off - into the air.  I landed flat on my back on the concrete.  I was horrified and got up so quickly that it probably looked like I BOUNCED off the concrete.
5. I put my finger in the mouth of a yawning cat.  HINT: Carnivores have very sharp teeth. 

6. Picture this: Novice skier.  On the bunny hill, she lands on her back, with her head DOWNHILL from her feet.  The skis are still attached, pointing straight out to each side.  The bindings are too tight and won't release.  I could have died of exposure if no one had been there to help.

A few things that Ginger has done to herself and others...

1. My blender was on and unplugged, I put the hot stuff in and leaned over the blender and plugged it in...  No, there was no lid on it at the time. Surprisingly I was not hurt; however I still find spots of the stuff when I clean my kitchen.

2. Pregnant- soft sand- plastic lawn chair- I went over very slowly- and there I was like a beetle its back- You get the picture.

3. I have actually stapled myself before.

4. I put a kitchen chair on my big toe and promptly sat down on the chair.

5. Trying (notice I said trying) to get out of a car with my seat belt still attached.

6. I have injured my husband many times while trying to put my arm around him... I think that he has finally learned to duck.

7. While giving a friend a hug goodbye (you know who you are) our hoop earrings (it was the early 90's) got stuck together and someone had to rescue us.

8. I was carrying a valuable new possession of Jennifer's across my toy-strewn living room one afternoon and lo and behold, I tripped!! I was careful not to damage the delicate item in my hands.  However, I sacrificed my head and left a chunk of hair stuck in a dent in the sheetrock.