Costly Mistakes

Experience is the best teacher...

But for people who don't necessarily learn from experience, it's pretty harsh. 

Here are some things we've experienced:

1.  A $2,000.00 line of credit attached to your checking account may result in a debt of $2,000.00. 
2.  A credit card with a limit of $(insert number here) may result in a debt of the same amount.  Multiply by number of credit cards. 
3.  Using cash will help prevent overspending.  Unlike your checking account, when you are out (or almost out) of money, you will know it. 
4.  If you find something in a store that you "just have to buy," 9 times out of 10 you can still get it next day.  Wait a day to make sure that you REALLY want it. 
5.  Microsoft Money is really easy to use and you can set it up as you go.  Set up categories - or don't.  Enter a payee - or don't!  It doesn't care!  No overwhelm, and you might even balance your checkbook for the first time in your life.
A Day Late and......How Much Do I Owe You?

You might have ADD if....
1. The power goes out and you realize you didn't pay the bill.
2. The satellite TV goes out and you realize you didn't pay the bill.
3. You practice "intuitive checking" - if the car you're making payments on is still in your driveway, you still have time to write a check.
4. You're so accident-prone that when friends can't get in touch with you by phone, they call the hospital.
5. You are on a first-name basis with the locksmith.