Stan Garfield's Bio

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Professional History

  • Knowledge management author and speaker, community leader, knowledge manager, communities of practice evangelist, collaboration/social media specialist
  • Community Evangelist, Deloitte Global Knowledge Services, 2008-2016
  • Retail & Consumer Knowledge Domain Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2008
  • HP, Compaq, and Digital Equipment Corp., 1983-2008
    • Held a wide variety of field and headquarters management roles in presales, consulting and systems integration
    • Joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1983 in the St. Louis office
    • Moved to Detroit in 1986
    • Launched Digital's first knowledge management program in 1996
    • Helped develop the corporate KM strategy for Compaq in 2000
    • Part of HP's Merger & Integration Clean Room in 2001-2002
    • Led the Worldwide Consulting & Integration Knowledge Management Program for Hewlett-Packard, 2004-2008
  • Manager of Computer Services at St. Louis University School of Medicine, 1979-1983
  • Computer programmer and research assistant at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, 1975-1979

Personal History

  • Born in Oak Park, IL
  • Lived in Oak Park, IL; Evanston, IL; Omaha, NE; Tenafly, NJ; and Clayton, MO
  • Currently live in Northville, MI
  • Attended Tenafly High School (NJ) and graduated from Clayton High School (MO)
  • Attended Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and graduated from Washington University (St. Louis, MO) with a BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science




I Did Not Know That: 20 facts not everyone knows about me
  1. Each of my siblings and I were born in different cities: Willimantic CT, Milwaukee WI, Oak Park IL, and Evanston IL
  2. Went to elementary school in Omaha with Susie Buffett from 1959-63
  3. Attended three different elementary schools for grades 4 (Dundee - Omaha NE), 5 (Glenridge - Clayton MO), and 6 (Maugham - Tenafly NJ) from 1962-65, two high schools (Tenafly and Clayton), and two universities (Northwestern and Washington)
  4. Sang the solo, O Christmas Tree, in the Maugham School 6th-grade Christmas concert in 1964
  5. Was one of two first clarinets in the 6th-grade All-Tenafly Orchestra, which performed in Asbury Park, NJ
  6. Appeared on the Parlons Français television show in 1965
  7. Wrote, distributed, and recorded satirical plays about the 9th grade in 1967-68
  8. Kept statistics at every level of basketball, including every grade from 4-12, CYO, AAU, AYBT, college (Washington University in St. Louis), and pro (Spirits of St. Louis); in high school, invented one of the first basketball advanced analytics - OPERA (Overall Player Efficiency Rating Average): Points + Rebounds + (3 x Assists) + (3 x Steals) + Blocks - (.5 x Missed Shots) - Missed Free Throws - Fouls - (3 x Turnovers); kept minutes played and sometimes operated the 30-second clock in the American Basketball Association from 1974-76
  9. Operated (stations not in bold) or worked for (stations in bold) 7 radio stations: WTFY, KHRU, KFR, WNUR, WCTU, WRFN, and KFRH from 1968-1973
  10. Tracked down while on the air at KFR by the president of KIRL and a KXOK disk jockey, who used direction finding to locate the station; the president of KIRL offered technical tips, and the KXOK disk jockey was a loyal listener
  11. Did play-by-play for Tenafly High School (NJ) freshman/JV/varsity and Clayton High School (MO) boys' basketball teams, including the heroic performance by Scott Adzick against Berkeley High School (MO) in 1971
  12. Created and hosted the Clayton Invitational Table Tennis Tournament (CITTT) ping pong tournament, and did the play-by-play for the final, in which Tom Marcus defeated Scott Adzick in the basement of my home in 1971
  13. Played ping pong with former ABA star and NBA champion, the late Maurice Lucas, at the Holidome in Hannibal, Missouri in 1974, losing 21-19 due to Big Luke's outstanding reach
  14. Sat with Lou Brock's wife, Virginia, in their box seats behind home plate at a St. Louis Cardinals game as a guest of Gerald Earley
  15. Lived in the same apartment complex, Georgetown Apartments in Shrewsbury, MO, with Bob Costas, who got his start in radio as the Spirits of St. Louis play-by-play announcer from 1974-76
  16. Have been to 16 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Fours from 1978-2017
  17. Supported Regis Lagler in developing one of the first computer football games when we both worked at the Biomedical Computer Lab at Washington University
  18. My father, Sol Garfield, my sister, Ann Olszewski, my sister Joan Garfield, my brother, David Garfield, and I have all had books published, and my son, Roger Garfield, had an article published in Mother Jones
  19. Sailed on the first 10 Cayamo music cruises from 2008-2017 (met Shawn Colvin's parents on the first one), and was on the bus for the last three Road Food tours: 2013 - Memphis TN2014 - Charlotte NC, and 2015 - Lafayette LA (became friends with Michael Stern)
  20. Host two house concerts a year starting in 2003, with one extra in 2014 for Marshall Crenshaw

My Family

Stan and Barb
Roger (with Albert Pujols)Kathy and Tracy
My mom and siblings60th Birthday PartyOn Glen LakeTracy's Wedding