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Articles by Others

  1. What is KM? Knowledge Management Explained by Michael E. D. Koenig, May 4, 2012
  2. The Camelot of Collaboration - the case of VAX Notes by Patti Anklam
  3. Community of Practice Metrics and Membership by Lee Romero
  4. Creating a Podcast by Fred Bals
  5. Recording Conference Calls on a Budget by Andrew Gent
  6. 10 Rules for Asking Others to Share Knowledge Online or by Email by Bruce Karney
  7. Outsourcing Management of Communities of Practice from KM4dev

Articles and Blog Posts

  1. Authentic Leadership Reading List
  2. Collaboration Tools
  3. Communities Manifesto Presentation version
  4. Communities of Practice: building people-to-people networks
  5. Communities of Practice Resources
  6. Communities of Practice (CoPs) Q&A
  7. Innovation and Creativity
  8. KM Certification
  9. KM Maturity Models
  10. KM Planning
  11. KM Tweeters
  12. N Cs of topic X
  13. Tips for starting a KM or ESN program
  14. Top 5 Features Needed for Collaboration
  15. Top 50 KM Components
  16. KM Specialties
  17. Web 2.0: Barriers to Adoption

Book Reviews

  1. KM Systems Implementation: Lessons from the Silicon Valley by Hind Benbya
  2. Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for your Organization’s Toughest Challenges by Andrew McAfee

Insights (Midwest KM Symposium Insights)

  1. Collect Content and Connect People
  2. Email is the Holy Grail for Threaded Discussions
  3. Implement, Improve, and Iterate
  4. Lead by example, practice what you preach, and model desired behaviors
  5. Low-Tech Webinars are the Most Reliable
  6. Recognize and Reward for Desired Behaviors
  7. Set Goals, Establish Promotion Requirements, and Recognize and Reward
  8. Learn by doing, act boldly, and share your point of view
  9. Content rating is different behind the firewall than it is on the Internet
  10. Four Key Components of Communities of Practice
  11. Don't automatically archive content; improve search instead
  12. Leaders need to communicate authentically
  13. Practical Ideas for Innovation