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09-Nov-20 Named to Kent State University KM Advisory Board

08-Dec-19 Tarbiat Modares University: Collaboration - Summary

26-Jun-19 KM South Africa Webinar: Implementing a KM Program

09-May-19 KM Workshop for A3L in Fairmont, West Virginia

Rankings and Stats

04-May-21 SIKM Leaders Community - 973 Members - 8,961 Posts - 2,105 Threads

01-May-21 Followers LinkedIn 12,228 - Twitter 4,341 - Medium 1,690 - Quora 827

01-May-21 ResearchGate 415 Reads - 7 Followers - Reached 400 Reads

01-May-21 Ranked #1 Knowledge Management Authority by Agilience

01-May-21 Ranked #10 Knowledge Management Influencer by Cronycle

01-Apr-21 Passed 800,000 views on my Quora answers - Infographic

23-Oct-20 Medium posts for past week: 16.7K Views, 4K Reads

21-Dec-18 Lucidea Readers’ Choice: Favorite KM Blog Posts of 2018

03-Aug-16 Ranked #16 in 49 Top KM Blogs for CIOs

26-Mar-15 Ranked #3 in Attensa Top 10 KM Influencers

17-April-14 Ranked #4 in wefollow knowledge management

07-Nov-13 Ranked #5 in Senexx 10 to Follow if You Care About KM

15-Oct-13 11 KM People You Should Be Following on Twitter

29-June-13 Ranked #85 in Detroit Top 100 Twitter Users

11-Apr-13 Ranked #3 in MindTouch Top 100 #KM Influencers - Full List

16-Nov-20 KMWorld 2020 - Mentoring - Meetups: SIKM - Author

18-Dec-19 KM Russia 2019: Power of Collaboration

4-7-Nov-19 KMWorld 2019: KM 101 - Video - Lucidea Booth - SIKM

17-18-Jun-19 SLA 2019 Conference - Cleveland- Book Signing

01-May-19 APQC KM Conference 2019 - Details - Video - Think Tank

5-8-Nov-18 KMWorld 2018 - Promotional Message - Lucidea - Recap

12-Jun-18 SLA 2018 Conference - Baltimore - Report

19-Apr-18 APQC KM Conference 2018 - Q&A - Highlights

09-Nov-17 - KMWorld 2017 - 1 - 2 - 3 - Keynote - Video

17-Nov-16 KMWorld 2016 - Spotlight - Recap

05-Nov-15 KMWorld 2015 Keynote: 16 KM Myths - Video

05-Nov-15 KMWorld 2015: 4 Sessions - Slides - Tweets

04-Nov-14 KMWorld 2014 Workshop/Talk/Panel - Tweets

07-Nov-13 KMWorld 2013 - Tweets

03-May-13 APQC KM Conference 2013

17-Oct-12 KMWorld 2012 - Promo - Tweets

01-Nov-11 KMWorld 2011

05-Aug-11 Session co-chair at AMCIS 2011

22-Jul-11 Presenter: Social Business Symposium - Slides

05-May-11 Panelist at KM Education Forum, DC

16-Nov-10 KMWorld 2010

17-Nov-09 KMWorld 2009

31-Oct-06 KMWorld 2006

29-Nov-18 ESNchat: Common Community Management Mistakes

13-Oct-16 ESNchat: Using ESN for KM - LinkedIn

11-Sep-14 APQC KM & Process Improvement Tweet Chat

07-Sep-20 Handbook of Community Management

26-Feb-18 KM Matters: Words of Wisdom from Leading Practitioners

03-Oct-17 Promoting a KM Program- Free copy - PR1 - PR2 - Review

15-Oct-07 Secret Language of Leadership - by Steve Denning

Jun20 ATD: Knowledge Sharing and KM: Keys to a Culture of Learning

Apr19 How to Avoid The Biggest KM Mistakes Organizations Make

Apr19 ARMA: Establishing a Collaboration Process to Bolster KM

Mar19 LLRX: How can you make your workplace more positive?

Jan19 LLRX: 10 x 10 - 100 Insightful KM Resources

Jul18 Forming an International Knowledge Professionals Society

Jun18 Seven big new things in knowledge management - Dec20 Followup

Apr18 Legal Business World: Key Issues in KM - PDF - Mailer

Mar18 WOL is KM’s Most Transformative Trend - Thread - KMS

Mar18 APQC: KM Experts on KM’s Role in Digital Transformation

Oct17 15 Issues in Knowledge Management - KMS Globe

Jan15 APQC: Creating Content People Actually Want - Article

Jun14 LegalMonitor: KM Planning - Key Objectives - Article

Apr13 APQC: Gamification in KM - White Paper

May08 HP’s Internal Social Network Engages Employees

May08 KnowledgeBoard: Scoring Points in the Knowledge Game

Oct07 Knowledge Reuse Strategies - KM Legal Magazine (Ark Group)

Aug07 Sowing the Seeds of KM - A KM Star is Born - Inside Knowledge

May07 Masterclass: Identifying KM Objectives - Inside Knowledge

Apr07 Masterclass: Obtaining Support for KM - Inside Knowledge

Feb07 Bill Ives blogs about this site

Jul06 KM University - Inside Knowledge

May06 Why People Don't Share Their Knowledge - KM Review

Apr06 KM & Personal Growth - Inside Knowledge - More Maxims - 36

Feb06 KManager Wanted - Inside Knowledge

Feb06 Setting Up a KM Program - KNOW Network - Guided Insights

Feb06 Sharing Knowledge by Design - Communiqué

Feb06 Knowledge Advisors at HP: Connecting People with Information

Jan06 AOK Star Series Dialogue - Association of Knowledgework

Dec05 Capture and Reuse - Inside Knowledge

May00 Profiles of 12 Knowledge Stewards - Montague Institute Review

May98 DEC Increases Profits through Knowledge Sharing - Knowledge Inc

13-May-21 Associations Now: Facilitate Knowledge-Sharing in Remote Work

19-Jan-21 Audio Interview: Measured steps to manage knowledge

15-Jan-21 Video: The State of the Art of Knowledge Management

24-Nov-20 Video: Current and Future State of Knowledge Management

15-Oct-20 Video: Virtual Excellence: Excellence in Community Management

17-Jul-20 Fringe Legal: interview with Abhijat Saraswat

13-Feb-20 Edwin K. Morris: Because You Need to Know, Number 2

04-May-19 Tribe: Insights on Online Community Building

27-Feb-19 APQC Podcast Interview: Why You Need a KM Vision

26-Feb-19 Studio Guest on DW24 Live - Tweet - Recording

23-Jan-19 Hans Luyts: Why Knowledge Managers Do What They Do

02-Nov-18 Yadira Caro: Sharing Knowledge about Knowledge

04-Jul-18 Jonathan Norman: Secrets of Promoting a KM initiative

12-Mar-18 Lauren Trees/APQC Podcast: Latest KM Trends - Second Source

22-Sep-17 Edwin K. Morris Podcast: Because You Need to Know

06-Dec-16 TallyFox: KM Through the Eyes of a Thought Leader

22-Dec-15 KMWorld 2015: Is KM Dead?

27-Sep-14 Paul Woods: Yaminade Podcast

12-Apr-13 Nancy Davis Kho/EContent: Community Evangelist

19-May-11 Chris Coleman/Collaboration Pizza: Communities Manifesto

22-Sep-10 Kevin Desouza: Interview with KM Leaders

27-Nov-09 Allan Crawford: KMWorld 2009 Perspectives: Is KM Dead?

10-Mar-08 HP Collaboration Strategy - Working Knowledge Research Center

30-May-07 Dan Keldsen: Reinvention Prevention - Recording

23-Feb-21 KMLF: Knowledge and Community Management

28-Sep-20 KM Leader Roles and Responsibilities - Video - Slides

28-May-20 2020 Midwest KM Symposium: Stump the KM Veteran

20-May-20 Webinar: KM Integration: Tips for Knowledge Managers

22-Apr-20 Webinar: KM Conversation: Achieving KM Independence

25-Mar-20 Webinar: KM Conversation: Using Analytics

26-Feb-20 Webinar: KM Conversation: Social Collaboration

29-Jan-20 Webinar: KM Conversation: Advanced Discovery

09-Dec-19 Webinar: KM Conversation: 3 Dimensions of 360° Access

04-Nov-19 KM 101 Workshop: Implementing a KM Program

28-Aug-19 Webinar: Stump the KM Guru - Real-Time Q&A

09-Aug-19 Midwest KM - Top 40 KM Pitfalls

24-Jul-19 Webinar: Communities of Practice Primer and Manifesto

26-Jun-19 Webinar: The HP KM Program: Tools and Technology

14-May-19 Webinar: Selling KM: Reuse Proven Practices - Part 5

24-Apr-19 Webinar: Selling KM: Reuse Proven Practices - Part 4

08-Apr-19 TCKMF: Building a Knowledge-Sharing Culture - Slides

13-Mar-19 Webinar: Selling KM: Reuse Proven Practices - Part 3

06-Feb-19 Webinar: Selling KM: Reuse Proven Practices - Part 2

16-Jan-19 Webinar: Selling KM: Reuse Proven Practices - Part 1

19-Dec-18 Webinar: 7 Competencies of Effective Knowledge Managers

28-Nov-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Apply Lessons Learned

17-Oct-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Avoid the Top 40 Pitfalls - Slides

09-Oct-18 7 Competencies of Effective Knowledge Managers - Slides

26-Sep-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Use the Keys to Success

22-Aug-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Recognize and Reward

10-Aug-18 Midwest KM - How to Build Your Personal Digital Brand

25-Jul-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Nurture a Knowledge-Sharing Culture

27-Jun-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Improve Continuously

12-Jun-18 7 Competencies of Knowledge Managers - SLA - Report

07-Jun-18 EC Knowledge Week: Proven Practices for KM

30-May-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Embrace Technology Appropriately

19-Apr-18 APQC: Building Blocks of Engaging Communities - Slides

11-Apr-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Build a Team and Get Outside Help

14-Mar-18 Webinar: Selling KM - Communicating with Stakeholders

13-Mar-18 The Future of KM Panel Discussion - Video - Event

14-Feb-18 Webinar: Selling KM: Educating Stakeholders

24-Jan-18 Webinar: Selling KM: 10 Parts of the Business Case

13-Dec-17 Webinar: Selling KM: Lay the Foundation

15-Nov-17 Webinar: Selling KM - Define the Essentials

09-Nov-17 KM Buy-in: Proven Practices - Video

18-Oct-17 Webinar: Get Stakeholders to Help Promote KM

26-Jul-17 Knowledge Management Basics

22-Jul-17 Twitter Tutorial

11-Jul-17 10 Tips for Leading Communities - Audio - Event - Article

19-May-17 Midwest KM - 90-9-1 Rule of Thumb: Fact or Fiction?

07-Apr-17 Use Cases for Communities of Practice

21-Mar-17 The Current State of KM - Audio

17-Nov-16 Be Agile, Not Fragile

17-Nov-16 20 Hack-ronyms for the 20th KMWorld

14-Nov-16 KM 102 Workshop: KM 50 Components and 100 Specialties

11-Aug-16 Let’s Talk Online Engagement

26-Jul-16 Webinar: Gamification Accelerates KM Adoption

07-Apr-16 Columbia IKNS: Trust Me, I'm a Community Evangelist

26-Jan-16 Webinar: 5 KM Pitfalls to Avoid

05-Nov-15 16 KM Myths Debunked - Video - Transcript

04-Nov-15 Practical Ideas for Innovation

25-Jun-15 Office 365 Use Case Potluck

05-Jun-15 GLIS Roundtable: Tips for Leading Communities

06-Nov-14 Practical Social Media Tips

06-Nov-14 KM Enterprise Adoption: How to Make it Stick - Leadership

29-Sep-14 Why People Don't Share Their Knowledge

11-Apr-14 Columbia IKNS: CoPs: Principles and Tips

18-Feb-14 KM Chicago: ESNs: Tradeoffs and Examples

07-Nov-13 Enterprise Social Network Tradeoffs

06-Nov-13 I Say KM, You Say KS - Article

03-May-13 Improving Findability in the Enterprise

18-Oct-12 KMWorld 2012: Making Business Social

17-Oct-12 KMWorld 2012: What’s Your KM Vision? - Deloitte

17-Oct-12 KMWorld 2012: KM Without the Name!

26-Apr-12 APQC: Creating a Global Virtual Hallway Using Yammer

01-Nov-11 KMWorld 2011: 10 Front Line Tales - SlideShare

13-Sep-11 Midwest KM Symposium: Social CRM, CoPs, Twitter

03-Aug-11 KM: Social CRM for Two-way Knowledge Sharing - Summit

13-May-11 APQC: Building KM Expertise - Slides

20-Dec-10 Communities Manifesto Slides - Article

16-Nov-10 KMWorld 2010 Communities Manifesto

21,22-Jul-10 KM Australia - Program - A Baker's Dozen KM Insights

19-Jul-10 KMLF Melbourne: Communities Manifesto - Slides

14-Jun-10 Enterprise 2.0 - In-Depth Workshop: Community Adoption

07-Jun-10 Midwest KM Symposium - Practical Ideas for Innovation

02-Jun-10 IBF24: Online Tour of Deloitte Intranet

25-Mar-10 APQC KM CoP Call: 10 Principles for Successful CoPs

10-Mar-10 KM Group of Philadelphia: Communities Manifesto - Slides

09-Mar-10 KM Chicago: Objectives/Commitments - Slides

17-Nov-09 13 Years in KM: A Baker's Dozen Insights

11-Sep-09 Midwest KM Symposium Insights

12-Mar-08 How to Be an Authentic Leader - Books - PPT - SlideShare

26-Feb-08 Pure Insight - A Successful KM System

12-Dec-07 APQC Benchmarking Study Conference

20-Oct-07 Lawrence Tech - KM in the Real World

08-Oct-07 CPsquare Foundations of Communities of Practice

23-Apr-07 MSU: KM Careers - KM, Web 2.0, Social Media, Other Tools

31-Oct-06 Successful KM Program - Photo - Slides

18-May-06 American Chemical Society: HP Collaboration & Communities

14-Mar-06 KM Chicago - HP KM Program

06-May-05 APQC: Increasing Profits Through KM

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