Kathy, Roger, TracyRoger Garfield, Kalamazoo College, 2003-2007

With Tracy and Kathy
Barb Hayes
Stan Garfield
Mark Erelli performed
Ari Hest in our home
On Glen Lake
60th Birthday Party
With Mom & siblings
At my mom's funeral
Kathy and Roger
George Benson Show
Midwest Regional
Toasting in Ireland

Stan Garfield

APQC Award (with Carla O'Dell), December 2007
Authentic Leadership Presentation
ManTech, June 2008 (with John Hovell)
Midwest KM Symposium, Southfield, MI, May 2008
KM Australia, Sydney, July 2010

Midwest KM Symposium
Cleveland, September 2011

APQC KM Conference
Houston, May 2011

SIKM Dinner, DC, October 2012

Biomedical Computer Lab Reunion
St. Louis, May 2013

KMWorld 2014, DC, November 2014

SIKM Leaders Community Dinner 2014

KMWorld 2015
KMWorld 2016 with Arthur, Shawn, and Patrick

KMWorld 2016 Breakfast Keynote
Columbia University IKNS April 2017


KM Dinner Palo Alto, Oct. 2006KMWorld 2009
San JoseSocial Business Symposium, St. Paul July 2011SIKM Dinner, DC November 2011APQC KM Conference
Houston, April 2012BCL Reunion
St. Louis, May 2013Columbia University IKNS, April 2014KMWorld 2015, DC, November 2015
Columbia University IKNS, April 2016 Dinner 2016Arthur and ShawnKMWorld 2016Midwest KM Symposium, Cleveland, May 2017