MSU Promotions Commons

The John Aldinger Lecture Series:

Promotions Commons Spring ‘08
Michigan State University

College of Communication Arts & Sciences

John Aldinger lecture series ‘Promotions Commons’ began in Fall Semester 2006 as an ‘Open Seminar’ for students to meet high level professionals from Advertising, Public Relations, and Retailing. ‘Promotions Commons’ sessions are open to all students, but this fall several students have already signed up for one credit (ADV 492, Sec-301) with the understanding that they would attend six out of seven sessions and complete a brief paper on the experience. Promotions Commons will be offered again as a one credit seminar in spring 2008. The course enrollment will be limited to 100 students. Additional seats will be reserved for walk-ins. List of leaders that we have lined up for Promotions Commons spring ‘08 are:

Venue : Room # 147 CAS
Time : 4.30-6.00 pm

Michael Fezzey: President and General Manager, WJR-AM
On: 'Managing a Media Institution in Turbulent Times’.
Presenting on: 01-23-2008

Steve Bean: President, Sales and Marketing, Universal Laundry Equipments
On: ‘Role of Marketing, Advertising and Street Smarts in the Selling of Franchises’.
Presenting on: 02-06-2008

Mark Carassi: President and Creative Director, Caspian International (Dubai)
On: ‘Role of Marketing, Advertising and Street Smarts in the Selling of Franchises’.
Presenting on: 02-20-2008

Stan Garfield: Worldwide Consulting & Integration KM Leader, HP
On: ‘How to be an Authentic Leader’.
Reading List
Presenting on: 03-12-2008

03-26-2008: To be announced

Denise Kaplan: Vice President, Euro RSCG (Chicago)
On: 'Growing forms of non-traditional marketing i.e. sampling, couponing, campus product fairs, contests etc’.
Presenting on: 04-09-2008

Kevin Swanepoel: President, ‘The One Club’ (New York)
On: The New Creative Revolution’.
Presenting on: 04-23-2008

Going back into the history of Promotions Commons, this class primarily fulfills a promise we made some time ago to John Aldinger, who was a local advertising agent, and his family. John, it seems, was a “fair student” (according to his own account) who was drifting. At one point in his career here at MSU, a professor brought in a speaker who inspired John in some significant way. John never had the chance to write a note to the speaker, so he put up a very significant amount of money that is used to fund speaker’s series in the department in the hope that future students would have a similar chance to be inspired. In his words: ‘Everybody is better at some thing than they are at others. I hope that the students, whom my gift helps, will find the niche they are good at and enjoy and they will be successful in the life after school’

So if you are confused about your future prospects or are geared up to make a big name in the industry or simply want to ‘make a connection’ sign up for the course as soon as possible. Enrollment is strictly on first come first serve basis and first 100 applications will get a chance to be a part of the class.