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Enzymes 101  A Laboratory Experiment (continued)

The best part of this is the economics. My enzyme habit costs me about $60 a month. Of course, I’m so sold on these things I buy them by the case. I would OD on them except there is no way to do that. There are absolutely no known side-effects, except for good health. Possibly chronic good health; I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

I take one first thing in the morning with my multivitamin. This is important, because most of your vitamins end up in the sewer looking a LOT like they did when they first went in your mouth. That is a waste of money! Take them with an enzyme; that will give them the best chance of being broken down, absorbed, and actually USED by the body.

I take one or two with every meal. It would be ideal to open the capsules and actually mix them with the food, (as long as the food had cooled to below 118 degrees), but that’s not very appetizing. So I take the second one in the middle of the meal. I try not to eat so much that I feel the need to take more than that. (Back when I was doing heavy progressive weight resistance training I would eat EVERYTHING in sight. Then I would take three or more enzymes spread of the course of the meal.)

Throughout the day I’m also diligent about hydration. Hydrate or die! And I’ll often put down an enzyme at odd times throughout the day while I’m hydrating.

So there you have the ‘secret’ to my good health. I don’t get sick. My digestion is perfect. I have forgotten what heartburn feels like. I can eat all the dairy I want and still sing! (Well, at least holler on key.) I am no longer the snot monster.

I urge you to join me and my group of health and longevity oriented friends. Let’s all live a very, VERY LONG time.

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