What the Heck is an Enzyme

Enzymes 101

A Laboratory Experiment

by Paul Beach and Shawn Gilbert

There is a lot of stuff you can put in your body. There are a lot of people out there telling you to put their stuff in your body; many different products, and seemingly conflicting ‘facts’. It can be quite confusing! Who should you believe, ex-con-man Kevin Trudeau or your quack Doctor? Don Lapre or several thousand complaints on www.ripoffreport.com?

And now, I am going put in my two cents worth. My goal here is to impart information, and possibly clear up any confusion. The information here is a compilation of independent research, personal experience, and even some personal experimentation. I hope that you are doing your own independent research. You should question every assertion I make here. Hopefully you’ll find other sources of information that you feel are reliable, and that corroborate with what I’m telling you.

This page is born from a simple question that people ask me all the time. That question is, “How do you maintain your excellent health?” And then there are those that ask, “What is your secret to staying so young-looking?” And, of course, I shouldn’t leave out, “Dude, you never get sick! How come you never get sick?”

The answer is Enzymes.

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