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Enzymes 101 A Laboratory Experiment (continued)

The real fix is actually simpler than that. The real, simple fix is to supplement your regular diet with a food enzyme.

Let me tell what I did with my burger and fries while you were poisoning yourself. I took half of my burger and fries, split it in half again and put it into two bowls with about an inch of water. Then I took one of my Elite-zyme Pro by Thropp’s Nutrition capsules, opened it up and dumped the contents directly onto one of the burger quarters and fries. I made sure that both burger quarters were mixed only slightly with the water. So we’ve got one set up with an enzyme, and one without. We’ll get to check on those in about 50 minutes to see if there are any differences.

Next, I swallow one of my Elite-zyme Pro by Thropp’s Nutrition capsules with a glass of water and enjoy eating the other half of my burger and fries. Again, the food goes down to my upper stomach and sits there, only this time there is a ton enzymatic activity. There is amylase to break down the bread; protease to break down the meat; lipase to break down the fat; lactase to break down the cheese; cellulase to break down any fiber; and even sucrase to break down the various sugars.

OK, by the time the food slides into the lower stomach, it is already broken down so that stomach chemicals can completely take it apart. And when it enters the small intestine, the food is completely broken down, easily absorbed into the bloodstream as minerals and nutrients, and easily delivered to and assimilated by the cells of the body.

And the body is happy! My metabolic enzymes are happy. They didn’t have to put their important jobs on pause to take care of an emergency. My pancreas and other enzyme producing organs are happy because they didn’t have to kick into overdrive to produce more metabolic enzymes. My immune system is happy because it’s not stuck with the duty of cleaning up my blood; it can keep its focus on the real criminals - bacteria and viruses.

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The Real Fix