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Enzymes 101 A Laboratory Experiment (continued)

Yes, pudding; of which the proof is in. I have been supplementing with enzymes since 2001. Prior to 2001 I got sick regularly about 4 times per year. I caught ‘the funk’ like clockwork around the holidays. Since starting enzyme supplementation I have not been sick once! Not even so much as a sniffle! Because of this result I have reason to believe that my immune system is strong. This gives me substantial peace of mind as I go through life in a world where so many germs and carcinogens are about. My individual results might be considered extreme, and perhaps it would be prudent to be conservative when estimating your individual results.

Also, I went years in the past without eating any dairy because it would ruin my singing voice (which needed all the help it could get to begin with!) My voice would sound so stuffed up people would ask if I had a cold. And I was a snot monster! I could treat myself to small helpings of dairy once or twice a year when my band had a week off. That sucked because I really love dairy. Once I started taking enzymes, I found that dairy no longer wreaked such havoc on my voice. Now I’m a dairy-eating madman and my voice is clear! And that’s the pudding. Speaking of pudding I think I’ll have some, with an enzyme capsule, of course.

The pudding’s proof is just the tip of the iceberg. Now let’s learn exactly what enzymes actually are, what they do and how they do it.

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How Pudding Can Make it Better!