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Enzymes 101 A Laboratory Experiment (continued)

We’ve been aware of the existence of enzymes since at least 1926, when pepsin was first obtained. And we quickly discovered the catalytic properties of these special little proteins, specifically their aid in the digestion process. Back then, the question of developing a food enzyme as a functional digestive aid wasn’t leading on everyone’s mind. But gradually, over the decades, we got a clue.

When I was a kid my mother graduated from college with a degree in nutrition. I remember her always telling us kids to chew our food thoroughly, “So the enzymes in your saliva will mix with the food.” That is sound advice for good digestion, for a lot of reasons extraneous to proper enzyme saturation, and I highly recommend it. As the saying goes, “Chew your water; drink your food.”

Of course, my mother also suggested that we not drink water with our food, “Because you’ll drown the enzymes.” (I’ve conducted experiments since then that might suggest she was wrong about that.)

Before I go any further I want to state that the specific enzymes to which I attribute my good health are a Food Enzyme Supplement called Elite-zyme Pro by Thropp’s Nutrition. My panel of fellow health enthusiasts and I have tried and experimented with many, many, MANY different enzyme products and have landed on this one as the best.

And now that you know exactly what I use, I’m going to explain why I believe that enzyme supplementation is so very important to our good health

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What in the Heck are Enzymes?