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Enzymes 101 A Laboratory Experiment (continued)

Put half of your lunch in the blender and run it on high for just a second or two. This is to simulate what your teeth are about to do to the other half. We’ll come back to that later. You chew up the rest of food, again mixing saliva thoroughly in every bite. Down the food goes into the upper stomach, only this time it will sit a few minutes longer. And something else is different. This time there are very few natural enzymes to be found in the food. The only enzymes on the scene are in the lettuce, and the lettuce will need every one of them just to break itself down. Even the pickles are dead. There is some amylase that your saliva contributed, but it’s only good for breaking down the bread. But what is going to break down the meat? And the cheese? Don’t forget the cheese! Plus there is all the fat; that, too, is going to remain intact.And what about the sugar?

The food sits in your upper stomach for about 45 to 60 minutes. It’ssupposed to be predigesting, but because of the absence of enzymatic activity, the food is just sitting there. Eventually the food slides its way into the lower stomach, and the stomach secretes the necessary chemicals to break the meat and potatoes down. But without the benefit of the pre-digestion, there’s only so much it can do before the food enters the small intestine.

At this point, the body knows it has a problem. The food is not broken down enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Not to worry, though; the body’s natural response to this problem is to enlist the aid of its metabolic enzymes. What are metabolic enzymes? These most awesome enzymes are found all throughout your body. They are produced by your various organs, and they assist as the catalyst in virtually every bodily function from cellular reproduction to synaptic firing. These heroic metabolic enzymes leave their all-important chores that help the body function and heal itself, and quickly mobilize to handle the threat of the undigested food. And while they’re busy helping the body assimilate your meal, the body is not efficiently able to function and heal. Now aren’t you sorry I talked you into fast food?

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The Fast Food Experiment