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Enzymes 101 A Laboratory Experiment (continued)

The contents of the Elite-zyme Pro by Thropp’s Nutrition capsules is a light brown powder that is made from two forms of completely non-toxic fungi called aspergillus oryzae and aspergillus niger. The fungi are grown on mediums of wheat and soybean. (I’m so glad someone finally came up with a better use for soybeans than tofu).

What Thropp’s Nutrition has done essentially is produced an extremely enzyme-rich food. It’s so rich with enzymatic activity that it can be ‘eaten’ with full meals of enzyme-poor, cooked foods and it will make up for the cooked food’s enzymatic deficiency.

Speaking of enzymatic activity, that's how enzymes are measured. The FCC (that's the Food Chemical Codex, not to be confused with the Federal Communication Commission) has assigned particular enzymes with specific units of measurement. Now you'll see one of the big reasons why we choseElite-zyme Pro by Thropp’s Nutrition over all the competition. Check out the enzymatic activity contained in only one capsule.

    • Protease - 150,000 HUT

    • Amylase - 22,000 SKB

    • Lipase - 2,000 FIP

    • Lactase - 500 ALU

    • Cellulase - 3,000 CU

    • Sucrase - 800 SU

Important - don't waste your money on "enzyme" products that are measured in milligrams!

One of the secrets is to take enzymes on an empty stomach. When you do this, the enzymes enter your bloodstream in as little as 3 minutes. Once there, they help clean the blood, (if there is anything for them to clean), and simply behave as their little catalytic selves; i.e. they make everything happen easier. Clinical studies have shown that this can boost your immune by more than 1000%! Could this be how I keep the funk at bay? You decide.

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