Why did we?

Why did you start this rescue?
Well, for many years I have been taking in unwanted animals.  From a snake to a tarantula to bunnies and dogs.  In late 2010 I saw a posting on Craigslist about a couple of ferrets who needed vet work and the owner was unable to pay for treatment.  I emailed them and they brought me two ferrets, their supplies and a large Marshall cage.  I already had an open room and my two ferret boys lived in the main part of the house in a large home made cage.  Into the room these two go.  A very very thin albino male and a black sable mitt female unable to move her hindend.  I got them Friday night and the vet didn't have any time on Saturday but they would be seen on Monday.  ToeJam, the male, had a history of blockage.  He also was only eating cheap cat food.  Twinkles (who we called Earlina) had suddenly stopped using her hind legs and just dragged them along.  So after much research waiting for the vet to open on Monday, we find that ToeJam is very picky on food but is pretty sweet.  Earlina is suspecte to have Juvenile Lymphoma.  Monday arrives and ToeJam is "healthy" but too thin.  No health reason found for his weight.  Earlina is confirmed with the disease and put to sleep.  ToeJam stays with us a few more months before having full liver failure caused by his young years of neglect and blockage problems - which we find out were not cleared by a vet.  He was so picky about food that we found he only at live mice and very little kibble.  And I tried all kibble types. 
During this time the owner had told me about a rescue that had inquired about helping her but the distance to that rescue was too great to take them to.  They wanted to be able to visit them later.  That rescue turned out to be over populated and in need of fosters.  They had not been in the area but a couple months and were well out of the Spokane area.  So I said yes to foster 3, Sassy, Mufasa and Rafiki.  Then shortly after we discussed me adopting the ferrets out of my home as I was in a more populated area.  That brought me many ferrets who found great homes.  Our "starter" ferrets have all joined the Rainbow Bridge.  During that first year, some we were able to find great homes for.  A few we had to put to sleep for various health reasons.
Now from there I had my friend adopt 2 ferrets from the rescue and we said "Why don't we just start a rescue?".  So here we are.  As of this date my filing for the IRS 501(c)(3) is pending a determination.  We are patient with the outcome because, well, it is the government and never known to move quickly.  We continue to remain Education first as if new prospective owners know what they are getting into the less we get surrendered because the owner had no idea how difficult ferret ownership could be.  They are nothing like a cat in care.
Why don't you have people adopt from you instead of saying they can get great ferrets from other rescues or even the petstores?
First and foremost is education.  We have limited the amount of ferrets in our care and since our ferrets help pick the new owner, we might not have that one that "fits".  Unlike some other rescues we have seen (not seen in ferret rescues luckily), we want all ferrets to get a good home regardless if they are with me or another local rescue.  Petco will take in ferrets and adopt them out.  They also sell babies which maybe what the person truly wants.  Our goal is to make sure whatever ferret they get does not become a burden in their life.  Since we don't know any local breeders other then one that has a rescue also, we don't normally send referrals there.
Please contact us if you have other question we could put here to help answer questions.