Here are a group of links that we have found helpful or for places that provide education or have provided help for rescues.  Click on logos/photos to go to their sites. 

 Comfort for Critters is a volunteer program that creates hand-made blankets to comfort animals living in homeless shelters. While these animals await adoption, the blankets provide a comfortable bed year-round.
  More Dooks statement:   Our goal here is to provide ferret nutrition resources that are useful to both the new and the experienced owner, by focusing on requests and things that seem to be otherwise missing from the online ferret community or available information sources.   We have ferret food charts, as well as a searchable ferret food database, and ingredients database.

 (turn your speakers up for the sound of a dooking ferret)
 Excellent help can be found here.
 The place to go to find shelters with ferrets needing new homes across the United States.
 More focused on showing but some good information can be found there.  Shelter list is not up to date.
 Our friends in TriCities WA - they can help you questions about your ferrets.
 A great forum to find answers.

Ferret specific shelters in the Inland Northwest

Kirkland WA

  Ferret Haven is in Spokane WA and is also the Inland Northwest Ferret Association and with the American Ferret Association.  Slow response but very knowledgeable.

Auburn WA                               
  Caldwell ID 

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