Rainbow Bridge

Many times we find that there is not much we can do to increase the health of the ferrets who come to us.  Often we are only graced with their presence for a few months.  We always want to have them stay with us long term but often damage is done that prevents a long life.   
My only photo of this precious little girl.

Earlina aka Twinkles

Intake October 2010 from owner unable to afford medical care.

A beautiful sable mitt 7 month old little girl who had no ability to move her rear legs.  All she could do was drag herself along.  Diagnosed with juvenile lymphoma - incurrable/untreatable.  We had her but 2 days.

Laid to rest October 2010.


Intake October 2010 from owner unable to afford medical care.

Our first albino boy.  He came to use with Earlina with the history of blockages and being very very thin.  We tried all foods and the only thing he would eat would be live mice.  And then it was not providing enough for his poor young body.  He was but 3 years old and never got more then a thin status with us.  

He passed away in his sleep in  December 2010.



Intake February 2011 from over crowded shelter.

This older dark-eyed white boy was with us for only a few months before going into liver failure.  He was about 5 or 6 years old and had a lot of dental work needed caused by poor diet by previous owner. 

Laid to rest July 2011

 Hog on bottom with his precious Coon.


Intake January 2012 from owner unable to keep him and Coon.

Hog was a very special boy.  One that luckily made it out of the breeder because he had many "defects".  You see this boy was born a runt with a heart murmur and a slight wheeze.  The owner who bought him from the petstore had no idea that the wheezing was a sign of a problem.  They never took him to a vet.  He had signs of lymphoma also with that slender rearend and wobbly gait.  We are blessed to have known him at all.

Laid to rest June 25, 2012


Intake January 2012.  Owner moving to where ferrets are illegal to own (Australia)

Kiki came to us with hairloss and was stressing from her seperation from her owner who she knew all her life.  At about 6 years old she had bonded strong with him and BennyBoo.  With help from Ben and lupron shots, she was turning into a snow white beauty.  It is unknown why, but she passed in her sleep on June 13, 2012.


Intake January 2012.  Owner moving to where ferrets are illegal to own (Australia).

Ben came in with Kiki and Harriet.  It saddens me to no end his short life with us.  One day he was perfectly fine and the next he crashed and never recovered.

He was laid to rest in January 2013 after cancer was found in his nose and lungs.


Intake June 2011 with Honey.  Owner unable to keep in apartment.

Herbie took a very long fall out the owner's 3rd floor balconey to the ground below.  We suspect he actually landed on each balconey below to survive that fall.

He was not treated for the fall so an all over infection took over and he lost his sight and accelerated his lymphoma.

His quality of life deteriorated after a year that we had to finally let him head over the Rainbow Bridge.