Cage Reviews

Cage Reviews


Here you will find my personal reviews of cages we have had. I have not had all of the ones used today but a large quantity of those available now. Cages here are the ones marketed for ferrets with the exception of the cat playpen.  For ideas on creating your own shelves of fabric - check our our tribute page to Ferret Affair.

Shown in order of my preference

Super Pet My First Home Deluxe 2x2 Multi Level - also known as Kaytee Multi Level cage

My favorite small cage.
Home measures 24"L x 24"W x 41.5"H


Typically sells for $50 to $100 used.

Two versions of wheels, one on the base and the other is an additional stand (shown).

Pros: Very easy to store and reassembles in minutes.

Ability to use hammocks instead of shelves throughout except where food/water is.

Easy to install levels anywhere in cage

Size - great for up to 3 small or medium ferrets

Some ferrets like the slide or tunnel.

Wheels make it easy to move and clean under.

Plastic shelves - easy to clean

Some older models have the doors so they lock under the bars.

Use the whole bottom as litter pan as it does not allow dirty litter to get out.

Can stack another on top to create 3 or more levels.

Replacement parts available at Super Pet


Cons: Size - small for more than 3 or very small for 2 large ferrets

If you don't put hammocks throughout the cage you risk the ferret falling from the top straight to the bottom.

If the doors cannot be locked under the bar, ferrets can get them open. Advise using some kind of metal snaps or clasps.

Depending on how you arrange shelves, can make it hard to scoop out dirty litter.

Hard or impossible to remove standard size litter box through cage door.

Slide can be difficult for older or handicapped ferrets.




Midwest Ferret Nation double unit (shown)

My favorite large cage.
Model 182 (Replaces Model 142 shown) 36"L x 25"W x 63 1/4"H
Bar Spacing: 1"  Wire Guage: 12-guage, 15mm

New $200 to $300.  Used $100 to $200 (average).

Pros:  Large doors for easy access.

Storage under cage

Wheels for easy movement

Many accessories available

Great size for multiple ferrets

Can be made into a 3 high unit or even add units to the side to go vertical

Can be made into two separate units by closing the top ladder

Replacement parts available at almost all online stores (Amazon, DrsFosterandSmith, Ferret dot com)

Can add one more level straight up or attach another to the side to make huge horizontal cage.


Cons: Initial price

Must have the original pans or create own covers for wire floors - easy to purchase replacements

Challenging for owners with ferrets of bad potty habits, you have to try and prevent the poo from flying onto the wall.

Takes up a lot of room

FN 142 is assembled with screws which can rust

Once the 182 is built it is solid and does not breakdown easily for moving.

Since doors are the front wall of the cage, hammocks can be challenging to hang

NOTE - the Critter Nation is the same dimensions but has a 1/2" bar spacing.  




Super Pet- Care Home Multi-Floor with Stand (Discontinued)

Home measures 20˝L x 32˝W x 58˝H (67˝H with Stand)


Found only used for anywhere from $25 to $100.


Pros:  Low cost

Hammock heaven!  Use a ton of them to make shelves.

Ability to move shelves all over the cage for multiple designs.

Deep litter pan – if you want to use the whole bottom.

Wheeled stand allows for easy moving around.

Many doors for ease of access (if not stored against walls).

You can run tubes up and down the whole thing.

Replacement parts still available


Cons: Difficult to assemble.

Once clips are broken or lost to connect wire panels then owner must wire panels together.

If stored against a wall can be difficult to clean - especially if ferret has poor potty habits





Marshall Small Animal Penthouse (discontinued)

Measures 40.9 x 24.4 x 58.6 inches


Found only used for anywhere from $100 to $200


Pros: Included 8 platforms and 4 ramps for multiple configurations.

4 rolling caster base

Assembles in minutes with no tools required
Great for ferrets who like to poop on shelves as you can remove the shelves and replace with hammocks.

Nice large doors in front and top opens fully.

Excellent size bottom tray can be used as one complete litter box or place a large box there and still easily remove from bottom door.

Doors lock securely.


Cons:  Bottom tray will fall off tracks when extended. Must place something under it for support - only when sliding out.

If bottom shelves are not attached as pictured and on the rail directly under the door, ferrets can get their feet caught in the rails when exiting.

Wheels can get gummed up easily.

If bars get slightly bent on sides, small ferrets can squeeze out.






Marchioro USA Ferretville 3-Story Ferret Cage


Size 32.25 Inch W x 20 Inch D x 58.75 Inch


New $220 to $350.  Used $100 to $150.


Pros: Easy to reconfigure with or without shelves and a ton of hammock possibilities

Deep base will fit large litter pan

Wheeled base makes it easy to move around

Doors latch firmly

Great for multiple ferrets

Can add more walls to make taller (shown a three section cage)


Cons:  Expensive

Hard to put together, must snap sides into odd blue holders

You don’t want to have to take this apart and reconfigure more than once

Unable to get litter box out of doors

Shelves are adjustable but when extended can break easily







Prevue Hendrix Feisty Ferret Home (using Google image searched one with ferrets in it - ideal set up)
Size 31" L x 20" D x 54" H bar spacing 1"
New $140 - $200.  Used $75 to $100
Pros: Wheeled base for easy movement
One door on each level opens fully
Easy to remove litter box and large square one will fit
Doors close securely
Large enough for two to three ferrets
Can be taken fully apart with an Allen Wrench
Cons:  Flimsy design, metal not thick enough to prevent wobbly-ness
Center ramp to second level in middle of floor to top half - takes away from floor space (older versions are on one side)
Very narrow shelves
Wire grating on top level - very bad for ferret feet, can get caught in them
Often put together with wire grating over plastic tray which makes it hard to clean
Rusts easily




Midwest - Cat Playpen


Size: (35 3/4"L x 23 1/2"W x 51"H)


New $90 to $150.  Used $50 to $75.


Pros: Good price for the size cage

Wheels in base

Large doors

Easy set up and store.

Customize with tons of hammocks and even full shelves of cloth.

Large doors for easy access to litter box


Cons:  DANGER - Ferrets can get their nails caught in the sides of the cage where the corners are. It will hold it so securely that the ferret will "death roll" like an alligator and rip their toe off. To prevent this, the cage bars must be made too small for the nails to get caught. Changing this design () to this II.

Shelves must be made for the cage.

No scatter guard for litter on the bottom



Super Pet My First Home Multi-floor, Extra-Large  - now made by Kaytee

Home measures 18"L x 40.5"W x 32"H


Still selling new $80 to $150 (while supplies last).  Used $50 to $75.


Pros:  Easy to assemble or store.

Snaps securely to base.

Replacement parts available at Super Pet

Great to fill with hammocks to double as shelves – for those poopy ferrets!

Huge base with high sides


Cons:  Doors need to be properly secured or ferret can open them.

Kind of small but will work for ferrets who get out a lot.

Doors can be sticky and must be latched securely under the bar above or with a clasp



Prevue - Four Story Ferret Cage

Size: 31'L x 21'D x 41'H


New $115 to $300.  Used $50 to $100.


Pros:  Doesn't take up much space.

Doors lock securely.

Scatter guard.

Wheeled base

Replacement parts available at Prevue Pet

Shelving can be moved around and cage filled with hammocks.


Cons:  High price for small cage

Very small for several ferrets unless out of cage 12 hours or so a day.

Does not fit a litter pan in the bottom.












WARE manufactured Home Sweet Home 4-Level Small animal cage


Size: (26.35"L x 17.25"W x 36.5"H)


New $120 to $175.  Used average $50


Pros:  Easy to remove shelves and place hammocks all around

Doors close and lock securely


Cons: Almost too small for ferrets  - you would not want them in for long periods of time.

Base has pull out tray that may be manipulated by ferrets to get out or get hurt.

Does not break down for storage without unscrewing cage.














Super Pet My First Home Deluxe Multi-Floor Large - also made by Kaytee

Home measures 18"L x 30"W x 29"H


New $70 to $100.  Used average $50


Pros:  Easy to assemble or store.

Snaps securely to base.

Easy to remove shelves and place hammocks all around

Tall sides on base

Replacement parts available at Super Pet


Cons: Too small for ferrets unless use as a travel cage for long trips.  Stock photo makes it appear large but it is very small.

Doors need to be properly secured or ferret can open them.

Doors can be sticky and must be latched securely under the bar above or with a clasp










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