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Syd finds a home

posted Apr 24, 2012, 11:07 AM by Moparkatt
Syd had been with us for a long time.  Well it seemed that way.  Such a gorgeous silver mitt - always the best man never the groom.  Then a wonderful family comes along and falls in love.
He came to us because the adoptor of Rice and Einstein had gotten him just the week before from a person who was getting rid of him.  The first home was an apartment and they were not allowed there.  This next home was going through a divorce and the estranged husband said "I won't visit my son (14yrs old) unless you get rid of those smelly things".  So out the door Syd and Rice go.  They were able to work a deal to keep Einstein.  Rice has severe allergies and will only go out to a very special home. 
So the lonely Syd grew into a beautiful 2 year old in our care.  Once kind of slender and shallow of coat, he got his "adult" coat and it is plush.
We hope this is it for our boy Syd.  But with any of our furkids, they are always welcome back - no restrictions and no surrender fees.