Our ferret room

Our rescue is located in the founder’s home and all ferrets are treated as if this were their new permanent home.  They are not segregated from the household and must learn about bathrooms, kitchens and doors.  This gives us a better idea how they will work in a new home.  There is just one foster home at this time.

They are also exposed to our one cat and small dogs.  If you have allergies to either please let us know before visiting.

Not everyone gets along so there are shifts to when everyone gets to play.  When no one is home, or we are all sleeping, the shift that is out just gets the ferret room to roam around in.  It is a standard bedroom in the home.

Cages are set up so that there should be no more than 4 per cage (unless they have a whole Ferret Nation triple stacked cage.  Sometimes they change locations and will pick a new cage and buddy to live with.  All cages have lots of hammocks, hide cubes and pet beds for an assortment of sleep spots. 

All cages have water bottles and water bowls under them.  All cages have one or two food dishes or food bins.  Whichever works best for that group.
There is a fan running constantly that is pulling air out of the room in the window.  Winter we have our smaller dual fan unit and summer we install the larger fan.  The outside of the window has dual screens with one being a hardware cloth that prevents any ferrets from being able to escape by digging at a regular screen.
Currently (and we do like to change things up) we have 4 Ferret Nation cages that have triple stacks, 1 Ferret Nation double unit, 1 Super Pet Iguana Home (thankfully discontinued), 1 Marchioro Ferretville, 1 Marshall Penthouse (sadly discontinued) and 2 Super Pet My First Home (discontinued).

Previous cages we have had set up----Midwest Cat Playpen (homemade shelves) and Super Pet My First Home 2x2 Multi Floor (purple shelves and green slide).

Ferret Nation cage to left, Midwest Cat Playpen on right with stuffed animal on top.
 From left to right, Midwest Cat Playpen with custom fabric shelves, Marshall Penthouse, Super Pet My First Home with added level
 Super Pet cage modified.  Standard 2 level unit on top of the top half of another. This created a nice 3 story unit.
 Side by side identical Super Pet My First Home
Ferret Nation cage (promoting Zupreem - excellent food)
Side by side in closet opening, discontinued Super Pet Care Home multi floor