How you can help

We are always looking for sponsors for any of the ferrets in rehab.   
A sponsor or donator can send items directly to us such as those on this list or gift certificates at Petco, Petsmart or petsupplies dot com or ferret dot com.  Or even send funds directly to our vet, Mountain Empire Veterinary Services.

Items we use:
Zupreem Ferret Food
8in1 Ultimate Ferret Food
Petsmart All Living Things Ferret Food
Totally Ferret Food
Blue Buffalo cat - anything but senior or weight management
Blue Buffalo cat Wilderness brand
Wellness CORE cat food
Nature's Variety cat food
EVO cat or ferret food
Marshall brand treats - any flavor
8in1 ferret treats - any flavor except yogies (too much sugar)
8in1 Ferretone or Cat Salmon oil
Puppy pads or incontinence pads - any size
old bed sheets, small blankets, towels or other cloth items to be used for the ferrets to snuggle in
tubes for them to run in 
wood stove pellets or pelleted cat litter
food or water dishes that attach to the cages
ceramic dishes - small to large
large bags of rice or pinto beans for them to play in once put into a tub
Used or new cages to be used in within the rescue or sold to bring in funds
hammocks - store bought or home made
Small animal carriers
You may mail or bring items to our rescue.  Please call first to make sure we are home.  509-599-3327.  Sammy's Clubhouse, 423 South Bowdish Road, Spokane Valley WA 99206.  Please specify if you need a tax receipt for your donation.
Or foster a ferret.  We prefer people close to use as we want to use our vet for any issues.  Most fosters pay for food, litter and adhere to our guidelines of how we take care of them the same as an adoptive home.  We are responsible for veterinary costs.
Every little bit helps.  
Thank you