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Renaming your pet

posted Jul 27, 2012, 9:45 AM by Moparkatt
Often we get in animals with names that we have no attachment to either way. 
Take Rafiki and Mufasa.  They were obviously from the same "batch" from Marshall farms and previously owned by someone who had kids.  Although Rafiki is a male in the Lion King movie, we left it and often call her Fiki. 
Then a pair of sables come in, Fievel and Tinkerbell.  Didn't quite fit so we went with Zane and Zelda.  The ferrets didn't care.
And of course there is the time we get in ferrets such as the new lost ferrets.  The finders called them Bonnie and Clyde.  Makes sense as they were caught breaking and entering.  Problem is that Bonnie is a Clyde and Clyde is a Clyde.  After some thought I went with Nate and Elliot - a tribute to the tv show Leverage.  Elliot has long dark hair like Christian Kane and Nate is older/wiser like Timothy Hutton and probably helped with the breaking out of their home (the mastermind).  Maybe we will find their home but I am not holding my breath.  Often animals are left behind to "fend for themselves" <sigh>.
So before you think that animal is stuck with the name you really don't like, just change it.  All you have to do is remember if they answered at all to the previous name it may take a bit to get them to answer to the name you find that fits them better.