Adoptable Ferrets

We strive to keep this updated but there may be more ferrets available than what is listed here.  Standard adoption fee is $65 for singles, $100 for pairs or trios (unless otherwise noted). Please review the Policies and Guidelines prior to contacting us. Ferrets for adoption are located in Spokane Valley. Note that some are marked as Not Yet Available and those require evaluations of health and temperament. All ferrets who arrive here are held for a minimum of 2 weeks before adoption is considered.   We do not adopt out unhealthy ferrets, bad biters, or those 6 years old and older. Strays will be kept for 30 days.  If no owner is located, then they will be considered abandoned and placed up for adoption.
(photo coming soon)
Gracie (previously no named stray) - Found at Knox and Cannon in Spokane on April 20.  Owner never came forward.
Birthday:  2013
Gender: Female
Color: Dark eyed white
Size: Medium (average for female)
She was trapped in a raccoon trap and the property owner asked all his neighbors but no one seems to be missing her.  She is friendly and we hope we are able to find out why she was loose.  This little girl is so sweet.  She has come out of her shell and dances well with the other ferrets.

Beavis - will place with Garrett
Birthday:  August 2013
Gender: Male
Color: Black sable
Size: Large
Beavis loves cats.  His previous home had a cat best friend who he missed greatly the first week he was here.    Now he plays with Garrett and Swiper very well.  He has a great love of tubes for crawling and turning around in.  We will be rehoming him with Garret, they have so much fun together.

Garrett (the ferret) - will place with Beavis
Birthday:  April 2013
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Champagne
Size: Large
Owner is in his first year of college and mom is severly allergic.  He has a huge fear of most ferrets but so far we have been successful in housing him with two very gentle ferrets.  Garrett looks to humans for most of his entertainment and really loves everyone.  We will be rehoming him with Beavis.  They have become fast friends.

(photo coming)
Navi - will be homed with Eywa
Owner unable to take with on a long move
Birthday:  2012
Gender: Female
Color: Roan sable with blaze
Size: Small to Medium
Birthday: 2012
Gender: Female
Color: Albino
Size: Small to Medium
Both of these girls have never known hardship.  They were well taken care of but after a tramatic event in the owner's life, she was not able to take them back east with her on her sudden move.  The girls gained their name from the movie Avatar.  Both love being held but Eywa is fearless and will leap off of you.  Navi is more level headed.  They do well with other ferrets so long as they don't play too rough.  They do not enjoy our boarded ferret, Speckles, who is only 5 months old.  They will be rehomed together.

(photo coming) - available around July 1
Farrah- will be homed with Seven
Birthday:  October 2011
Gender: Female
Color: Pure white dark-eyed-white
Size: Small to medium
Birthday:  September 2013
Gender: Male
Color: Sable
Size: Large
Farrah and Seven's owner's health has taken a turn for the worse.  With heavy heart, she turns them into the rescue to find a new home.  Farrah is not fond of other ferrets as she enjoys a quiet life.  She does love people and enjoys being carried around and will give kisses.  Seven joined Farrah's life as a baby from the pet store who was labeled a hard biter.  The store only wanted him to go to an experienced home and he found one.  He is a huge boy and a love.  Both would be great therapy/emotional support animals.

(photo coming soon)
Tabitha (previously no named stray) - Found at 12th and Perry in Spokane on May 28 and turned into animal control.  Transferred to rescue on June 1.  Available July 1.
Birthday:  2013
Gender: Female
Color: Champagne - cream with dark brown legs
Size: Medium 
We do not have any background on her but we can tell a collar was on her for awhile.  She is no more than 2 years old.  Probably younger.  Great for people and finally relearning to play with ferrets.  Would like her to stay with other ferrets for company. 

Note there are more ferrets available for foster than adoption - See Permanent Resident page.  Foster ferrets are those who are older or with medical needs.  Veterinary care becomes the responsibility of the rescue along with food.  Although we appreciate it if the foster can provide food.  Our foster families must live fairly close to the rescue and keep in constant contact with us.  Cages will be provided along with most bedding.