Adoptable Ferrets

We strive to keep this updated but there may be more ferrets available than what is listed here.  Standard adoption fee is $65 for singles, $100 for pairs or trios (unless otherwise noted). Please review the Policies and Guidelines prior to contacting us. Ferrets for adoption are located in Spokane Valley. Note that some are marked as Not Yet Available and those require evaluations of health and temperament. All ferrets who arrive here are held for a minimum of 2 weeks before adoption is considered.   We do not adopt out unhealthy ferrets, bad biters, or those 6 years old and older. Strays will be kept for 30 days.  If no owner is located, then they will be considered abandoned and placed up for adoption unless not found healthy enough.
(sorry - 99% of my photos are on Facebook)  List updated March 22, 2016

Jiminy Cricket, Jackyl and Jessie James Dupree
Owner unable to afford them anymore
Birthday:  2012/2014/2014
Gender: Males
Color: Light brown sable, Black sable, Dark Eyed White
Size: Large
First thing to note about these boys are that they are super hyper when out of their cage.  They are the extreme of hyper ferrets.  Jessie will try and jump off object onto you, climb up your leg all the way to your shoulder and leap off if allowed and climb onto shelves to help you clear them off.  Jackyl loves to attack feet and make you dance around.  They would not be a good match for households with small children.  The boys would not do well with other ferrets as they are very rough.  We will not be separating this trio. 

Susan and Jolene
Birthday:  2013
Gender: Females
Color: Roan sable/Brown sable
Size: Small to Medium (average size for females)
These girls were abandoned by their previous owner to his sister's home.  She was not set up for ferrets so surrendered them to us.  The girls prefer not to be around other ferrets.  They are fairly quiet but do love to dance around.  Jolene likes to nip harder than acceptable so she would need to be watched around small children or people with fragile skin.  

Navi and Eywa
Owner unable to take with on a long move
Birthday:  2012
Gender: Females
Color: Roan sable with blaze/Albino
Size: Small
Both of these girls have never known hardship.  They were well taken care of but after a tramatic event in the owner's life, she was not able to take them back east with her on her sudden move.  The girls gained their name from the movie Avatar.  Both love being held but Eywa is fearless and will leap off of you.  Navi is more level headed.  They do well with other ferrets so long as they don't play too rough.  They do not enjoy our boarded ferret, Speckles, who is only 5 months old.  They will be rehomed together.

Birthday:  2012
Gender: Female
Color: Brown sable
Size: Medium
Idgy is a crazy girl!  She came from a home were she did get a lot of attention from children but can play rough at times.  She will need to go to a home with ferrets or out with others here.  

Birthday:  2012
Gender: Male
Color: Light champagne with almost full white face
Size: Medium
Jarrett has been through 3 homes but his last was the best.  He was well taken care of but his owner's life became unstable and rather than risking any hardship on his ferret, he surrendered him.  Jarrett is just coming out of his shell and learning how to play with other ferrets again.  He is used to children and has shown no tendencies to nip.  

Birthday:  2011
Gender: Female
Color: Dark champagne
Size: Medium
Tootsie lost her cage mate last year and her owners fell on financial hardship after loosing 3 ferrets to cancer then their cat becoming very ill, costing them thousands.  They needed a break and felt Tootsie might be lonely.  But Toots is done with other ferrets.  She now hates them.  She does okay with cats and dogs.  She is not fond of being held but is a very safe ferrets.  

Birthday:  January 2014
Gender: Male
Color: Light champagne
Size: Large
Steve came in with a couple of girls who he was not bonded with.  The family realized they were just not the right home for ferrets.  The group did not get out much so Steve is still adjusting to getting to play out of the cage for long hours.  He is huge and fun to watch.  He loves hoarding toys.  You do have to watch that he will sometimes guard the toys or a blanket and may nip.  But he has never tried to nip when being held.  He will need to go to a home with ferrets or with others here he likes.

Dexter and Batista
Birthday:  2014/2013
Gender: Males
Color: Reddish brown sable/black sable
Size: Medium to large
These boys came from a home that tried to take good care of them but life got so busy they realized they just were not the right home.  Dexter loves to play and Batista is just coming out of his shell.  These boys will continue to be evaluated to make sure they get into the right home.

Mercury (previously no named stray) - Found in Hillyard and given to SCRAPS on August 4. Transferred to rescue August 5. Owner never came forward.
Birthday: Approx 2011 - possibly 3-4 years old
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Champagne - reddish brown sable
Size: Medium to Large
Surrendered individual took into animal control just before they closed. Mercury was thin, dehydrated, heavily infested with fleas, his right ear was a solid chunk of ear mite waste and blood then there was his tail with a two tumors. We were called to come get him and provide further medical treatment. He was given Revolution (for kittens) by SCRAPS which killed the fleas and ear mites. He slept for what seemed like days. Finally he was out of the stifling 90-100 degree heat. After he stabilized, about one week, we had the tumor on the end of his tail and the one a couple vertebrae down that was separating the bones there. He has a love for the wrong food (Meow Mix) but we are working on convincing him that there is better stuff out there. He will remain on hold until we can make sure he is medically healthy. Currently he is bonding closely with Chip.
Chip - on hold with Mercury
Birthday:  June 2011
Gender: Male
Color: Champagne (reddish brown sable)
Size: Medium
Chip came to us when his owner was involved in a bad breakup and found she was unable to provide the right care for him anymore.  He is very sweet and a perfect match with Mercury.  He will get up and play with the younger groups but mostly is a very calm ferret.  He needs to stabilize in weight before being considered for adoption.

Note there are more ferrets available for foster than adoption - See Permanent Resident page.  Foster ferrets are those who are older or with medical needs.  Veterinary care becomes the responsibility of the rescue along with food.  Although we appreciate it if the foster can provide food.  Our foster families must live fairly close to the rescue and keep in constant contact with us.  Cages will be provided along with most bedding.