Adoptable Ferrets

We strive to keep this updated but there may be more ferrets available than what is listed here.  Standard adoption fee is $65 for singles, $100 for pairs or trios (unless otherwise noted). Please review the Policies and Guidelines prior to contacting us. Ferrets for adoption are located in Spokane Valley. Note that some are marked as Pending and those require evaluations of health and temperament. All ferrets who arrive here are held for a minimum of 2 weeks before adoption is considered.   We do not adopt out unhealthy ferrets, bad biters, or those 6 years old and older. 
Elvis - on hold until heath and temperment testing completed
Birthday:  Mid 2010
Gender: Male
Color: Dark eyed white - only has a few black/brown hairs left on tail
Size: Large
Elvis spent his first years loved deeply by his owners.  Sadly they are moving to San Francisco.  So on February 8, Elvis came to us.  So far he gets along with the timid ferrets but is leary of them.  It has been a few months since he has been with ferrets.  His coat is coarse so we will watch to make sure he is fully healthy before considering him for adoption.

Leetha - on hold - currently has a cold
Birthday: 2013
Gender: Female
Color: Silver roan with blaze
Size: Small
Picked up by animal control on 9/22/14 as a stray.  Owners never came forward to claim her.  She is very sweet.  Gets along with all the other ferrets.  Very hyper typical little girl.  Prefer a home with other ferrets as she loves to play.  She also jumps up and tries to grab you and get you to play with her.  She will latch onto clothing and play tug a war.  Not recommended for a house with small children. 

Garrett (the ferret) - would like him to go to a home with Swiper
Birthday:  April 2013
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Champagne
Size: Large
Owner is in his first year of college and mom is severly allergic.  He has a huge fear of most ferrets but so far we have been successful in housing him with Swiper and two very gentle ferrets.  Garrett looks to humans for most of his entertainment and really loves everyone.  Only good with quiet ferrets, currently friends with a blind ferret and an old ferret.

Dash and George - Although not bonded, will want them to stay together as Dash gets very lonely without his George
Owner had to take on two jobs and her rental house is not able to be modified to let them run around unsupervised.  Both are used to small children.
Birthday:  2000
Gender: Male
Color: Dark eyed white no other markings
Size: Large
This boy lives up to his name.  Loves to play but sometimes likes to use his mouth to grab on.  He doesn't mean to bite at all and it is more of a hold.  He loves his George and we hope we can find someone to love them the same.  Dash is just recovering from shelter shock.  He fell into a deep depression about 3 days after being left at the shelter.  He will need to regain weight and attitude before considering for adoption.  He has bitten hard a few times under stress.
Birthday:  June 2012
Gender: Male
Color: Sable with bib, toes have minimal white and he has some roaning on his rear
Size: Medium
George is terrified of other ferrets.  It has taken him awhile to realize that Dash is okay.  Now they are so heavily bonded that when George screams at another ferret, Dash comes running. Now George is the adventerous one, he will try and get into things that his "big brother" Dash cannot.  He is very agile.  George will attack other ferrets.  Dash will remain his only buddy.

Swiper - would like him to go to a home with Garrett
Birthday:  2011
Gender: Male
Color: Brown sable or darker Champagne
Size: Medium
Swiper came from a home of love but bad environment from a horrible landlord who refused to fix the home they were in.  Everyone got out but the health of the humans had deteriated so severely that they were unable to care for their ferrets.  Swiper came in with two unhealthy ferrets and we are working on bonding him with Garrett so they get to go to a home together.  This will help in their adjustment period.  Since Garrett is scared of almost all other ferrets, we prefer they go to a home without ferrets already there.


Note there are more ferrets available for foster than adoption - See Permanent Resident page.  Foster ferrets are those who are older or with medical needs.  Veterinary care becomes the responsibility of the rescue along with food.  Although we appreciate it if the foster can provide food.  Our foster families must live fairly close to the rescue and keep in constant contact with us.  Cages will be provided along with most bedding.