Adoptable Ferrets

We strive to keep this updated but there may be more ferrets available than what is listed here.  Standard adoption fee is $65 for singles, $100 for pairs or trios (unless otherwise noted). Please review the Policies and Guidelines prior to contacting us. Ferrets for adoption are located in Spokane Valley. Note that some are marked as Not Yet Available and those require evaluations of health and temperament. All ferrets who arrive here are held for a minimum of 2 weeks before adoption is considered.   We do not adopt out unhealthy ferrets, bad biters, or those 6 years old and older. Strays will be kept for 30 days.  If no owner is located, then they will be considered abandoned and placed up for adoption unless not found healthy enough.
(sorry - 99% of my photos are on Facebook)  List updated June 15, 2017

Teemo, Rorschach and Axel

Birthday:  2013
Gender: Males
Color: Chocolate sable, Black sable, Grey sable
Size: Large
All three are under evaluation until we evaluate their health and temperaments.  So far Rorschach "Rory", likes everyone.  Teemo does not like dogs nor cats and Axel is very friendly.  
Rory has been confirmed to have Adrenal Disease so he will be only offered for Foster.  With or without other ferrets in the home.  
Axel and Teemo are still trying to gain sufficient weight.


Birthday:  2011-2012
Gender: Male
Color: Black sable
Size: Large
Cubby was used to being a small child's best friend.  He cannot be adopted to homes with ferrets as he now will attack them.  But is very safe around people and has been fine with our cat.  He just wants to be cuddled (a rare attribute in a ferret).  Photo here is when he came in.  He had a lot of hair loss from a dirty cage.  He has gained his hair back.  He will be considered for foster homes.

Amumu and Ziggs
Birthday:  May 2016/February 2016
Gender: Males
Color: Champagne with mitts/Black sable with blaze
Size: Medium/large
Owner very tearfully surrendered the boys after exhausting all avenues on finding a new apartment for them all to live together in.  More and more rentals are prohibiting ferrets because of either previous bad tenants or misconceptions about ferrets.  
Both are very outgoing fun boys who like to climb.  They will keep you on your toes.  Ziggs is deaf but that does not hamper him in any way.
They will be adopted out together - we do not separate bonded pairs.

Bart and Cleo
Birthday:  August 2016
Gender: Male/Female
Color:  Black sable/roan sable
Size: Large/medium
Owner unable to provide the care they needed after many life changes.  These young ferrets have great attitudes and have known no hardships in their short lives so far.  They both get along with other ferrets.  

Triton and Freea
Birthday:  2013
Gender: Male/Female
Color:  Dark eyed white with some patterning/Dark eyed white
Size: Large/medium
This pair has had at least 2 owners prior to coming to us.  The owners before the one who surrendered them took them to Petco who adopted them out to a lady who was not prepared for them.  She didn't know that ferrets would go out a doggy door.  Nor that they can climb and will destroy house plants.  Or that they can dig at the carpet.  It is these bad habits that probably got them turned in to Petco in the first place.  Sadly this new owner tried everything but these were not the right ferrets for her home.  This happens often so please remember we carefully match ferret to the right home environment.  
So far both are good with other ferrets and they liked her small dog.  Triton is the explorer and Freea is deaf.

Spanky and Darla
Birthday:  November 2014
Gender: Male/Female
Color:  Dark sable/Dark eyed white
Size: Medium
Previously adopted out, these two were returned after two years because their owner is going to do missionary work and her daughters are headed to college.  It is sad they are coming back but we are so happy for their owners.  Such great things they will be doing.  The policy of returning adopted ferrets is in place for this very reason.  There is a safety net for them.  We even will do a temporary board to keep a good owner when they will be away.
Darla is bossy with other ferrets so best they go to a home without other ferrets.  She is deaf but a very fun ferret to interact with.  

Note there are more ferrets available for foster than adoption - See Permanent Resident page (in need of updates).  Foster ferrets are those who are older or with medical needs.  Veterinary care becomes the responsibility of the rescue along with food.  Although we appreciate it if the foster can provide food.  Our foster families must live fairly close to the rescue and keep in constant contact with us.  Cages will be provided along with hammocks and litter.