Adoptable Ferrets

We strive to keep this updated but there may be more ferrets available than what is listed here.  Standard adoption fee is $65 for singles, $100 for pairs or trios (unless otherwise noted). Please review the Policies and Guidelines prior to contacting us. Ferrets for adoption are located in Spokane Valley. Note that some are marked as Not Yet Available and those require evaluations of health and temperament. All ferrets who arrive here are held for a minimum of 2 weeks before adoption is considered.   We do not adopt out unhealthy ferrets, bad biters, or those 6 years old and older. Strays will be kept for 30 days.  If no owner is located, then they will be considered abandoned and placed up for adoption unless not found healthy enough.
(sorry - 99% of my photos are on Facebook)  List updated September 28, 2016

Jiminy Cricket, Jackyl and Jessie James Dupree
Owner unable to afford them anymore
Birthday:  2012/2014/2014
Gender: Males
Color: Light brown sable, Black sable, Dark Eyed White
Size: Large
First thing to note about these boys are that they are super hyper when out of their cage.  They are the extreme of hyper ferrets.  Jessie will try and jump off object onto you, climb up your leg all the way to your shoulder and leap off if allowed and climb onto shelves to help you clear them off.  Jackyl loves to attack feet and make you dance around.  They would not be a good match for households with small children.  The boys would not do well with other ferrets as they are very rough.  We will not be separating this trio. 


Ricky, Julian and Tabitha
Birthday:  2014, 2014, 2013
Gender: Male, Male, Female
Color: Silver roan with blaze, Deep red Champagne, mostly white and light brown roan - very unique patterning
Size: Medium to large for the boys, Tabby is typical medium sized female
Once adopted they were returned when the owner's rental was sold.  Unsure where they were going, they returned the ferrets so they would not be homeless with them. Julian loves to be snuggled, a rare ferret trait.  Ricky loves to dance around. Tabby loves to nibble on feet.  They must have Zupreem in their diet as when they were fed only Marshalls they stopped eating.

Birthday:  January 2014
Gender: Male
Color: Roan dark eyed white - very interesting coloring
Size: Large
He loves female ferrets as he grew up with some.  He can bite harder than acceptable so prefer a home without small children.  Steve loves everyone and is a hyper young ferret.

Birthday:  2012
Gender: Male
Color: Light grey-brown sable
Size: Medium
Pumba is a great boy who just wants to play and be loved.  He has not bonded with any of the ferrets here.

Sergio and Rufio
Birthday:  2014
Gender: Males
Color: Black sables.  Rufio has a solid black nose
Size: Large
The boys are doing well on high quality food and really starting to play and showing their personalities.  So far they are doing well with all the other animals and people.
(sorry they were hiding after just arriving)

Houdini and Missy
Birthday:  2013
Gender: Male, female
Color: Dark eyed white, very light roaning sable
Size: Medium
Sadly their owner moved and was unable to find a safe home for these two.  They are just showing personalities and so far Missy is very quiet and appreciates calmer play.  Houdini is more sure of himself.  

Birthday:  2012
Gender: Female
Color: Brown champagne
Size: Medium
Belle is blind in one eye but gets around well.  She came in with an older ferret who has since passed away.  She likes calmer homes with or without other ferrets.

Boss and Psycho
Birthday:  2013/2012
Gender: Male, female
Color: Sable roan, black sable
Size: Large, small
These two came from a home with a bad diet, very little out of cage time and a dirty cage.  Boss does not really like other ferrets but Psycho does not care.  He is very talkative and fun to play with.  Psycho is a hyper dancing ferret who can climb very well.  So far they are fine with cats.

Sushi and PBear
Birthday:  2014
Gender: Males
Color: Light champagne mitt - almost a panda.  PBear is a dark eyed white
Size: Large
Owner is moving to California.  Their owner had rescued both of them from starvation and constant confinement.  Both act more like kits so they need more no-bite training.  Sushi doesn't like other ferrets.  They will do well with older children who can continue their training.  

The following came in together. There were 7 in this group. This is the final 4.  The matching girls, Pixie and Nysa are hanging together a lot so not sure they should be seperated.

-  Pixie and Grizzly. 4 and 2 years old. Bonded pair. Pixie is a cute silver roan and Grizz a large chocolate sable. They do fine with other ferrets.

- Jenny and Nysa. 5 and 2 years old. Jenny is friends with Lexi, Stormy, Pixie, Grizzly, Nysa and Malaki but that is all. Nysa seems to get bored and will pick on other ferrets besides the 6 she came in with.

Note there are more ferrets available for foster than adoption - See Permanent Resident page.  Foster ferrets are those who are older or with medical needs.  Veterinary care becomes the responsibility of the rescue along with food.  Although we appreciate it if the foster can provide food.  Our foster families must live fairly close to the rescue and keep in constant contact with us.  Cages will be provided along with most bedding.