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Our mission statement:  Providing information for present and future ferret owners and homes for unwanted ferrets.  A small home-based no-kill shelter. 



We are a nonprofit dedicated to the education of prospective owners and current owners of ferrets.  We also rescue and work to rehabilitate behavioral and sick ferrets along with finding homes for unwanted or "kicked out of their homes" ferrets.  We are considered a no-kill shelter as we do not put to sleep current residents to make room for more.   We cannot save them all but for those that are terminal, we are able to provide a loving, safe, pain-free last days.


Our group is still in the working on gathering members so please stand by as we are "under construction".  We have ferrets available, ferrets in rehab and can discuss surrenders on a case-by-case basis.   No surrender fee just the cage they were in (if not "free-range"), their bedding and what is left of their food.   Some discussions can also be made about temporary housing/board until your situation improves.


We welcome visitors just wanting to know more about these funny little creatures.  Along with the ferrets we also have several different cage styles in our ferret room so that you can see what may work right for you.  If we can just teach you how to find the right ferret and their proper care, that is one less ferret that has to end up in a rescue/shelter situation. 


If you would like to become part of our rescue network, just let us know.  We can discuss possible foster homes and other ideas to help with our group. 

We are currently located in Spokane Valley WA, but assist ferret owners anywhere in the Inland Northwest.



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Registered nonprofit with the WA Secretary of State (UBI 603-226-296).  

IRS nonprofit 501(c)(3)  -  EIN 46-1283083


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