Mark Lagerström

Owner and Admiral of Mare Liberum. Sales Engineer on land

In short

Born 1975 in Växjö in Sweden. Loves all things water. Got a masters degree in Computer Science from Göteborgs Universitet and working as a Sales Engineer at in Ireland where I have been living since 2005.

Background to Sailing

I was born in 1975 and have managed to stay alive since despite some doubt from my father (who is my biggest idol!). Speaking of my father, he is the one that started this whole project by forcing me to take sailing lessons from the age of 5 or so. I could capsize an Optimist before I could fall of a bike, no joke. However too much sailing at an early age gave me a strong aversion to all things wind driven and it took me 20 years to recover from this. During the last couple of years I have once again started to see the charm and beauty of sailing although it’s a bit slow for my taste. As you probably understand by now I’m not madly in love with sailing as such but as a mode of transport I think it’s far superior to others as long as you have the time. I do love to travel and I’m looking forward to exploring sailing as a mode of transport more. My whole dream and passion for sailing far came to be during 2006. Somehow I started reading stories about people sailing far and I was instantly hooked when I realized it can be done on a small budget well within my reach. After this followed a couple of years where I tried to save money but it was hard since wine, women and traveling mysteriously seems to empty my bank account as soon as there was anything in it. In 2009 things changed when I started to save and suddenly my bank account built like Buddha’s Belly. The dream seems in reach since the biggest obstacle of acquiring the funds is overcome.

...and the 1 june 2010 my dream came true   :)

Maria Malmsborg

Captain of Mare Liberum and geologist.

In short

Born in Norrköping 1981. I am a geologist and before sailing I worked as a hydrogeologist consultant for some of the biggest infrastructure projects in Sweden. 

Background in sailing

Born in Norrköping at the east coast of Sweden, I have always been close to water. As a child I spent my summers at my grandparents summer house on a cliff just by the Baltic sea. My head are full of childhood memories of fishing heering trough the ice at winter, swimming around the shores of the Baltic sea with green slimy seaweed around my legs and dingy trips to close by islands with baskets of sandwiches and lemonade. My head is also full of my mother and grandmothers words about being careful around the water and always wear a lifejacket. 

Early in my childhood my father started to be interested in sailing. He bought a sailingdingy for our summerhouse and soon after he bought his first sailingyacht. It was under 20 feet I think and one of the ugliest sailingboats I ever seen. Hi started to take our hole family of five sailing in summer and at weekends. After a couple of years our little sailingboat got a bit to small for the family and my father bought a new bigger more luxuries boat, a Albin 78, a boat alittle similar to the one we are sailing know. I have three strong memories from sailing as a child, I remember my mother being afraid, me and my brothers being ashamed for us having the smallest sailboat in the hole area and the smell of gas in the evening when my parents started to prepare dinner, I just loved that smell.

Apart from this my sailing experience are limited to some weekendtrips (overshadowed with seasickening) with friends around Gothenburg,  and until the summer of 2009 I had no intention to expand my experience in sailing. But now I am here on a small sailingboat in the middle of a big ocean, and this is the only place I can call home at this moment. I have seen half the world and I don´t regret for a minute that I left my life on land for this. Do I must admit that I still think that my grandparents summerhouse on the cliff by the Baltic sea still is the most beautiful place on earth.

Former crew Lena (crew 1/6-1/10 2010)

Free sailor, First Mate on Mare Liberum between 1/6-1/10. Background: IT-consultant.

In short

Born in Moscow in the 80's, moved to Göteborg, Sweden in the middle of the 90's. Artist, andrenalin junkie, Mensa member, party animal. After the 4 years of Master of Science in Informatics education entered the IT-consultant world and worked her way from Java system developer to System Integration Specialist.


Background to Sailing

I was born in the middle of the dry land, and did not come near operating a boat until 2002-ish. However later, as I always have been highly interested in fishing and above all fast and smelly engines (my dear grandfather taught me how to tinker with and drive a Lada before i even went to primary school), I often ended up on some small shabby motor boat with a fishing rod in one hand, a beer in the other, in charge of getting it safely to sea and back to land.


Later on, after acquiring a motorcycle driving license, I was all into motorcycles - the power, the wind in your face, the freedom of speeding to wherever my eyes and mind would take me. Also, since I passionately love traveling, I made quite a number of road trips through Europe with my car, driving about in almost all EU countries and finding treasures and pleasures anywhere the car would go (and not go), living in all kinds of spartan conditions and loving it. I've done a bit of your old plain backpacking too, in a number of places from India to Cuba, and all of that combined with full time IT-consulting - I'm used to living in the fast lane.


But I wanted more! To go to more places, for more adventures than ever had. I'd do it full time, make it a lifestyle. That was all just around the corner... But there was always something in the way, the everyday life, you all know exactly how it is...


One night me and Mark were drinking beer and I was mocking him for never getting away for that trip of his. He threw that back at me and asked what kind of happiness I was expecting buying that brand new custom bike and the sports car, and going for the next step in career, when clearly I am longing for something else? I knew he was right. What I also knew was that his boat needed a crew member.


The choice was natural. I had tried sail racing before, which turned out to be just the thing for me - the speed, adrenaline, the power, the wind in your face... Further, I have actually traveled together with Mark a lot - once even on a boat (an clumsy houseboat that we operated across Netherlands, consuming inhuman amounts of Amstel and having a great deal of fun.


After the decision, I have started practicing sailing, which is a great combination of physical and mental challenge, and definitely a fascinating way of transportation. Soon, everything I owned had to go, as I set off to sail with Mare Liberum as a first mate, mechanic, and skipper during the times when Mark had other errands. 

I have learned a lot about sailing, so I took a Costal Yachtmaster exam, CEVNI cert and VHF/SRC cert after three months. Most importantly, I learned to operate the boat by myself, so I could sail independently day and night, and also tried out what it was to be a skipper with my own crew, during the while when Mark had to be away from the boat. We had made great progress, and covered all Europe from Scandinavia down to Southern Portugal.

In October, I had changed to another boat and sailed off from Gibraltar, and later will continue across the Atlantic and towards South Pacific where I will purchase my own boat and complete the global circumnavigation. I will miss Mare Liberum and wish the captain all the best in his future adventures!