2009-07-24 Dublin. Written by Mark
The first post but not the first time I think about sailing. The dream of total freedom and adventures seems more alive then ever. The obstacles are melting away one by one and I feel very optimistic. I'm sure sailing around the world will feel mundane and boring after a while but at the moment it feels close to moon-walking (not the Jackson kind) in my mind.

One small step for man but a giant leap for Mark-kind

2009-07-30 Dublin. Written by Mark

An interesting boat have come up (I still don't have a boat). It's an Albin Vega (see the Boat page) called Maja and she has already sailed to the Caribbean. I like that fact that the boat is already equipped and tried and tested. The price is slightly higher then I was hoping for but then again the boat comes with a lot of extra equipment. I will meet the seller the 11 august. Maybe I will have the boat soon? Exciting! You can read more about Majas adventures here: http://www.majasventure.com/


I have also done some serious budget calculations and it seems very likely I will actually manage to save a bit more then I planned for. Good stuff! A bit of extra money will come in very handy when something unexpectedly breaks. If there is one thing I have learned from other long distance sailors is that anything that can break will break.

2009-08-21 Dublin. Written by Mark
Unfortunately Maja (the boat) was sold to someone else ... but ... I bought another boat! One small step for man but a giant leap for Mark-kind. It’s a cheap old Albin Vega just as planned. She’s called Cosing and have for many years been used for racing (must be patient racers in such a slow boat) so she comes with a good sail wardrobe and all the vital bits are in place. The engine is the original (40 years old) so Lena who is the mechanic onboard can look forward to endless problems with it. Good luck Lena! The 29 of August I’m flying back from Dublin to Sweden to sail for a few days and then lift the boat. I really hope I don’t discover any major problems…

Dublin. Written by Mark

I'm just back from the boats (she is still unnamed) maiden voyage. All is well except the carburetor in the inboard engine that leaks a lot of petrol. Dangerous but easy to fix. The boat sail well but slow as expected. We manage to get her to around 5 knots and with proper sail trimming and a new layer of bottom paint we can probably increase that a little. The boat is resting in Amundö Marina at the moment. Come spring I will go back to Sweden again and start getting the boat ready. Below you can see a Picture of the boat and a map where it’s located.

Amundö marina where the boat is stored for the winter

The boat in all its glory

2009-11-19 Dublin. Written by Mark

While waiting and saving money I have had the opportunity to read a number of books and blogs about people sailing wide and far. Several of these books are available for free online and I would like to recommend the following:

http://members.lycos.co.uk/marybonney/PDFs/Shrimpy.pdf A great book about a guy sailing around the world in a minute boat on virtually no budget and little knowledge

http://www.yrvind.com/my_life.html The famous Swedish sailors tales of his unusual life and travels. Warmly recommended!

http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/2512 Jack London’s Cruise of the Snark. Not one of his best books but it does have some interesting anecdotes.

Happy reading!