Hej and welcome to Mark Lagerströms and Maria Malmsborgs cruising page. We sailed around the world in a small boat 2010-2013. Check out the (B)log in the left sidebar for our story.


2021-01-14 We are sailing around the world again! This summer on July 1 2021 we are starting our second circumnavigation. This time with a bigger boat and 2 daughters, 5&6 years old.

2014-08-26 Almost a year since we got home. In this time we started up our old careers and are working full time, we bought a small farm that we are renovating, we got married and Maria is pregnant. Its been a busy year but we still miss the sea.

2013-09-18 Blog updated with maps and Marks final post. Maria will post in a few more days.

2013-09-11 We are HOME completely and finally, we can hardly believe it. We got an apartment and an old car. Now we just need jobs. We will update the blog in a couple of days.

2013-08-02 We are waiting in North Spain for winds to go back to Sweden.

2013-06-01 Blog Updated. We are finished with the Caribbean and start our Atlantic crossing home. We are on web TV again, a South African filmmaker made a short episode about us. http://vimeo.com/66915273

2013-04-19 WE DID IT! We are back in the Caribbean after more then two years and have therefore completed our circumnavigation. Now we just have to sail back to Sweden. (B)log updated

2013-03-19 We are French Guiana and all is well. We will update the blog in a few weeks.


We are sailing to Brazil tomorrow. The (B)log have been updated with LOTS of text by Mark. Check out https://sites.google.com/site/salingaroundtheworld/-b-logg/2012-10-and-onwards


We wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are celebrating Christmas in Mossel Bay with traditional South African Braai.

2012-11-29 B(log) updated. We added lots of new pictures to the most recent blogs so check out the second half of 2012-05 to 2012-09 and 2012-10. Here in South Africa internet is cheap so we can afford to upload pictures.

2012-11-23 We are in Richards Bay in South Africa. Now its time for boat repairs and safari. We will update the blog shortly.

2012-10-25 We are in Madagascar. Just updated the Blog.Getting ready to cross the Mosambique canal for Durban.

2012-08-28 After spending 3 months in Australia we are now getting ready to cross the Indian ocean. As usual you can read about what we have been up to lately in the (B)log

2012-07-19 Blog updated. Not eaten by crocodiles so far. Meeting Crocodile Dundee. Black Marlin.

2012-06-09 We arrived in Cairns a week ago after a very rough crossing and we finally updated the (B)Log

2012-05-06 We are back on Mare and have spend the last days cleaning her. (She's a dirty dirty girl) Tomorrow we sail for Vanuatu, we should arrive in 10 days or so. All is well!

2012-04-27 Blog updated with our experiences from 6 months in Spain.

2012-04-03 WE ARE SAILING AGAIN! On the 28 April 2012 we are flying back to the boat to sail home. We hope to be back in Sweden again the autumn of 2013. We will continue to update the (B)log once a month or so.

2012-02-15 A week ago the island Vavau where Mare Liberum is moored suffered a direct hit by Cyclone Cyril. Several boats were lost in the mooring field but Mare survived. She is one tough 45 year old lady! Maria and i miss her terribly. Maybe we will continue sailing soon...

2011-10-12 This time we have looked into hell (or a volcano at least), Maria swam with whales, Mark kite-surfed both directions and more. But more importantly. WE ARE COMING HOME! or to Europe at least. Mark got a job offer with Oracle in Malaga, Spain he couldn't say no to so the sailing is over for us. For now, we are going back again at some point... Read all about it here (Scroll down halfway thru the page for the latest posts) Thanks everyone for reading about our trip.

2011-09-05 We have been swimming with with whales, explored underwater caves, seen a celebrity restaurant, visited the worlds most beautiful island and now we are in the kingdom of Tonga. Read more here

2011-07-21 We are still ALIVE! Sorry for the lack of updates, there is no internet at sea. We have had a lot of adventure. Here's a pre-view: Maria gets a facial, shark-fishing with hands only, lost anchor on lee-shore, 4day storm w 8m waves, knockdown, paradise visited and much more. See the latest posts here

2011-05-17 We have arrived to Easter Island after 19 days at sea. We will update the blog shortly.

2011-04-11 We are swimming with the sea lions and all our friends in Galapagos after a 14 day crossing. Check out the (B)log!

2011-03-04 B(log) updated. We are in Panama waiting to cross the channel. We now update the B(log) on both English and Swedish. Mark does the English and Maria the Swedish. It will sometimes let you see two different views of the same event.

2011-01-20 Lots of new updates and pictures. (The old Atlantic crossing blog have been updated with some great new pictures too )

2010-12-28 Updated the B(log) with a day by day account of the Atlantic crossing.

2010-12-20 I'm still alive and kicking after crossing the Atlantic. I'm now in Trinidad, I will update the (B)log soon...

2010-11-25 Page updated. Check out the latest (B)log for the full story.

2010-10-22 Page updated. The Blog should be in working order again. The photo Album is updated too with new pictures

2010-09-30: Crew change. Mark is continuing with this Blog so stay tuned. Lena will continue with another blog. You can follow her blog here: http://ammaximum.webs.com

This is an old picture from the 70s of our boat

2010-06-01: The circumnavigation starts from Amundö marina in Göteborg, Sweden