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Dirt,Soul,Surf , Love ,A moment with April Zastrow

posted Oct 10, 2016, 6:20 PM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Oct 11, 2016, 7:39 PM ]

#11 ....A moment with April Zastrow ,a Idaho professional ,artist ,designer,model,dirt surfer  guru & surfer . 
Nacho Clown :Aloha ,April  hope all is surfing or jumping some horse power ...was wondering river surfing safety ...the PFD thing in rivers ,you folks don't have to wear one in Idaho waves ? And your in the motorcycle industry lots of rocks ? What about a wet suit that is a PFD & has padding as the flotation of a PFD ? for river surfing & protection from Rock bangs ?& Leashes if worn should be of coiled bungee waist belt Velcro relase not ankle .Whats your opinion. ? Thanks keep surfing ." Nacho Clown
April: No we do not have to wear PFD. Our way is pretty safe considering that we are in a river. We do not have to worry about rocks. In the spring when they open the river to higher CFS there is a lot of debris that comes down that built up from the winter. You have to make sure to look up stream for large logs coming down. In winter you have to look for ice sheets. In spring the water seems the most dangerous to me with higher CFS and debris. They actually advised people not to be in the water and if we had to be rescued it would be the victims bill to pay.
RSM : Have you ever tried a belt leash hook up .
April :I haven't tried the belt leash hook, but I think something needs to be done with an ankle leash or leashes to make it safer for river surfing . 
RSM:How are the waves that way  Idaho.
April: We  are surfing it at 3000cfs and right now it is about 850cfs (normal summer flow). Winter we surf as low as about 250cfs (not a good wave though). The better surfers go without a leash up to about 1200cfs. I would feel better about a safer leash option. I personally am thinking about replacing the Velcro around my foot with an elastic band. One guy uses zip ties to attach his leash to his board and sometimes that breaks with normal use. I had to rescue his board down the river one time. When I went to the bend wave it was way more dangerous than ours. I have heard many stories of sketchy moments there. A few days after I surfed it, their wave became not operable and they plan to fix more problems again this winter...

"Yes I work in the dirt bike/motorcycle industry and we focus a lot on safety. I always wear a helmet on a bike."
April Zastrow
RSM: What size board do you perfer in the river ?
I surf boards that are about 5' X 19.5" 2.
RSM : How long have you been surfing in rivers ? & do you ocean surf ? How is it different in your words As well ?
 April: This is my third year river surfing. I ocean surf as much as I can, but the closest spot is about 8-9 hrs away. I think they are both very different words, but my skills from river surfing have helped so much with learning surfing in the ocean.
Nacho Clown :You Shred!!!  Do you ocean surf a lot ...what's your favorite ocean spot ? No comment is cool with us ?
April:I ocean surf as much as I can, but the closest spot is about 8-9 hrs away. I think they are both very different words, but my skills from river surfing have helped so much with learning in the ocean. 3. I've surfed the most around Huntington Beach, CA and went there a lot this winter. I think that the Oregon coast will soon become my main spot since it is closer.

RSM:The Idaho
 Wave park finish , how do feel your hometown
Wave park should be finished ? 
April: It would be awesome if our wave park had another feature we could use while using our main feature or to accommodate for unique flows. Right now river surfing is gaining a lot of popularity and we are experience overcrowding during the hotter times of the year. There is planned growth for the park, but I am not completely sure what the end result will be with the expansion.
Nacho Clown :What is the longest you have jumped on a motorcycle ?
April:I don't know exactly how far I've jumped on a my dirt bike. I've hit freestyle ramps at 75' and dirt jumps at probably 100-110'.

Nacho Clown :That's Huge !!!!respect to your dirt surfing .
RSM: Who is your favorite river surfer ? Odd ? But yea! Flori Kickflip
Master is mine .
April:  My favorite surfer to watch is Greg Goulet. He is an experienced skate boarder and snow boarder. You can really see his board skills transfer over to surfing. He is always trying something new and moves on the wave so fast and effortless, but the best part is the huge smile he has the whole time he is surfing.
RSM:Where do
You see the future of riversurfing ,

A= contests , events ,
B= or just for the soul
Of it .
C= let it flow ?
April:I think there will be more river surfing spots, Bend and Denver have just opened up waves in the last year. I think it will mostly be just for the soul as that is the heart of surfing. But I do think there will be enough waves in the PNW to have a little series if people were up for it. Could be fun.
RSM : I agree for the soul ,and river surf Jams and rodeos have a more inland feel to it.  
Nacho Clown :Keep it real & April Thank you for your words of wisdom
& thank you for the stoke
Keep on Flying the friendly sky's  !

RSM :Thank you for your time April & a incredible look into
Idaho surfing , well said Nacho keep on rocking the inland waves April whatever THEY MAY BE .

All Photos & her words Courtesy of April Zastrow

http://www.flyracing.com/ support your local dirt surfer

Alberta wave Rising

posted Apr 8, 2014, 7:38 PM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 6:14 PM ]

Canada's ARSA has recently started building their wave many years it has taken mostly funds and a lot of heavy work is what is truly needed as you


  One  see from this picture of Neil one of the founders of the "Surf Anywhere Project" They now can start to make adjustments  this a reality other projects around the globe are taking place as I write this river surfing is  helping vastly helping reshape rivers 

WRSA Respect tour hits Idaho this summer

posted Mar 23, 2014, 3:00 PM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Apr 3, 2014, 7:08 PM ]

One of the most historic events to happen in river surfing the gathering of the roots tribes of World River Surfing Association on American soil a wild variety of inland surf cultures and a event to help those adaptive thanks to Elijah Mack get in to river surfing a event to  share the freedom river surfing  gives us all .

Jacob Kelly, a co-founder of The Surf Anywhere Project
Recently said:
 “The Payette River Games in Cascade, Idaho this June will be a monumental event for river surfers around the world. It will be a meeting of the minds, an explosion of river surfing culture, and just a cool happy place to hang out all weekend long. It’s not often someone gets to experience something like this in their lives. To be a part of something that will change the world forever. To be able to meet the Michael Jordans of a sport before the NBA is even created. To build something like the Zepher crew in Dogtown. I am so blessed to have passion and purpose in my life greater than myself.” 
Wave Test video 2014Chris Peterson Demo from Gary Ertter on Vimeo.

The current state of river surfing 2014

posted Mar 16, 2014, 3:18 PM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 6:16 PM ]



"So what is ocean surfing? It is an incredible gift. It is the funnest thing in the world. It is the source energy that gives us an opportunity to tap into something unexplainable, something magic.
Here’s the million dollar question: Why is the ocean surfing industry so down on river surfing? Did river surfing take the ocean surfing’s chick?  Did it slash its tires?
 So what is river surfing? It is surfing. It is surfing without the bullshit."
 Elijah Mack 

YouTube Video

A true message from the GOD FATHER of river surfing and he is because he cares 
 2010 Bjoren Richie Lobs "Keep Surfing"
the movie put it all into perspective as does Flori Kummer landing the kick flip in the river  there is no limit to where river surfing can go as of 2014 as it has become a more accepted form of a sport that surfing inland is taking of like wildfire ,
where  it goes from here relies on those river surfing or the surfing world?
I would like to see river surfers decide its future not the surfing world  .I have had mixed response when I say I can see a pro river circuit someday traveling to river waves like the ASP pro tour does in the  surfing world dealing with the elite of the elite of river surfing this is a dream of many and also a concern  amongst some that not to sell out river surfing or to put a leash on a gift horse just  let it run free instead of structuring a  true gift of surfing inland.
With river waves filling up around the globe (like  a surf spot like Munich's )river surfing style  tricks have been progressing right along with surfing turning the heads of surfers  practicing surf  tricks on surfboards in the river far out does the ocean in consistency in a sense .  Looking at the way the wave  is set up could  a wave after wave train be set up on the famous Munich river for more waves bringing much surf relief to the historic birth place of river surfing .For   Munich needs more waves for surfing of the masses  and more waves are needed to make a world pro river surfing circuit a reality.
 Master of the first river kickflip among other fabulous tricks .
Flori Kummer 2014 Picture :Elena Koss of Munich





Flo Hagena

posted Mar 11, 2014, 7:21 PM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Mar 11, 2014, 7:30 PM ]

2009 Interview Munich Surf open
Interview with Flo Hagena world class sports photographer

 RSM:1.How long have you been taking photos?

FloH:Since I was 14teen it has been my job since ´99.


Photo courtesy of: Flohagena.com and Buster

RSM:>2.What are your favorite cameras to use if I may ask and do you have a favorite subject to shoot ?

FloH:Canon full frame, lifestyle of sports motivated people, shooting in the ocean is the best.

RSM:3.How was the Munich river surfing open this year ? always looks like a blast to me ,do you surf the famous river waves of Munich? and do you take part in the other sport's you shoot?

FloH:The MSO09 had little less participants, weather was the reason I guess. Not all the good surfers are competition guys. But its a big get together and a hype for the young guns. Veiw More Photos from Flo Hagaen of the MSO2009 Grossstadtsurfer contest

FloH:I surf really rarely when I am home, when I am in Munich I work to much. all board sports I like a lot, where ever I go I take my skateboard with me, snowboarding, Mtn biking, little bit of climbing - no soccer no tennis no golf.

Photo courtesy of :Flohagena.com and Buster

RSM:4.You have a wide variety of photo skills many great shots dig the black and whites of the old cars any tips for wanna be photographers out there you can offer ?

FloH:The best tip I offer is you should be interested in what you shoot, look for your own angel, do not copy other peoples ideas, the more you are into the (sports) the better you get at shooting them.

RSM:5.Are you strictly Photography or do you shoot video as well?

FloH:From time to time I shoot a little video never have edited it by myself , now I got a SLR HD even with slowmo and now its time to film - o love it..

RSM:6.Nice camera ,what is your take on the river surfing scene in Munich?It is where it all started the home of river surfing's history.

FloH:Sounds like its the start base something 35 years ago, but I feel every surfer would check it out when they see a wave on a river. But for sure we have the biggest river surf community worldwide, I guess. The scene you can see all day all year long people on bikes, in trains, cruising cars , or on skateboards, in the city.

This video from the UTube is a good example of a day in the life of this great wave

RSM:Any tips on traveling around Munich?.

FloH:Tips for traveling around Munich, many lakes, mountains, high speed autobahn,beer gardens, park where you can and have a have beer in public, or if you wish you are allowed to run around naked.Sailing,pool skating, sightseeing, mtb ..... plus only three hours and your in Italy.....

RSM:7.Ha!!! that sounds like my kind of city , Flo would you like to say something to the world or share a upcoming show or project ?

FloH:Watch out for the movie "keep surfing" - the riverdoc film - and my upcoming surf website monkey-surf.com "so far, hang loose" flo

RSM: Flo we thank you for your time and sharing your great photos our highest regards to your sport of the art.

Flohagaen.com and Buster

Gerry Schlegel wins the Munich river surfing open again congrats Gerry ,this year under rainy conditions, and moderate flows the famous river wave's of Germany and the one of a kind Flosslände come alive again with this competitive fun event.

Finalwertung surf stats of the MSO2009

KIDS: Platz Name Finalwertung

1st . Manuel Kronfelder 10,5 2nd. Markus Poitner 8,5 3rd . Georg Filser 7,3

MÄDELS: Platz Name Finalwertung

1st. Eliza Rieger 7,1 2nd. Franzi Bergmeier 6,7 3rd. Toni Deventer 4,5

JUNGS: Platz Name Finalwertung

1st. Gerry Schlegel 19,0 2nd. Rober Beetz 17,5 3rd. Simon Strangfeld

Bono=fido FUS "Rumble In The Jungle"

posted May 4, 2013, 10:14 AM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated May 4, 2013, 10:20 AM ]

In March the members of the Professional river surfers of Germany the legendary FUS crew rocked the Sumatra waves ,taming the  of the wild beastly waves of this not so famous river bore.

Rumble in the Jungle - Surfing the Tidal Dream from Yoyologic on Vimeo.

Hundreds of miles away from the next ocean wave, the Bono rolls its way up through the jungel of Sumatra.

Jonas Bronnert, Gerry Schlegel, Simon Strangfeld and Yoyo Terhorst from Germany surfed it for 4 days in March '13.

Sorry for the shacky footage, the whole video is filmed by the surfers themselves between their waves.

Read the full story in SURFERS #94

Filmed and Edited by Simon Strangfeld, Yoyo Terhorst
Music by Wavves - Sail To The Sun

Surf&Style 2012 - die European Championships im Stationary Surf

posted Jan 27, 2013, 12:57 PM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Mar 11, 2014, 7:05 PM ]

This summer the indoor wave and surf  comp  held on 11 August2012 auf der Citywave am Flughafen München im MAC. was mindblowing as well as showing the future of the landlocked surfer going surfer PRO is looking bright .

                                                                                                          All Photos property of and by flohagena.de flohagena.com

A Buster of a Munich River Surfing open

posted Jan 27, 2013, 12:30 PM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Mar 16, 2014, 3:21 PM ]

 River Surfer magazine
 Photos courtesy of  :
Flo Hagena and Buster surfboards

A German lesson  with Munich and river surfing

I wanted to get a different perspective of the Munich river surfing scene from some of those who are behind the scenes of this great yearly event.Thanks to some Munich locals who where kind enough to share some photos and words to give us eyes into this event .

In short interview's by RSM  answered by Nico co founder of world class Buster surfboards one of the main sponsors of the event. Also Flo Hagen a local active sports photographer who was hired to snap the photos thank you both for the info and view of Germany ,also much respect to the Munich river surfing community & the Grossandate surf site 2000/2010



Nico greets ,thanks a lot for sharing your photos and your time ,

much respect to your company Buster surfboards you are legends in the river,surfing community here in the USA .

 RSM:1.How long has Buster surfboards been in operation ?can you give us a little history of how the company started?

Nico: We had our 10th year annual this year.Our roots are at the Munich river surf wave “Flosslände” which is the second frequently running wave in Munich.There we (Guido and me were the founders, see attached picture) decided to build river surf boards and surfboards for German offshore surfer, which spend less then 6 weeks per year at the ocean.

                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of: Nico of Buster surfboards

RSM:Happy 10th and to many more to come .

 RSM:2. You have been one of the main sponsors of the Munich river surfing open for many years,what changes have you seen in the progression of river surfing competitively and recreational surfing in Munich?

Nico:The technical level has increased so much during the last years. There are new tricks which are difficult to name. I´ve attached a little shot to show you an example of one of the very hard tricks. Also the surfboard material has changes. Most of the competition surfers riding special spot boards now.


                                                                                                                               Photo courtesy of :Nico Buster surfboards

RSM:,Great shot of the move thanks and a Buster surfboard in action .

 RSM:3. Your river surf boards look way sick,do you think you have found the perfect combination between fin and shape for river surfing? or are you still experimenting with that? .To me speed seems to always be a key to high performance surfing in oceans and rivers these days.

Nico :We are always experimenting with board shapes. At the moment it seems to be that we have found the perfect shape and shape/fin combination for our spots. But we are always in contact with our team and maybe some time they will also improve our current reference shape.

RSM:4.How many surfers do you sponsor? the Buster team is always on the podium in the MSO that says a lot about your surfboards. Gerry is truly one of the best in the world as are all Munich surfers in our opinion. Do you personally test your boards?if so what are some of your favorite places to surf and shapes to shred on?


Photo courtesy of :FloHagena.com and Buster

Nico:We have 5 Surfers in our team, 3 of them are in our junior team. Gerry is our most successful team rider with 8 titles in River surfing competition and 2 titles in open water competitions. I test all boards by myself before we shape them in bulk production. My office is only 5 minutes from the River surf Spot “Floßlände”, so I try to surf as often I can. At the weekend I often surf the “Eisbach”, mostly in the morning to avoid crowds. Other favorite places to surf are the Canaries, Portugal and Morocco.

RSM:5.Do you see river surfing going main stream as a world wide sport someday like it has in Munich for many years? and do you think it will bring many of the same problems like surfing wave ownership and trouble into the soul of just surfing to surf. There are some tensions all ready around the river surf world I think that makes for great competition in a way and a bummer too a double edge sword so to speak, what is your opinion                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of :FloHagena.com and Buster

Nico:I don´t think that it really will get mainstream, because the spots are limited and artificial waves are expensive to run.

Nico:But at the moment the scene is growing more and more and for sure that will cause problems like crowds and local ism, I think the future of River surfing is also a little bit in the Hand of the surfing industry, If they like to push that sport in Media it will get more coverage. It´s easy to organize and promote river surf contests the waves are consistent, the surfers are not isolated somewhere in the ocean and it is easy to get there, specially in Munich. We already had a professional tour, I think it was 2006, with price money and tour stops in Germany, Austria and France. But the main Sponsors Salomon S-Core and Brown just did it for one year.




Photo courtesy of :Flohagen.com and Buster

RSM:6.Munich has some great waves do they have any plans to build more? .I know Munich had to of inspired some of the early river surfers here in Colorado a guy in the 80s was shredding BIG sur back then .

Nico :There are a lot of efforts to get more waves or just to make it legal. I think this is possible but will still take a few years.

RSM:7.What are some future plans for Buster surfboards? any other contests in Europe that you sponsor surfing or river surfing besides the MSO?

Nico: At the moment we focus on a new technology which uses extruded Polystyrene foam and generates durable boards which look like classic boards but don´t suck water and have nearly the same flex and response characteristics like classic boards. It is important for Munich river surfing to improve the board technology, because classic PU Boards are not really made for the hard impacts on the beton channel walls.

RSM:8.Would you like to say anything to the world? or add anything? please do so here.

Nico:Sure we like to greet all other river surfers out of Munich. "Hope to see you all in Munich." Please go to the Flosslände first and if it works there come to the Eisbach, the rocks there are invisible and the impacts can be hard. If you come in wintertime and the Flosslände does not work, it is a good idea to use a boyancy vest.

Nico and Buster thanks again for your time and photos and what you have done for river surfing ,keep shredding the waves and foam truly our highest regards.                 Winners of the Munich Surf open 2009

Nico"Have a good time, too!"

Also view Interview with Flo Hagena world class sports photographer

RSM editor



River surf Slovakia

posted May 19, 2012, 11:50 AM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 6:18 PM ]




Slovakia  April 2012 a new wave  is born to bring river surfing to the sports event


View more  and follow link to a cool video of testing this wave 
Photos  and video property of 
Mona Schawagier.



Let it flow let it live and let us surf

posted Mar 17, 2012, 11:38 AM by River Surfer Magazine   [ updated Mar 17, 2012, 11:43 AM ]

It does not matter what  season it is what time it is, where there is
a  river and a will the waves will be  pounding somewhere on  this great blue and green river surfing earth. Help the local  Salzburg surf crew save a gem of a standing canal wave .A spot and setting of another great of epic land locked surfing wave with river s
urfers who care about the spot their slice of surf heaven on earth the get away the gate way to  the love of  surfing for the love of surfing.We must  stand  up for the troubled waves and us misunderstood river surfers to forward our future of respect   we stand strong united as river surfers from all around the world .
This spot is on the endangerd list  like it love it speak up against those  who want to shut this wave down we will not allow so much fun to be destroyed fight on sisatas and braddas you are river surfing .
Follow this link for more info and like it
 http://www.facebook.com/almwave Help save a spot!!! 
Photo property of :AlmWAVE crewsite

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