Enter the Dragon Lady's

RSM Interview with Mary Osborne .
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"The first day I was lucky and got to ride it for a long time. Not sure how many minutes...but it was long and felt like forever. I had a huge smile on my face."
  Quote Mary Osborne,Silver Dragon, September 2010

"Certainly not a Dragon Lady but all around Pro surfer helping with others to give China a new Coed surfing face lift...
one that it has never had.... enter The Dancing Dragon and a  wonderful lady ."

RSM editor

Our Highest respects to you , your  time and all involved.

Mary enjoying a tail of her life

 Enter the Super Surfer :  
RSM: Mary hope all is surfing and thank you for your insight for us inland surf grasshoppers ,have you surfed China before .

MaryO:No never been to China.

RSM:How does it feel to be the first women to surf the largest tidal bore in the world.

MaryO: I am so honored to be invited to be the "first women." They have only had 6 surfers in the past, gender aside its a huge honor to be invited.

RSM :Who was in the surf crew .

MaryO : Robert Wingnut Weaver,
Mikala Jones and Jaime Sterling.
 All amazingly talented men.

RSM :That's is  a amazing crew, how was it being the only women surfing in a historically Man dominated society or has China changed .

MaryO:It was exciting representing fem
ale surfing in China, I hope it inspired some women and opened up the doors for the future of the surf industry in China.

RSM: Congratulations it is a honer to interview you and much respect for what you do for the sport of surfing .
MaryO:For me It's no longer about male or female.

RSM:Mary Nice refreshing attitude ,In the  river surfing world you don't see much media of  women surfing yet .So welcome all ya all! to the World River surfing Association H.Q. All genders from around the world who  rock the waves look them up at  Riversurfing.ca welcome to the family who just share a common love   of Daa roots...of inland and  surfing true pioneers like yourselves .
MaryO: Its about sharing the surfing vibe, industry and healthy lifestyle.
 Surfing in China is completely new and for many people it was the first time ever seeing a "real"   surfer or surfing in general.

RSM: Great philosophy ,I agree surfing is more than a sport of gender a ancient form of  spiritual enlightenment to many , one wave can change ones entire attitude ,I  am addicted to the positive vibes . 

MaryO:So right now male or female, young or old,everyone has the opportunity to try it out.                                                

RSM: Aloha to Good waves like that. 

RSM: What type of boards did you bring to surf ?

MaryO: I brought a bright pink Patagonia tri fin long board. I rode it two days and then I changed to a heavier singlefin Wingnut had. We decided it was easier to have one giant long board on the ski rather than two which took a lot of time during exchanges. With one chance a day on the tidal bore, we wanted to make sure we didn't make mistakes. I had a blast on both boards.

RSM: Did you get to get into your bag of Intense ballet surfboard maneuvers ?

MaryO: HA
HAHAH..... I tried to be as graceful and feminine as I possibly could,lots of big turns, cross steps and hanging five.

RSM:  The dance move the "WOP" blog story was that it... funny stuff cool dance move ,in your videos I think I have seen that style....you  make the board and ocean dance big respects to your surfing.

  MaryO: HAHAH the WOP was hilarious... I think I need some more dancing skills.

"I would die to be on Dancing with the Stars."

RSM: Way cool  I can see it now with your signature  Hangtens  crossovers,WOP moves you would bring t
he house down, best of luck to your future dancing career  to the Stars.

RSM :Did you ever think you would be surfing something like this tidal bore in your career ,how did you condition yourself  .

MaryO: I never thought in a million years but I saw some pix of it on your site  and I wanted to go to one. I had no clue what to expect in China, none of us did, and it was incredible!! No real conditioning (probably should have done more squats to strengthen legs) just tried to remain healthy and focused during the period we were on the river.

RSM:Thanks for the stoke I am blushing   ,(Squatter, I need to do more of those I got chicken Legs,I chase my offspring  around to strengthen :) also doing new dance move  the WOP way fun move in my dance bag haa thanks  for sharing that with the us and the world.

Nacho Clown:If I may interrupt me lady MOE,
If you do a dance partner search let us know ."Mary my qualifications I was born in the age of disco , black and white TVS  & pong .I have trained in country western dancing along with ballroom dancing  1234 is all I  remember. I  lost 20 bucks in a HIPHOP dance off at K58  to a 10 year old girl dodging tequila drunks shooting fire works at me in rhythm to M.C. hammers you cant touch this , all in all  to top it off I  almost got my ass kicked for dancing with all the motorcycle surf militias lady's , sharks where the least of my troubles all on my first real Mexico surf trip  ."
Thanks you clown you did anyway ,I  love that happy place, Dancing with the Waves cheers.

RSM :  Mary did it just feel natural to surf the bore or was it a super challenge to read the waves coming at you like that.

MaryO: Its different than surfing , the wave changes so much at rapid pace you never really get a grip on it. One second you having the time of your life, then the wave crashes and closes out, the next minute its a perfect glassy left. The final day it was big, bumpy and wayyyy faster. It is more challenging and you really need to be on your game when out there. Its different than surfing.

"There are barges and bridges to dodge thous
ands of people watching...  only one wave you don't want to make mistakes."

 Safety boat media Crew

Mary making friends with the dragon

RSM:Looked incredible what rush ! How long of a surf did you get on the waves,days ?

MaryO:The first day I was lucky and got to ride it for a long time. Not sure how many minutes...but it was long and felt like forever. I had a huge smile on my face. The second day Wingnut and I traded off and got about two rides per person. The final day our ski was running bad, the wave got a lot bigger and bumpier so Wingnut road it once and that was it. We basically tried to outrun the wave and had a few very close scary calls.

 RSM:Yikes , Do you have favorite dragon wave moment in China or wave surfed during the session that is still in your mind? looked glassy and big this year that river is huge as well surreal with the city scape.

MaryO: There were three great moments

One was the first site of seeing the giant wall of whitewater coming at us (8 feet high) with ...

"Jaime Sterling ripping it up on a left, It was glassy,
perfect a  beautiful site."

MaryO:Two  was the first long great ride I had. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling. It was just soooo fun .
The last day Three was a moment of doubt, I wasn't sure our ski was going fast enough at one point. We got something stuck in it and the wave just kept getting bigger and faster. I remember looking back and thinking " I might have to swim now"

RSM: dang sounds like a river....lots of  logs and sticks I noticed and who knows what that dragon picks up .

RSM:As a PRO surfer who has surfed many waves did it feel the same as a ocean wave, can you compare it to any ocean waves you have surfed,did anyone catch a tube.How was the swim
MaryO:Jaime got barreled  there were moments when it felt like a giant playful wave similar to one in my hometown, except for the fact it never stops moving and you can ride it for miles.
Maybe like a giant long Waikiki wave or a wave in a wave pool.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Jaime slashing in the dragon tongue

The major difference is that we are in a river, it constantly changes from big to small, then small to big, and your dodging things in the river. It's a similar feeling but you just keep thinking...don't fall don't fall... one wave, one wave... the swim was easy a few waves and lots of water moving after you fall or get tired but overall it was manageable.
 Surprisingly wasn't as dirty as I thought it would be.

RSM:Good to here ,was that a cargo boat surfing along side "Wingnut"or who? that is so wild looking out of place on a wave in the normal surf world. "Crazy footy and awesome Ariel picture .

MaryO:Yes cargo boat with camera crew and press people. So many different angles to see and I don't think the footy or pix does it justice. When we first caught the wave there were no cameras or people in site..it was much bigger. The fascinating thing is that we were 50 miles from the ocean  who knows how big it got further to the ocean.

RSM:That's so wild you could surf into town from the ocean

Surefire Mary sharing the waves with  the boys Coed style                                               

 MaryO:All we saw was 8-10 feet, but I am sure there are spots along the bore that were much bigger.

Good point,I like the  sound all ready  another great  China adventure Journey to the lair of the  Silver Dragon  .

RSM: How was the crowd for the Surfing China XExpo,all looked stoked on surfing .

MaryO: Surfing China Expo had a great turnout,there were pro skaters, vendors, and places for people to try stand up paddling. It was a huge success and has paved the wave for surfing industry and businesses in China, I felt so lucky to be apart of it.

 Ariel shot of the the stage amazing the size of the ship to surfer to waves  to river 

RSM:Boats, snake juice? what other dangers besides that can you offer to our readers if they trek to China to surf, any travel advice,food,drink, lost camera ... that sucks, no broken boards at least .

"My advice would be to stay away from the SNAKE JUICE....creeeepppppy.."

RSM:I have heard it gives you super natural powers ,are you sure non of you  drank  some ,thanks for the advice , stay away from the rocky mtn oyster's this way .

MaryO:Yes loss of camera was my fault,it
was a nice camera...who knows maybe someone knocked it in the river. My advice would be to stay away from the SNAKE JUICE....creeeepppppy.. Otherwise, go enjoy, have fun, its great.
                                                  "The people are wonderful!"

RSM:Having surfed the river dragon d
o you plan on surfing other tidal bores around the world or returning ever to the Silver Dragon ? I hope to return to Silver Dragon and I hope to surf more bores... I am waiting for a invite ?

RSM:Mary if you would like to say anything to the world please do here.
RSM: Wheres Aloha?

                                            MaryO:All good..please watch the video

               Silver Dragon Fire  http://www.go211.com/u/maryosborne/videos/25071

RSM: If we may ask what is next o
n your great list of surf travels and adventures

MaryO: Maybe back to China to Hianan Surf Contest or on a 28 day  sailboat expedition to study the South Atlantic Gyre both great adventures.

RSM: Sounds fun non..... stop fun  you are ....don't ever stop !
I have read about that trip
to the South Atlantic Gyre ,I want to go there and to the Pacific Gyre  to see for myself the damage and give a hand .Truly  sad stuff human's  trash and pollution habits ,trash in the worlds river's is a big source to the problem and our concern as well , big respects.

RSM:You w
ent to the Gulf around  the spill can you sum up in one sentence or a few word's what you experienced
on  that trip ,for sure   devastating for the people and the  ocean that way and a huge  environmental  tragedy  your big picture says it all .

On a happy note any advice for Women , getting into Surfing.

MaryO:Get a good instructor..not your significant other...have fun...enjoy ... remember the ocean is always changing.

 RSM:And any surf advice for a inland caveman surfer
about the surfpopup my surf weakness I just hold on for dear life..... usually crawl to my feet .... . more push ups I know .

MaryO: HHAHHA Maybe you can teach me that move !!! THANKS!

RSM:HAAA ,teach me to "HangTen" like you  in the river and I will take you up on that glad to help,So surfradddooo!!!! 

Cheers ocean friend thank you so much for your time and words ,to the ocean and you
  Mary peace & waves safe travels,River Surfer Magazine .

MaryO, MOE, you are our nominee  for Dancing with the Stars someday and to you goes
"Super Silver Surfer Award "
for the first ever RSM XXL  river  wave
2010  .

"Keep making friends with dragons  lady and water falls "
Nacho Clown

"I am going back to check that cave out "