The shape shop looks like a fun pl
ace to me Jeff. The shop making wood wonders with past and present tools and skills working together as one. Humans building with th
eir hands and crafting tools with nothing more than what nature provides.These skills of living off the land from our fellow Humans ,Indian cultures must not be forgotten in this world of man made products.

In my opinion.Indian culture practi
ces should be taught everywhere .Tribes and these cultures should not be left out of the world and lands they respect.
/soundingdrum Wood plank test shape ,The board blocks surf stand is sweet. Here in pre shape Jeff said a lot of time and care must take place in the choppin fingers that is .....

This is my opinion of what I  know about Jeff,he is a true artist of pure soul and vision you have to see his other works of art at his site. He loves to surf trees shown here in this video with the finished hand carved and polished surfboard made from nature


The possibilities are endless as is what can be made out of stumps and wood considered junk .Underneath all that worn color of old battered wood lies
a gift from mother natures spirits. Ghosts of the forests she gives new life to those who care for the air we breath leaving us with her fallen dead .plant a tree today and Maybe you will see a tree surfing in true spirit again in a ocean near you.

Thanks again Jeff chopper chickens