October 8, 2018

Post date: Oct 09, 2018 1:5:6 AM

I am reflecting that I don't really use this update page as much as I might. I have one project bike, for Tim, in the shop right now. Tim built his own bike several years ago, he's determined he wants one of mine now, and I am delighted to work with him. I also have a seat conversion to do for a Easy Racers Fold Rush.

Word! All projects are on hold this month as I deal with health issues. I am down for a few weeks starting a week from today - I need a new right hip. It's been a season about the painful hip, and after all sorts of due process and at least 3-4 medical opinions, it comes down to the need for a poly and ceramic (I think) replacement for the old ball joint. As I said in another forum, I am so very glad for modern medical technology and skill - if I were among the plains tribes of 1850 I'd be left out to starve, or at least I would be when winter comes.

I'll be back, as a rider and as Recycled Recumbent, in November. Cheers! ADC