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Post date: Oct 20, 2009 4:47:51 AM

Here it is, the end of October. I started this thread with a 'haul' from a local police auction - this then is the other end of the line. Matching each of those four forks with the appropriate frame, and adding that lovely yet to be decorated green frame on the end, this is the 'stock' at the toy shoppe at the end of October. Shows variety, shows character - meaning that each bike has variances, based in part on the nature of the donor bikes selected (and in part on the whim of the journeyman frame builder). Shows consistency too - I think each of these is the start of a great bike. I could go on - all of these bikes need parts. ("NO!" they cried! "STOP already.") Seats, braces, handlebars. Each frame will be detailed a little differently. Ken wants to do his own detailing, and I am sure he will do fine. Another fella wants one of these, and he is deciding this weekend on wheel size, brakes, etc. I like to talk to a 'kit' buyer long enough to be sure he/she has a whole project in mind. But enough. Time for someone else to show and tell. Here then is the other end of October!