August 16, 2015

Post date: Aug 17, 2015 12:6:29 AM

I don't get back to these updates often. And I've been busy most of the Spring and early Summer, had one of those 'other' jobs for a while, then with some friends we took a two week tour around Lake Michigan (yes, on the yellowbike!). I am back in the shop now, avoiding the heat when I can in Wisconsin. New addition to my personal fleet - I've made a MAJOR impulse buy at the Hostel Shoppe - my first retail bike purchase in 23 years! This is the Azub T-Tris 26 tadpole trike.

Because I DO want to know how the other half lives. So far, 1 week in and around 200 miles, I am very satisfied with my purchase. But I went back to the Mach 2 today to reacquaint myself with my favorite bike - and sure enough, Nothing compares to it.