Picture Page 1

First picture page, frames in construction

This is a MACH 2 frame at the end of basic assembly. The photos below are of the various stages of getting here!

Cuts on Frame #1 - take the rear triangle off first, then chop!

Layout (this is a MACH 2) - try it with parts in place! Fork, wheel, crank. Overlay the part with the bottom bracket on TOP (not as pictured) and see how small you can make the front triangle. Leave room for a front deraileur to hang. Leave clearance between the end of the crank radius and the fork, the front wheel. DO THIS FOR THE MACH 1 AS WELL - the drawings show the 'downtube' of the EZ Clone at 12" long - reduce the 10" upper portion as much as still works for the clearances shown here.

Now finish the cuts on the downtube and sleeve that together. and :

Fit it like this. Mark the up tube with the correct angle, right under the top tube.

Cut the down tube above that mark by 1/4" to 3/8" -

then fish mouth to fit.

Finished fit-up for first assembly - now go strip the paint off, get ready to braze!