Mar 23

Post date: Mar 24, 2010 12:6:27 PM

The domain register guru's tell me that today and tomorrow all the pointers (and stars, circuit breakers, shamans, what have you) should turn in the right direction and point the RR domain at this website. Yay! More important than the cost perhaps is the re-working of the site, better navigation and all that. I've also re-written the 'Finish Details' pages, as well as the sales aspects of the website.

Today in the shop I am detailing Peggy and Rob's frames. They left off two very nice road bikes last weekend - we will use that gear for components on their Mach 2's. Jerry may be by today again, he and I are having fun with a new frame for him - I send him off with the dirty work, I just get to do the brazing set-ups!