Picture Page 3

Picture Page Three - Frames in Construction

Page 3 in the sequence of assembly pictures.

Bending - put the bender in the vice.... Cutting for a bell cup.

Open the 'bell'. Fit the bells loosely on the frame stubs.

The 5 degree (nominal - adjust to taste) bend helps align the new rails and the old back stays.

Step back - side view? Rear view? Does it look good? All aligned?

ALIGNMENT is the key to a good bike. See if this makes sense - Set the bike upside down in your stand, set a wheel in the rear drops. Like this -

Go to the rear of the frame, sight with me along the red lines in the most foreshortened view you can manage.

This view -

- with or without the bottom rails, you want that wheel centered on the left-it-too-long for now rear downtube, both in plane with it and in line with the center of the bike. Check this, wrestle it into place before you add the rails, after you add the rails, after you close the bells. After you braze it, you can't fix it anymore - your frame is born!

All even? NOW - weld braze at the downtube stub (near that clamp).

Close the bells - heat them red hot, close and wrap with pliers around the stubs. Leave no gaps. You are 'making' a lug here!


Clean it, flux it, then weld/braze it. This completes the basic frame assembly.