May 1

Post date: May 01, 2014 4:34:46 PM

I am back from the bike tour! Bubba's Coast 2 Coast TransAm finished on April 28, I am home today putting together my to-do list. IF I HAVE PROMISED YOU SOMETHING OR discussed something with you that Recycled Recumbents needs to do, please help me by reminding me of what it is. Your needs are important, but it has been two months since I have been in the shop. I corresponded with a lot of people while I was away, and I am combing through all that Email now to see what it is I've forgotten. If it's you, and I haven't been in touch yet, reach out, let me know. If you've been waiting to talk to me or write, write now, let's get it on that list. I have May and June, I'll get it done. But we are away in July for three weeks. I don't want to leave anything out!