October 2

Post date: Oct 03, 2016 12:59:47 AM

The right bike is the one you will ride! This maxim is a postscript on most letters and Bentrider posts I make. This is part of what it means -

With mild rain on a Sunday morning, it comes to mind what this phrase means. Really, if you don't have a social obligation, rain on Sunday morning means one of three things to a bike rider.

One - bugger it, I love to ride and I'll ride in anything. (Not my personal favorite, but soldier on, you Englishmen)

Two - Darn, rain. And I so wanted to ride this morning! Let's look at the weather report and see when it lets up. (My wimpy view)

Three - Whew! Rain! That means I don't have to ride, I can sit on the sofa and nosh on bagels all morning!

The point being, this latter human impulse - to escape the drudgery of riding, of exercise in general, is exactly what the maxim above addresses.

The right bike is the one you will ride! The right bike is the one you want to ride. Want to find time to ride. Are impatient with the weather so you can ride. Feel like you look GOOD riding. The right bike is the one you enjoy so much you can't wait to get back to it. It's a pleasure. It's fun, it's your favorite color. I don't care what the reason is. My wish is always that you find the right bike.

It doesn't need to be one of mine. I think you might try this one, it's pretty good. But ANY bike that you want to ride - that's the right bike.

I have (or something close), so I occasionally get Sunday mornings like the one today. As it happens, the weather did turn around noon, and I got to go play on my bike for the usual 46 mile run! Yay!