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This page shows existing new bikes (those not currently on commission, if any), and whatever used manufacturer's bikes I've collected lately.
On May 19,  There os one Mach 2 and  6 used bikes in the Showroom today.      
Very unusual for me to have two trikes in the showroom.   Scroll down and see!  

Processing a 'batch' of 6 new RR bikes - these will take most of May to come to the showroom - 5 Mach 2's, 1 Mach 3.


  new on May 19!
In the works - a set of 6 new Recycled Recumbent stock bikes.   5 are Mach 2's, 1 is a Mach 3. 

PARTS NOTE - Mar. 26, I just received the last ever Chopper Bars (upgrade handlebar) from Rans, see Parts FOR SALE - Pricing. Repairs! to order yours. 

Scroll down for detailed descriptions and pictures on this page.

YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER!  I might not accept it (then again I might), but I won't be offended.

Please go to the Parts FOR SALE page to check Recycled Recumbent pricing for specific parts and pieces you may want to order, or to make up your frame 'kit' for your own assembly.

                        May 21, 2012.    Bike frames and 'kits' will be made to order moving forward.    I make up 'front ends' from incoming donor bikes.    These await your specification so I can build them to length for you and with your specific component set in mind.  Write or call, and we can set it up!   See pricing on the Parts FOR SALE page.

Mach 2, black -    With upgrades.      Sale pending with Ed.
This is a frame I built last Fall, it's been waiting for enough space in the garage so I had some place to put it for completion.   Today's the day.   I finished this assembly March 21.    This is a new assembly black Mach 2 bike.  The picture doesn't quite tell you that this is a matte finish black, unique looking!    This well built Mach 2 frame is sized for medium to tall riders, I'd say no more than a 5'-10" tall person, or an x--seam of 44".   This bike has 'extras' included at this price - it has the Sun alloy handlebar, it has a Terracycle return idler.   Frame, seat, cabling, brakes, handlebar - all are new.

Seat height           21.5"
Crank height        13.5"
Frame length        36"
Wheelbase            67"

- 26 x 20 alloy wheels, with new Kenda Kwest 100 PSI tires.
- New V-Brakes front and rear
- New FSA alloy triple crankset, rings are 52-42-30 teeth
- 7 speed cassette gearing on rear wheel
- Derailleurs are Shimano, shifters are twist grip.
- Handlebar is deep drop alloy handlebar from Sun Bicycles, new ***
- TerraCycle return idler ***
- Bike has new seat, has a single leg kickstand, new cabling, new single length 7 speed chain.
*** The upgrades can be switched out for more economic alternatives (and a lower price).
Mach 2,  black, used refurbished, offered at $650

This bike just came available, it is my bike and frame.   I bought it from the second owner recently, I've refurbished it (it didn't need much) here and it is as good as a new bike by Recycled Recumbent, but cheaper, even for showroom prices.    

Owner #2 completely rebuilt this bike after applying a new powder coat finish.   I don't think he rode it much, but he did a great job with the assembly, the bike is very clean, almost showroom new, hence it is displayed here like a new bike. 

We think the frame under this new paint is about 10 years old.   I have inspected it thoroughly and it is in fine shape.  

Specification - 
39" frame, suitable for riders around the 6'-0" mark, give or take a leg length.
69" Wheel base
15" Bottom bracket height - this is higher than most of my bikes.
23" seat height.    

Features -
- 26 x 20 alloy wheels.  The front is a bolt on axle, the rear wheel uses a quick release skewer.   Kenda Kwest tires, relatively new and unworn, high pressure at 100 psi.
- 3x7 gearing - 7 speed cassette on the rear wheel, Shimano bottom bracket with three chainrings.   Rear derailleur is Shimano, front - I don't recall this minute.   Grip shift 3x7 shifters.
- V-Brakes front and rear, Avid levers.
- this seat is my frame, the prior owner stretched a good TerraTrike seat cover over it.  It works quite well on this frame, adjusted by straps at the rear.  At the buyer's option (please specify), we can put a standard Recycled Recumbent mesh seat on this bike if you prefer.
- This bike has an upgraded deep drop handlebar, I think it is the Sun handlebar.   The bike has a bar end mirror on it, and a trail bell.
- This bike has a simple rear rack on it, zip tied to the rear seat stays. The Rack also helps support a rear fender.   There is a front fender as well.The bike has a new kickstand, and it has blinker lights front and rear.   

Recycled Recumbent has completely checked this bike, it is as tuned and ready to go as any bike I offer for sale.   Probably the bargain bike for 2019!

There are six new bikes in production in my shop, five of them Mach 2's, one will be a Mach 3's.   Which one is yours???
Thanks for looking at my bikes!


USED BIKES - Manufactured bikes - 





Rans Nimbus - this is an older model Rans long bike, well loved.   Offered at $450

The Nimbus is a late 80's early 90's model offered by Rans.   Stories vary about whether it pre-dates the Stratus or post dates it, I am not sure.   This is an older bike, but it is updated and ready to ride here at Recycled Recumbent.    New Handlebar, new tires - the fella who sold it had neglected the bike for a few years.   I've cleaned it up, tuned it to ride.  The paint on this bike shows it is not new, it has it's share of nicks and scrapes.

This Nimbus is a little unusual - it is a generously long frame, most medium Numbusses (Nimbi?) are too short for a 6' tall rider.   This one is a long frame, generously adjusted for the rider with a 42-47" x-seam.     This Nimbus has an early version of the Rans standard seat, this too is different from the older 'bucket' seat the Nimbus is infamous for.

Features -
New tires, 700c rear is a Marathon, 451c. 20" front tire is a Kenda Kwest.   
New Handlebar - this bike had the old Rans closed "D" handlebar, I've replaced it with a new Sun alloy deep rise handlebar.
This bike has 3x7 gearing.   
This bike uses cantilever brakes front and rear.
This bike has a kickstand.

A classic long wheel base bike and a bargain price.

Volae Team -   Well used, well cared for, needs a new home.    For sale at $650

This is Dave's bike, probably a very early Volae model, he's had it since 2004 or 5.   He used it well, he tells me it's been all over - Ireland, lots of USA places.  Dave is a well known local rider who curates an Ozaukee County website of suggested bike touring routes.    He toured with this bike for years, you can see it comes with a decent rear rack, an underseat rack, and - well, you can't see them, but there is an array of panniers and seat back bags for this bike for you to choose from and create your own touring rig.   

The Volae high racer is a durable, reliable bike, meant for road cruising at respectable speed.   This is, we think, an early model of the Team bike.    It sports 650x25c tires (and we have a half dozen tires and tubes to send with the bike), 3x9 gearing, a carbon fork, Shimano 105 caliper brakes.   It currently has a Rotor Crank installed, the rings are in fine shape.   At your option, I can re-install a standard 3 ring crankset - the original that came with the bike, and reduce the package price by $100.    This bike has a brand new Volae carbon seat and pad, it is the wide base shell that people find more comfortable.   I have two other seats for it, we can discuss which option you prefer.   

Condition.  The bike frame shows it's mileage.  I will try to clean it up as best I can, at one time it was silver/white.   But it definitely shows as used - it isn't chipped or marked up so much as it shows some wear and a lot of the stains of all it's travel.   For all that, the bike is superbly maintained.   Dave is thinning the herd, and he's kept this bike meticulously in a bike shop to rival my own.  The chain is new, the components are all in top shape.   The seat, Dave doesn't recall that he has ridden in this new seat at all, it looks pristine.

We are far more interested in finding the right home for this bike than we are pressing for value.   Grab this wonderful touring bike and make it your own.

Cycle Genius ALX   - basic quality recumbent    Offered for sale, $400

Cycle Genius made this bike as an entry level Recumbent.   It is a 'compact' long wheel base bike.   Not so stretched out as my Mach 2, for example, and the bottom bracket is higher.   This bike has 20 x 20 wheels, it uses disc brakes front and rear, it is a 3 x 9 speed gear train.    A very easy bike to ride, with very smooth components.    

I got this bike as a project, it was not a complete kit.   I've added the derailleurs, I added a disc hub front wheel, and I've added the brake levers, it has a new SRAM 5. 0 rear derailleur, a new 0 speed chain - you get the idea - it just wasn't a complete bike when it got here.   It is complete now.   I am not sure of the age, and the seller was unsure of this bike's history.   The frame shows wear, it has some chips and scratches, so it won't appear as new by any stretch.

- 20 by 20 (406c) wheels, good tires (front is new Kenda Kwest 65 pst).
- 9 speed rear cassette, new chain on this bike
- front derailleur is Shimano 105, rear derailleur is new SRAM 5.0 long cage.
- Hollowtech crankset, road triple.
- Disc brakes - I added a disc brake from my stock for the front, with a rotor.
- this bike has a kickstand.

TerraTrike Tour  - the top of the line model for TerraTrike for years   - offered at $1,100

The Tour was the main design and featured model for Terratrike for over a decade, succeeded by the Tour II, now succeeded by their Traveller, which is a folding trike.   I like the Tour for two reasons.  One, it is modeled with a lower seat height than anything in TerraTrike's current line - it is lower and faster.  And two, it is designed with a 350 lb. weight limit.   Not that I am quite that size, but it will accept a larger rider.   This bike was my friend Mike's, he is shopping for something a little fancier now.   

You can't really get more tricked out than he has this trike.   This Tour has a Schlumpf Drive crankset - look it up, these are truly fancy bit of hardware.   This is a mountain drive Schulmpf, I am not sure of the ratios, but with a kick of your heel, you can go from high speed dash to hill climbing certainty with ease.   This bike has a standard 9 speed cassette on the rear.   Disc brakes, 20" wheel all around.   Adjustable angle seat, adjustable position seat to suit your size - this bike has the large boom on it - if you want to fit and you are a short person, I can trim the boom down to the shorter standard for you (after you own it).   

This trike is in excellent shape - Mike has several bikes and he maintains all of them well with a local shop.  It is tuned up and ready to ride.    I don't get to recycle trikes all that often, come and take advantage of this solid and fancy performer.

May 16 note - I've ordered the tools.  I plan to remove the Schlumpf drive and replace it with a standard 3 ring crankset.   When I do that, this trike will be offered at a reduced price of $900.   

Terra Trike Tour II   - the successor design to the Tour above - sale pending with Terry

The Tour II - one of my favorite trikes, perhaps because I owned and rode one for about 4 years.   A good,solid steel frame trike, low seat (helps in the corners), wide axle in front, straightforward design and function.   A good trike all around, a simple one.    

I spend time and money over four years to improve and enhance the Tour II I had, I find that this prior owner made all the same choices I did.

- TerraCycle Idlers and the replacement idler frame for the rear idlers.   
- Bar end shifters.
- Locking brake levers
- He put a chain guard on the FSA stock road crankset.

Very likely this was among the last of the TourII trikes produced, sold to this prior owner in 2013.   

The trike has 20" by 1.5" Marathon tires on all three wheels - these are not new but have plenty of life in them.   Chain is new we think, as is the rear 8 speed cassette.   Brakes work well (mechanical disc), shifting is properly adjusted for 3x8 shifting.   This bike has the medium boom on it now, sized for probably the 5'-10" tall rider and under.

The seat fabric is the modern Terra Trike sling, it is in grear shape and features the contour panels.   

It is unusual for me to have two trikes in the showroom at once.   Take advantge, make an offer on this one or the red one.   

Barcroft Ti-Virginia         THIS is one VERY special bike                 For sale at $1950

Barcroft is, was known for crafting among the best recumbent bikes in the world.   They worked mostly in steel and cromalloy, their Virginia and Dakota models are known and coveted for their speed, lightweight frames, and performance character.  Late in their building tenure, they developed this titanium version of the Virginia.   It is a sleek and wonderful bike.  The Virginia has a longer wheelbase than most SWB bikes, giving it a very stable ride.   It's laid-back use of the standard Rans seat gives it a small wind profile, enabling real speed without a fairing.   The titanium version of this bike is lighter than the steel version.   It is also quite rare.   I don't know how many of these Barcxroft made, my bet is that there are less than 50 of them on the road    This is your chance at a very unique bike.    It is also one of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen in this shop.

I've tested this bike to see if I want to keep it.  Alas, I can't.   I am 6' tall, my X-seam is 45" - this is just on the outside of the fit range for this bike.   I can't quite get comfortable on it, much as I want to.   Talk to me about size and fit, see if this bike will work for you.   

This bike is in excellent shape, the frame is pristine save for some minor decal scuffing.   The chain line and components are very clean, the brakes are in 100% shape.   Velocity areoheat wheels, 26 x 20 (406).   Shimano components, Truvative hollowtech crankset.   the 3x9 gearing is operated using Paul Thumbie shifters.   The mast tilts for entry comfort, it telescoped for adjustment.   No pedals are included with this bike.   

I almost want to qualify the buyer for this precious, wonderful bike.   Are you ready to give it a good home?    

Easy Racers' Gold Rush - top of the line! A favorite for touring.   Sale pending with Martin

The Gold Rush - a king among recumbent long wheel base bikes.   The only reason to offer this bike for sale (rather than keep it) are the two excellent LWB bikes I already have, no room to consider keeping this jewel.

This is the aluminum frame version of Easy Racers' Tour Easy design.   It is lighter weight that their steel bike, lighter than my Mach 2.   The bike features 700c by 20" (451c) wheels, Shimano Ultegra gearing and shifters, SRAM Rocket twist grip shifters.   It has a road caliper brake for the front and a V-brake on the rear wheel.   This bike is the large size frame.

This frame is date stamped for August, 2004 construction, so the bike is 15 years old.   Lightly used, the prior owner tells me he bought it new, it has always been well maintained by local bike shops.    The black frame will not show as new, but it is in very good condition.   Tires and brakes are good, but do not show as new.

This bike has a bar end mirror on it, a wired computer (which works, but needs recalibrating), two bottle cages, a serviceable fairing, a frame bag for your valuables, and a two-leg kickstand.    
I do want to talk about the seat.   As received, this seat with it's original covers looked like this - 

Don't panic.    The story from the owner is that the bike was parked in a basement under a wood floor that was being refinished.   Some polyurethane from that finish leaked through the floor and dripped onto this bike, particularly onto the seat base and seat back.    So, I have taken steps to make it better.    Easy enough to remove and replace the lycra cover on the seat base, it has a new cover on it now - 

The seat back, however, is a more challenging repair.   Up close, it looks like -

Ugh!   The poly coating ran down the mesh and filled the holes.   It was left to dry.  I've done every thing I can to remove the coating, the mesh is cleared, functional.   But this stain is visible.    

The truth is that Easy Racers is not in production now, this mesh panel for the Koolback seat is not available to replace this panel.   

We can fix it one of two ways. 

One, we can replace this mesh panel with a substitute that is still made - like this:

This seat back panel is the standard replacement for the Sun Bicycles recumbents.   The Sun bikes were originally designed by Easy Racers, and this cover fits well.   It isn't as 'authentic' a cover for a GRR as the original stretched panel, but this is functional and unstained.   I can put this cover on this seat back if you like.   Or I can put it over the original panel (as it is at the moment) so you have both covers.

Or - your option on purchase - we can put the Recycled Recumbent sling seat on this bike!   I have an adapter that mounts my seat on the Easy Racers bikes easily and with full adjustability.    We can swap out the Koolback seat for a new Recycled Recumbent seat if you like for your bike.

                                                                    A  ----  or  ---- B?    
Either way, you get a great bike.      The Gold Rush is a treasure for those that own it, very few of these come on the market.   

Sun EZ-1 Supercruiser     the best inexpensive bike in the recumbent world!    Two bikes, offered at $300 each.
Blue bike is sale pending to Tuck, 5/11.   Red bike still available.

This is the blue one.                                              This is the red EZ-1.

I have said often, and loudly, that Sun's EZ-1 'ladder' frame bike is the best kept secret in the recumbent world.   This is a fabulous bike.   Compact, yet able to adjust from your 4'-10" preteen to a 6'-5" Police Captain.   Easy to ride, easy to be comfortable on.   And yet it runs very well, with a ride that almost competes with the LWB bikes costing 4 figures more.   

For each bike, these are steel frame models of the EZ-1.   Both bikes have virtually the same component package - 3x7 gearing with SRAM grip shifters, V-brakes front and rear.   20" rear wheel, 16" front wheel.   All tires are Kenda 1 3/4" width, 40 psi.Both bikes have kickstands.   These bikes are used, of course and will not show as new.   The blue bike has 2 significant cosmetic scratches, one on the right front fork blade, another area on the right chain stay that I attribute to chain slap over it's lifetime so far.   The red bike shows as used, it is missing it's head badge, but does not show significant wear or scratches.   The mesh seat backs on both bikes are in great shape, they may be replacements for the original mesh.   The lycra cover on the two seat base cushions is mildly worn - it's fine until you decide you REALLY like your new bike and want to order a replacement (which is easily available.   The red bike has really nice wide platform pedals, the blue bike has standard resin cage pedals.   

(additional and specific pictures on request for each bike.)
These two are perfect first recumbents, if you are thinking of taking the leap.   Easy to ride, easy to learn - I have several friends who never needed to upgrade from this bike.    If you are a recumbent enthusiast already, the EZ-1 is the perfect guest bike for your garage - the one you can lend to a visiting friend to share the experience.    

Recycled Recumbent eagerly looks for old, unloved recumbents to revive and find homes for.   If you hear of anything, let me know! ***

Thanks for looking at the current crop.    Let me know if something here merits a home with you!

FOR ANY BIKE or Frame -
Shipping Con. US only – you pay the costs plus about $5 in packing tape.   (It takes about 2 hours to pack a bike and I don't charge you for that!)   Using Fedex Ground I find costs range from around $55 to near $100, pending your distance from Milwaukee .     Assembly is required at your end – I send you instructions and pictures.   Save us both the hassle and come visit – and we get to fit the bike to you if you come to the toy shoppe!    I will drive an hour from Milwaukee for delivery (THAT is getting expensive now!!).
Please write with your comments or questions.    That is as much fun for me as a sale!   Ride safe, ride often!

Contact A.D. Carson, adcarson@recycledrecumbent.com   or call 414-499-4366