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This page shows existing new bikes (those not currently on commission, if any), and whatever used manufacturer's bikes I've collected lately.
On May 22, there are 2 of my finished new bikes, one used Mach 2, and 6 used bikes from other makers in the Showroom.  


(Mach 3!!)                                                  


This last bike is in Bitburg, Germany - it is not IN the showroom!
I know, I know, there are 2 different yellow bikes in the showroom right now!   Let's call the used yellow Mach 2 the German bike, and the other one the Mach 3.


Parts and misc. stuff.   Seats, widgets, tires.    A bit of a garage sale is one click away - see if there is anything here you need on the misnamed  -' High Racer 'page now.


(Scroll down for detailed descriptions and pictures)   

Pending for the showroom...

  This is a Bike Friday Sat R Day.  This bike is in for a complete rebuild at the moment.   It's going to look great in a new paint job sometime in June.   

YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER!  I might not accept it (then again I might), but I won't be offended.

Please go to the Parts FOR SALE page to check Recycled Recumbent pricing for specific parts and pieces you may want to order, or to make up your frame 'kit' for your own assembly.

                        May 21, 2012.    Bike frames and 'kits' will be made to order moving forward.    I make up 'front ends' from incoming donor bikes.    These await your specification so I can build them to length for you and with your specific component set in mind.  Write or call, and we can set it up!

MACH 3!    I don't make these often except on commission.   I built this one for me - you have to test the idea once in a while to prove it's validity.   Yep, great bike.     
Showroom price for this bike is $900.

This is the complete Mach 3, with a new seat, dual 26" wheels, the Rans modified handlebar, V-brakes, etc.    It is sized for me - what you see is set up for my 45" X-seam and 6'-0" height.   Let's check you x-seam, see if you can fit this bike!

Seat Height -     22"
Crank Height  - 16"
Frame Length  -  40" (equivalent)
Wheelbase  -      74"

- dual 26" wheels, alloy rims.   This was a matching pair from a donor MTB.   New Kenda Kwest 100 psi 1 1/2" road tires.
- 7 speed cassette gearing
- New FSA alloy 3 speed crankset.
- New twist grip shifters.
- V-brakes front and rear.
- Terracycle idler, bottle cage, kickstand added.  
- Ran Chopper Bar modified by Recycled Recumbents. 
- Bike comes with standard pedals (not my pictured Bebops)
- as always, new cables and housings, new seat.
**** option, enhance this bike with a 9 speed geartrain for only $200 more.   

Red Mach 2, just finished May 10!   Showroom price at $725

A bit of a rainy day here in no way diminished the deep luster of this fire engine red powdercoat.   I can't say I've seen a prettier color, nor better work than this from my powder coat painter.   Very pretty bike.   Sized for riders 5'-11" and under.  V brakes and MTB gearing.

Seat height     - 22"
Crank height  - 14.5"
Frame length  - 39"
Wheelbase      - 73.5"

- alloy wheels 26 and 20".   The front wheel is new, the rear wheel is rebuilt here.   New Kenda Kwest 100 PSI tires,  Both wheels are quick release.
- New 7 speed cassette.   Shimano Deore outswing rear derailleur.  Sun Tour front derailleur.
- Shimano Altius MTB alloy crankset - smaller chain rings with a 44 tooth large ring.   
- 3x7 Gripshift shifters.  
- Tektro V-brakes front and rear.
- Alloy moustache handlebar.   
- As always, new cables, housings.  New seat.   The bike has a kickstand.   


Thanks for looking at my bikes!


USED BIKES - Manufactured bikes - 





European Mach 2!   This yellow Mach 2 resides in Bitburg, Germany.  I cannot get to it to ship it, so it is offered for sale at $700 for local pick up only.


This is my daughter, Kerri's bike.    She rode it with me on one extended trip in 2011, then she took it to Germany with her to live and work there.   Kerri finds she doesn't use the bike, so we are offering for some lucky soul to use on all those great German bike paths.

This Mach 2 has a 34" frame, that means it is sized for people about 5'-8" tall and under.   It can be adjusted up to an x-seam of 43", but it is most comfortable at 40" and below.   Seat height is 21", the cranks a are at 12.5" above the ground.   
This bike has two alloy bolt on wheels, the rear is 700c with a 28c Continental Gatorskin tire.   The front is a 20" wheel with a Schwalbe Durano tire.    Gearing is 3x7 with twist grip shifters, brakes are V- brakes.   

I can't call this bike new, but it is almost new.   Kerri did the one 150 mile charity ride on it and very little else.   It was packed and transported to Germany with her household goods, and shows a few nicks from that experience.   I reassembled it just this week on a visit, and Kerri agrees we should find a new home for it.    If you are close enough to arrange a pick up of this unique and tested bike, drop me an email, let's make it yours.

Note - after riding this bike, I see it needs a 5 Euro trip to a bike shop - before anyone rides it again, we need to tighten the crank bolt on the right side.  
Note - if this bike is still unsold by June, 2015, it will come back to the USA and this showroom.   Cheers! 

LINEAR Sonic   - aluminum beam USS bike - offered for $400

Linear is more well known for their long wheel base version of this bike.   This is the same design, really, in a short wheel base model.   Aluminum box beam frame, folding rear stays of aluminum plate, linked underseat steering.   The seat pops off and the rear wheel will fold under the main frame for very compact storage - this bike will fit in the trunk of your Mini.   

This bike is well used, but serviceable.   The 3x7 gearing works well, it's caliper brakes are lightly worn and functioning well.   The seat is unblemished, no rips or tears, and little sun fading.    26" and 20" tires on the bike seem relatively new.   Alloy wheels are true and in good shape.

The bike has twist grip shifters on a flat grip USS handlebar.  The prior owner put some very nice bar end grips on it for comfort.   
Wheels, like all Bike E's, are 20" on the rear, 16" on the front.  Twist grip controls.   Everything is tuned and in great shape.   This bike has convertible pedals on it - one side is platform and the other allows connection of SPD clips.

It's a bit of history in the recumbent world, and a very nice USS SWB bike in the bargain, priced to find a new home quickly.   


Burley Canto - new in the showroom on Oct. 13, offered at $750

This may be the bargain of the October, 2014 lot.   This is a really nice, unique LWB recumbent bike.   The Canto has a separate, overhand handlebar linked with a bellcrank arm to the front fork.   This gives the rider a steering system that feels like his old upright bike, quick, responsive, and without the long tiller arm most riders of long recumbents are used to.   It is a unique handling system.   And it is coupled to a great, well built bike.   Burley is no longer making recumbents, but they are/were known for making quality bikes.   The Canto has 3x8 gearing, with some very nice components - Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur, Ultegra front derailleur, Shimano trigger shifters.   This bike has disk brakes as well, and stops on a dime if you need it to.   Wheels are 26" rear, 20" front.   The tires are Kenda Kwest 1 1/2" high pressure tires - I put a new on on the rear, the front one looks all but new.   Ah, the seat has one tear down on the left corner - I don't think this is a critical issue, but you should know it's there.   Unique woven seat back, very nice.  

Measurements - seat height - 24".   Crank height - 22".   Wheelbase - 62"

This bike has fenders front and rear, an air pump (I took it off the steering mast, it was in the way), a bottle cage, and a kickstand.  

Bike E.     Fundamental recumbent transportation.    For sale at $350.

This Bike E is the simple version of the silver bike above.   Same geometry, same great aluminum beam design, but without all the sweet bells and whistles of the bike above.   This Bike is uses an internal hub for three speed selections, and a 7 speed cassette on the rear wheel, to offer a very good 21 speed selection.   There is no suspension shock on this bike, but it features very sweet large tires for both traction and a smooth ride.   V-brakes front and rear.   One advantage to the internal 3 speed gear is that you can change gears standing still (which you can't with a 3 speed crankset).

I received this bike in trade, it is tuned up and ready to go.   The seat is in great shape, no tears or wear.   The frame - well, it's intact, has no structural flaws.   But clearly someone has fooled with it a bit.  There is a half inch hole drilled through the beam vertically amidships.   It's an aluminum beam frame, this doesn't affect it for strength, but you should know it's there.   Brakes and gear train are in very good shape.   This bike has a kickstand, and there is a water bottle holder up on the handlebar.  


Infinity - this remade gem offered for $500.

The Infinity is an aluminum framed, underseat steering LWB bike.  They were made in the 80's by an engineering firm in Indiana and gained a well deserved reputation as a fine, lightweight, sturdy recumbent.   It features a unique cable-connected steering mechanism to turn via the remote handlebar.   And for all it's simple design, this USS back-swept handlebar is one of the most comfortable of it's kind I've experienced.   
This bike was refurbished at the local Dream Bikes shop, fitted with a new rear wheel, 3x7 gearing featuring twist shifters, and generally tuned up well before I saw it.   I've checked it out now and modified the chain line, adding a guide tube for the return chain (mostly to keep it from flopping around).   The bike runs sweet and easy now.    There is some cosmetic wear in a frame this age, but all is intact and ready to go.   The seat is original, but the seat cover shows very little wear.

Features that deep Vee rear wheel (26"), dual side pull caliper brakes (pads look new), kickstand, 3x7 gearing with twist grip shifters.  

The Infinity is a classic, a bike to be proud of and ride with joy.   
Tour Easy - the tried and true long wheel base bike.   
                                            Offered for sale in the showroom at $750

The Tour Easy is the tried and true long wheel base touring bike, with over 40 years of loyal owners, and it is still being made in California.   You can't buy a finer LWB geometry that that of the Tour Easy.  The bike is easy to ride, comfortable for the long haul, and fast!  

Seat Height -     22"
Crank Height -  12.5"
Wheelbase -      66"  - This is Easy Racers' Medium sized frame, which they recommend for 39" to 42" x-seams.  
I have ridden this bike with my 45" x-seam, I am 6'-0" tall.   I suggest this bike is best suited for people under my height perhaps 5'-10" tall riders is a maximum starting point.   

This bike is built up from a bare frame received here at Recycled Recumbents.  The frame and fork are original Easy Racers' manufacture - all other components to this bike were sourced here.   The seat is RR's sling seat with a standard adapter bracket for the Tour Easy (I've made this adaptation many times for other riders).   The bike has a 3x8 drivetrain of new and used components assembled here.   Wheels on this bike are 700c and 20" (406c), the Tour Easy's standard wheels.  Ah, this handlebar is an authentic TE handlebar salvaged from another project.   The bike has V-brakes on the front, cantilever brakes for the rear wheel.   I've added a Terracycle Sport idler on the return chain.   Cables and housings are all new.  The bike has a new FSA crankset and bottom bracket.

Full disclosure!   This bike frame is a 'save'!   This frame came to me with damage - the head tube was cracked out at the bottom in the front.   You will see in the pictures where I have repaired that damage and fashioned a full tubing 'sleeve' over the repair.   I've just come in from a test ride on this bike - 30 miles with a 235 lb. rider (me) on some of the worst bumps my local bike path has to offer.   I don't recommend this bike (nor any bike) for jumping off retaining walls, but I am satisfied that the repair is sound and the bike worthy of your new home for it.   The frame is repainted with new powdercoat, I have not replace the Tour Easy decals on the frame.   

This image is from the bare steel repair on this Tour Easy frame.  The cracks were in the original head tube - reshaped, repaired, and reenforced with a full tubing sleeve over the repair.

RANS Stratus  - in the showroom at $850.

The Classic Stratus from Rans.    One of my favorites - if I didn't MAKE bikes of my own, this might be my bike of choice.   The bike is smooth, handles very well, and is a joy to ride.   One of the best touring style recumbents you can own, a tested, durable, great design still in production.

This is the long frame version of the stratus.  Set up just now with the seat forward of the halfway point on adjustment, it fits me well with a 45" X-seam (I am 6'-0" tall).   The bike has a broad adjustment range.   This bike has the center mast handlebar system, set with a deeply swept RANS handlebar.   Crankset and front derailleur are Shimano 105.   Shifters and rear derailleur are SRAM 9.0.   Gearing is 3x9.    V-brakes front and rear are standard.   I didn't check the brand on these two tires (wheels are 26x20), but both are likely 32mm width, and are sleek, high pressure road tires.   The bike has a standard Rans seat in good condition.   There is a kickstand on the bike, and a working computer.   

Overall condition of components is very good.  Little wear showing, the bike is clean and shows little wear and tear.   Despite my pictures on a dull Tuesday afternoon, this bike is painted one of my favorite RANS colors - a deep sparkle coat under a dark translucent green.   Like this, if it translates to the screen:
Other shots:

     This is a really nice bike, well worth your consideration for hours of your travelling time.  It commutes well, The Stratus is a great touring platform.   I wouldn't hesitate to take a bike this fine across the country.  Grab it soon, make it yours! 

EZ-1 Super Cruiser.     This is a resale by the current owner of a bike I saw here in 2014.   Price - $400

Here's the story.  Bob bought this bike last Fall, he's decided it isn't for him, and we are hoping we can find it a new home.   If you are interested in this bike, please contact Bob directly at frosethbs@embarqmail.com.    He will ship the bike directly to you (at your cost) from Bluff City, Tn.. I am not involved in the sale, save as a friend of Bob's.    

The EZ-1 , so you know, is one of the best entry level recumbents you can get a hand on.   It's a smooth, easy, accessible ride.  Easy to learn, yet pretty good as a cruiser and road bike as well.   A great step over height for small people or anyone who finds it hard to climb over a taller bike.   Great ergonomic pedaling position, and great aerodynamics as well.   

This particular bike came to me used, I checked it last Fall and approved it for sale.   I don't recall any significant fixes on it.   All components are in good working order, and do not seem aged much at all.   I see one small tear in the lycra for the seat bottom cover.  Several outlets sell a replacement lycra cover that works for this seat.   Get that part AFTER you know you love your new bike.   

Bob has tried to learn to ride this bike, but just can't get the hang of it, he says.   So, lucky you, here is a great bike for a modest price!    Please contact Bob directly to negotiate a sale and for shipping.   I'll be glad to advise you, but I do not have a hand in the current transaction.

Recycled Recumbent eagerly looks for old, unloved recumbents to revive and find homes for.   If you hear of anything, let me know! ***

Thanks for looking at the current crop.    Let me know if something here merits a home with you!

FOR ANY BIKE or Frame -
Shipping Con. US only – you pay the costs plus about $5 in packing tape.   (It takes about 2 hours to pack a bike and I don't charge you for that!)   Using Fedex Ground I find costs range from around $55 to near $100, pending your distance from Milwaukee .     Assembly is required at your end – I send you instructions and pictures.   Save us both the hassle and come visit – and we get to fit the bike to you if you come to the toy shoppe!    I will drive an hour from Milwaukee for delivery (THAT is getting expensive now!!).
Please write with your comments or questions.    That is as much fun for me as a sale!   Ride safe, ride often!

Contact A.D. Carson, adcarson@recycledrecumbent.com   or call 414-616-0307