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This page shows existing new bikes (those not currently on commission, if any), and whatever used manufacturer's bikes I've collected lately.
On Feb. 15, there are 6 of my finished new bikes, 1 used Mach 2, and 2 used bikes from other makers in the Showroom.  There is one repaired frame from other makers for sale as well.

NOTE IN 2016, I will be away from my toy shoppe for an extended period this Spring.   I can't ship anything from Feb. 23 through May 1.   I will have net access, so we can communicate, I can even commit to selling you a bike.   But I won't be able to ship until May 2.     


coming Feb. 10 (or thereabouts) - a new bike in the burnt orange color.   


This bike is in Bitburg, Germany - it is not IN the showroom!


Frame and fork only - 

Coming soon (well, when I get back, anyway).   Barcroft Dakota, Lightfoot Ranger!

(Scroll down for detailed descriptions and pictures)

Parts and misc. stuff.   Seats, widgets, tires.    A bit of a garage sale is one click away - see if there is anything here you need on the misnamed  -' High Racer 'page now.

YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER!  I might not accept it (then again I might), but I won't be offended.

Please go to the Parts FOR SALE page to check Recycled Recumbent pricing for specific parts and pieces you may want to order, or to make up your frame 'kit' for your own assembly.

                        May 21, 2012.    Bike frames and 'kits' will be made to order moving forward.    I make up 'front ends' from incoming donor bikes.    These await your specification so I can build them to length for you and with your specific component set in mind.  Write or call, and we can set it up!

Red Mach 2, this was shown and ridden at the Recumbent Cycle Con in September.                              Showroom price at $725

A bit of a rainy day here in no way diminished the deep luster of this fire engine red powdercoat.   I can't say I've seen a prettier color, nor better work than this from my powder coat painter.   Very pretty bike.   Sized for riders 5'-11" and under.  V brakes and MTB gearing.

Seat height     - 22"
Crank height  - 14.5"
Frame length  - 39"
Wheelbase      - 73.5"

- alloy wheels 26 and 20".   The front wheel is new, the rear wheel is rebuilt here.   New Kenda Kwest 100 PSI tires,  Both wheels are quick release.
- New 7 speed cassette.   Shimano Deore outswing rear derailleur.  Sun Tour front derailleur.
- Shimano Altius MTB alloy crankset - smaller chain rings with a 44 tooth large ring.   
- 3x7 Gripshift shifters.  
- Tektro V-brakes front and rear.
- Alloy moustache handlebar.   
- As always, new cables, housings.  New seat.   The bike has a kickstand.   

Call this bike the 'red seat' bike - as opposed to the 'black seat' bike below.   Of course, you can have a black seat for it if you like - you can have any color seat you want!
Red Mach 2 - completed Sept. 29.    A great, new, high end edition of the standard bike.   $850

This is the same red as the bike above - just lousy lighting this afternoon (Oct. 1).

I built this frame for a friend of mine, but Chuck wasn't able to receive it, to his regret.    The frame has all the options - it is made using the lighter cromalloy tubing for the bottom rails and diagonals (this gives a lighter, stiffer frame), it has the brake studs for V-brakes, and I've added extras like the TerraCycle idler, the Rans modified Chopper Bar, and a Myrracle Bar End mirror.    Ready to ride for the 6' tall and under rider.

Seat Height       21"
Crank height     13.5"
Frame length     37.5"
Wheelbase         69"

Features - 
3x7 gearing - new 7 speed shimano cassette, Alevio rear deraulleir, new Suntour triple front derailleur, 3 ring crank with 48-38-28 rings.
26" rear alloy wheel with Quick release hub, new 1 1./2" road tire.   20" new hand built alloy front wheel, QR hub, new Kenda Kwest 1 1/2" road tire.
Twist grip shifters, 
V-brakes front and rear.
As noted, mirror, TerraCycle idler, Rans modified Chopper handlebar.    
As always, new cables, new once piece chain sized for this bike, kickstand, new seat.

Call this bike the 'black seat' bike - as opposed to the 'red seat' bike above.   Of course, you can have a red seat for it if you like - you can have any color seat you want!

White Mach 2 - assembly complete Oct. 5.      Showroom price - $775.

This is a very sweet frame - build with the chromalloy tubing as a custom project for a fella in Michigan.   He needed a slightly longer frame, so we worked and exchange and I received this frame back.   Now I've built it out, and it might just be your bike!    The chromalloy tubing gives a slightly stiffer and more resilient frame, as well as being 2-3 pounds lighter than a standard frame on the Mach 2.   This bike is built out with largely standard features after that - all the components on the bike are the usual mix of new and used - none were on this frame in the prior project.  With the 39" frame, sized approximately for the 6'-1" rider and under.

Seat Height     21"
Crank Height  14.25"
Frame length   39"
Wheelbase        68"

- 26 x 20 wheels, alloy rims.   New Kenda Kwest high pressure tires 1 1/2" front and rear.  Both hubs are quick release axles.   
- 7 speed rear cassette, new 3 ring FSA crank - total 21 speeds.
- Shimano Alevio rear derailleur, Suntour triple front derailleur.
- V-brakes front and rear, new 3x7 twiat grip shifters.
- As always, a new seat, new cables and housings, a new, single length chain.   Stock RR idler.  Kickstand.  New seat.  

YELLOW MACH 2 - my favorite color!     Assembly finished today, Oct. 7.    

                                            Showroom price - $725

This bike was shown at the Recumbent Cycle Con in Cincinnati in September and drew lots of compliments from public and professionals.   With a 37.5" frame, the max approximate size for a rider on this bike is 5'-11".    This bike has upgrades from the 'standard' edition of the Mach 2 - it has a diagonal brace, and is equipped with V-brakes.   

Seat Height        21"
Crank Height    12.5"
Frame Length    37.5"
Wheelbase     67"

- Alloy wheels, 26x20.   Front is a new wheel hand built here, rear wheel was rebuilt from donor bike stock.  
- Tioga City Slicker rear tire, Kenda Kwest front tire. 
- 7 speed freewheel, new 3 ring FSA alloy crankset - 21 speeds total.   New chain sized one length for this bike.
- Shimano Acera rear derailleur, Suntour triple front derailleur.  Gripshift 3x7 twist shifters.
- New cables and housings, new seat, bike has a kickstand, RR standard idler.  


Black Mach 2 - new in the showroom on Oct. 15, for sale at $725

I tend to make the Mach 2 like this - with the added diagonal brace, and with V-brakes, more than any other assembly of the bike.   This one is sized for riders roughly at 5'-10" tall and under, with a 35" top tube on the frame.   It can adjust for shorter riders.   

Seat Height       22.5"
Crank Height    14.5"
Frame Length    35"
Wheelbase         68"

- 26x20 alloy wheels, both with quick release axles.
- both wheels hand built (the rear is rebuilt) by RR.
- 1 1/2" Kenda Kwest high pressure rear tire, Schwalbe Kojak front tire.
- 7 speed cassette, 3 ring crank for 21 speed gearing.
- Alloy crankset with 48-38-28 Biopace chainrings (rotated for riding recumbent).
- SRAM MAX 3x7 twist grip shifters.
- V-brakes front and rear.
- Shimano SIS rear derailleur, XFM front derailleur.
- as always, new single length fitted chain, new cables and housings, kickstand, new fantastic sling seat.    

"Postal Blue" Mach 2 - assembled Oct. 12.   Showroom price - $650.

The addition of a diagonal brace takes this bike one step above the 'base' model for the Mach 2.   This is as simple a version of this bike as you are likely to see in the showroom.   Modest in components, easy to ride, this is a great starter bike - your 'lowest risk' entre' into the world of recumbents.   Short of building your own (I know you can do it!), this is where to start.   This blue bike is sized for riders just shading under 6'-0" tall - it can fit to much shorter riders as well.    Interesting and unusual color - my painter calls this color 'postal' blue - it is near the logo color used by the USPS.  The seat is a standard bright blue by contrast.

Seat Height      21.5"
Crank Height   13.5"
Frame Length   37"
Wheelbase        69"

- 26x20 alloy wheels with quick release axles.   Both wheels laced and trued by hand here at RR.
- Tires are 1 1/2" Kenda Kwest high pressure tires, both are new.
- gearing is by 7 speed freewheel on rear, 3 speed crankset up front for 21 speeds.
- Alloy crankset has steel 48-38-28 tooth chainrings.
- Shimano derailleurs - SIS rear, 100GS front.
- 3x7 Gripshift twist shifters.
- Center pull caliper brakes front and rear.
- single length sized new chain, new cables and housings, kickstand, jockey wheel idler.  

Thanks for looking at my bikes!


USED BIKES - Manufactured bikes - 





European Mach 2!   This yellow Mach 2 resides in Bitburg, Germany.  I cannot get to it to ship it, so it is offered for sale at $700 for local pick up only.


This is my daughter, Kerri's bike.    She rode it with me on one extended trip in 2011, then she took it to Germany with her to live and work there.   Kerri finds she doesn't use the bike, so we are offering for some lucky soul to use on all those great German bike paths.

This Mach 2 has a 34" frame, that means it is sized for people about 5'-8" tall and under.   It can be adjusted up to an x-seam of 43", but it is most comfortable at 40" and below.   Seat height is 21", the cranks a are at 12.5" above the ground.   
This bike has two alloy bolt on wheels, the rear is 700c with a 28c Continental Gatorskin tire.   The front is a 20" wheel with a Schwalbe Durano tire.    Gearing is 3x7 with twist grip shifters, brakes are V- brakes.   

I can't call this bike new, but it is almost new.   Kerri did the one 150 mile charity ride on it and very little else.   It was packed and transported to Germany with her household goods, and shows a few nicks from that experience.   I reassembled it just this week on a visit, and Kerri agrees we should find a new home for it.    If you are close enough to arrange a pick up of this unique and tested bike, drop me an email, let's make it yours.

Note - after riding this bike, I see it needs a 5 Euro trip to a bike shop before anyone rides it again.  We need to tighten the crank bolt on the right side.  

LINEAR Sonic   - aluminum beam USS bike - sale pending with Frank.

Linear is more well known for their long wheel base version of this bike.   This is the same design, really, in a short wheel base model.   Aluminum box beam frame, folding rear stays of aluminum plate, linked underseat steering.   The seat pops off and the rear wheel will fold under the main frame for very compact storage - this bike will fit in the trunk of your Mini.   

This bike is well used, but serviceable.   The 3x7 gearing works well, it's caliper brakes are lightly worn and functioning well.   The seat is unblemished, no rips or tears, and little sun fading.    26" and 20" tires on the bike seem relatively new.   Alloy wheels are true and in good shape.

The bike has twist grip shifters on a flat grip USS handlebar.  The prior owner put some very nice bar end grips on it for comfort.   
Twist grip controls.   Everything is tuned and in great shape.   This bike has convertible pedals on it - one side is platform and the other allows connection of SPD clips.

It's a bit of history in the recumbent world, and a very nice USS SWB bike in the bargain, priced to find a new home quickly.   

Bike E.     Fundamental recumbent transportation.    For sale at $350.

This Bike E has the great CLWB, easy to ride geometry.   It uses a unique beam design   This Bike is uses an internal hub for three speed selections, and a 7 speed cassette on the rear wheel, to offer a very good 21 speed selection.   This bike features very sweet large tires for both traction and a smooth ride.   V-brakes front and rear.   One advantage to the internal 3 speed gear is that you can change gears standing still (which you can't with a 3 speed crankset).

I received this bike in trade, it is tuned up and ready to go.   The seat is in great shape, no tears or wear.   The frame - well, it's intact, has no structural flaws.   But clearly someone has fooled with it a bit.  There is a half inch hole drilled through the beam vertically amidships.   It's an aluminum beam frame, this doesn't affect it for strength, but you should know it's there.   Brakes and gear train are in very good shape.   This bike has a kickstand, and there is a water bottle holder up on the handlebar.  

Sun EZ-1 SX   - the best beginner's bike.    Sale likely with Bob?

Sun's EZ-1, the original design on which Gardner Martin collaborated, is an unsung wonder in the recumbent world.   When I see the Sun sales rep's at conventions, I always ask them to bring it back in production.   This bike is a great bike - rider friendly, easy to just take off and go with.  Low seat height, for younger and shorter riders.  Yet it is adjustable enough for even very tall riders to find a comfortable riding position.  I've enjoyed the EZ-1 every time I've had one here.   If I had the bike rental concession at the beach, these would be my mainstay bikes for rental.   Consider this bike a good introduction to recumbents.  So good that only we fanatics ever think we can do better with the fancier, more expensive machines.

The EZ-1 uses a 20" rear wheel with an 8 speed cassette - shifting is SRAM 3.0.   The triple front crank is unlabeled.   The front wheel is a 16" alloy wheel.    It has V-brakes front and back - this bike has a kickstand, and a rear rack added on (the rack would have to move if you are a very tall rider).    
This bike is in very clean condition.   It was well kept, garaged - the original owner says he bought it in 2008.   Brakes are not worn, chain is clean, gearing is clean too.   I see one small hole in the Lycra seat cover - pictured here - 
Sun and Rans make new covers for this seat for about $30.  Else, this bike is unmarked.

I highly recommend the EZ-1 as a first bent for anyone - try it, you'll love it!  The EZ-1 will either be your last bike, or it will start your quest for eventual recumbent perfection!   
Tour Easy - rebuilt from a damaged bike.   Sale pending with Jeff.

Yes, the picture is/was taken in January - this was a Winter project.   Time to find it a new home.  

The Tour Easy - well, I almost feel that it needs no introduction.   This is the Grandaddy touring recumbent, invented by Gardner Martin in the early 70's, loved by millions, used for comfortable touring all over the world.    

The story.   I got this bike as a damaged frame.   I'll show you - 

This was the original color for this frame, and this is the cracked head tube as I received it.   Ugly looking!   

We've rebuilt it.   The frame was not taken apart.  Instead, I've restored this head tube - moving the cracked portions back into alignment.   These were brazed in place.   Then an extra hacket, or lug, was built around the repair and brazed over that.     This is that repair, prior to repainting the frame.

One reason for the delay in offering this bike for sale - we wanted to test that repair.   I've put 100 miles on this (now) orange TE, and it's been with my friend Chuck for the last two months - he is reluctant to part with it.   This bike rides flawlesly - I am proud to offer it.

All other parts beyond the basic frame on this bike were assembled here at RR.   That is a new Recycled Recumbent sling seat on this bike.   The handlebar is the altered Rans Chopper Bar I use on my bikes.  It has a Terracycle idler for the new chain.   Gearing on this bike is 3x8 for 24 gears.  V-brakes front and rear.   The fork is a 'spare' Tour Easy fork I had in stock here.  I have not restored the Tour Easy decals on the bike.   The burnt orange powdercoat of course is a new paint job.  

Altogether a successful fix for what Recycled Recumbents likes to do - breathe new life into a great bike.     A unique treasure.

RANS Gliss - urban combat machine!
Unique bike offers in the showroom at $650.

The Rans Gliss is essentially the Rans Wave - a sturdy, dual 20" wheel bike - save that the Gliss adds air-shock suspension to the rear of the bike!   Perfect for a pot-hole city ride.   Or for a rough county road as well.   It features the clasic Rans seat and easy-riding long wheel base position.   And this is enhanced by the soft ride of the rear shock.   

This is an upgraded model as well,  It has the larger front chain rings so that you can put some serious speed on with the smaller rear wheel.   This bike also uses the strong and indestructable Magura hydraulic rim brakes.   

This bike has languished at the local charity bike shop for a year now.   Russ and I decided it was time to see it to a new home through this showroom, rather than leave it parked downtown.    

Condition.   This Gliss is in fine shape.   The blue paint shows few signs of hard use - it isn't pristine, but not far from it.   Chain looks new, gearing and shifting is in fine shape.   I've tuned up the brakes, adjusted it and test ridden it, a fine soft ride.   2" tires are not new, but have enough life in them for a season - long enough to know you love the bike and want to put your own high endurance tires on it.   

Features - 
- Long wheel base, 20x20 wheels, SRAM 3.0 drivetrain with 3x8 gearing.
- Front alloy chainrings are 62-52-40, perfect for the smaller rear wheel.
- Magura hydraulic rim brakes front and rear.   
- Rans seat in great shape, no tears or visible wear.
- Rans single mast riser, height adjustable.
- I added a kickstand, the bike has an bar end mirror.
- Cane Creek air shock with good seals.

A good ride, a classic, really.  Original retail on this bike was just under $2,000.   

Lighning Phantom frame set -    Sale pending with Dave.

This is a lightning Phantom frame.   Short wheel based bike (to be), uses 26x20 wheelset, can use my seat, needs both a seat, a steering mast, and, obviously, a complete component set.   Make this project yours for a very low buy in price.

Repair details.  this frame came to me in pieces - the original main tube had ruptured in the middle - where you see the repair in the blue frame picture below.  I've put in an interior splint tube that sleeves inside the bike's 1 3/4" main tube, and replaced the ruptured section as well.   The fork for this kit came from a stray Rans Numbus frame.  the over-;long (you may need to cut it down) telescoping boom for the front - I made that here.   
as repaired.
  Top view.

The remaining blue paint post-repair was cleaned off, the whole kit has a new red powdercoat by my painter.

Great opportunity for the right hobbyist.  Write with questions.
RANS Force 5 bike frame.     A bike for the making at the rediculous price of $150!
A Force 5 frame set - complete with a beautiful carbon fork, came to Recycled Recumbents with an irrepairable crack in the right rear 'seat stay' on the rear triangle.   Not one to dodge a challenge in recycling, I've found a way to jacket and this repair the cracked tube.   I am offereing this kit - frame and fork, as is for less than the price of this new, unused fork.   I hope someone makes a good home for it.   There is a good bike in here somewhere - I just don't have the time to find it myself right now.   

The repair - the crack in the seat stay (these aren't really seat stays, they are the upper struts for the rear triangle) was right at the brake bridge at the top.  I removed the bridge first.   Then I lightly brazed through the crack in the tube, sanding and polishing the surface.   I made a cromalloy 'jacket for this cracked tube, using and ovalizing a 3" piece of 3/4" round tube.  This tube is split, and each half shaped onto the broken strut to form 2 halves of a 'lug' to splint this broken strut.   First one half of this lug is brazed in place.  Clean up, then braze the second half of the 'lug.'    Last, the brake bridge is brazed back into position.   

At the give away price, I'll leave this frame as is, you can clean and add your own paint job.   At your direction, I can have it cleaned and powdercoated here in your crayola color for an additional $75.   

The Force 5 is a lightweight short wheelbase bike when finished, dual 26" wheels, set for side pull caliper brakes.  Beautiful racer of high repute.

Write with questions.   

Recycled Recumbent eagerly looks for old, unloved recumbents to revive and find homes for.   If you hear of anything, let me know! ***

Thanks for looking at the current crop.    Let me know if something here merits a home with you!

FOR ANY BIKE or Frame -
Shipping Con. US only – you pay the costs plus about $5 in packing tape.   (It takes about 2 hours to pack a bike and I don't charge you for that!)   Using Fedex Ground I find costs range from around $55 to near $100, pending your distance from Milwaukee .     Assembly is required at your end – I send you instructions and pictures.   Save us both the hassle and come visit – and we get to fit the bike to you if you come to the toy shoppe!    I will drive an hour from Milwaukee for delivery (THAT is getting expensive now!!).
Please write with your comments or questions.    That is as much fun for me as a sale!   Ride safe, ride often!

Contact A.D. Carson, adcarson@recycledrecumbent.com   or call 414-616-0307