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This page shows existing new bikes (those not currently on commission, if any), and whatever used manufacturer's bikes I've collected lately.
On Nov. 24, there are 1 of my finished new bikes, and 6 used bikes from other makers in the Showroom.  And there are 5 more used bikes I haven't had time to list properly yet!   



Ready to build out - 1 flat black, 1 yellow Mach 2 - in the winter.



Coming soon.    A Barcroft Virginia!   A looong Nimbus!   (I still have to tune them up.)

Not listed below yet, inquiries welcome;

Scroll down for detailed descriptions and pictures on this page.

YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER!  I might not accept it (then again I might), but I won't be offended.

Please go to the Parts FOR SALE page to check Recycled Recumbent pricing for specific parts and pieces you may want to order, or to make up your frame 'kit' for your own assembly.

                        May 21, 2012.    Bike frames and 'kits' will be made to order moving forward.    I make up 'front ends' from incoming donor bikes.    These await your specification so I can build them to length for you and with your specific component set in mind.  Write or call, and we can set it up!   See pricing on the Parts FOR SALE page.

Mach 2, new on June 2, new Silver color     For sale at $725

I built this stock bike and took it to my painter labeled, "C.O.D", standing for 'color of the day', because I didn't know what colors he was painting that week, and this one could have been any color.    Conrad was running a 'silver' flake color that day, we elected to try it, having not used it on a bike of mine before.    This is the result.   There is a very fine silver 'grain' to this powdercoat, it is frustrating to photograph and display here in it's true depth.  The first picture below attempts it, in bright sunlight, and still fails to show you what your eye will see.   The dazzle is subtle, but it's there.     Let's call this bike the Silver Ghost, our most etherial color.    I have a grey seat on it now, you can opt for a black seat - or red or what you will from current stock if you like.   

A pretty straightforward build of the Mach 2, this one is a 36" frame, meant for the UNDER 6'-0" tall rider, and of course adjustable for shorter riders as well.

Seat Height     21"
Crank Height  12.5"
Frame Length  36"
Wheelbase       69" 

- This silver bike has the diagonal brace, it has studs for V-brakes.
- Right now it has the standard handlebar riser, we can option upgrade to use the Rans Modified Chopper Bar for $100.
- 3x7 gearing, SRAM twist grip shifters, Shimano derailleurs.
- 26" alloy rear wheel, 20" alloy (new, RR made) front wheel, Kenda Kwest 100 psi road tires front and back.
- New seat, new single length fitted chain, kickstand, standard idler.

Grab this one before I get away for the summer, great bike!    


Thanks for looking at my bikes!


USED BIKES - Manufactured bikes - 






Linear LWB  - classic I-beam design - for sale at $600

The Linear.   A classic bike, simple aluminum I-beam design, plate cut rear stays.  Underseat steering using a bell crank linkage.   These older model Linears are well built, and seem indestructable.    This one is in great shape, I don't think it's seen much abuse in it's probable 10 year plus lifetime.   The couple I found it with says it was her father's bike, bought when this was a trendy idea, and never ridden much.   This bike has seen some modification.  The original design used a 27" rear wheel and a larger, 451c front wheel.  This bike has been modified to use a 26" rear wheel and a more common 406c, 20" front wheel.  Both side pull caliper brakes have been professionally moved to accomodate the smaller wheel sizes.   

This bike shows few nicks and cuts of age, it is anodized aluminum, not painted.   The seat fabric and foam are in great shape, no cuts or nicks.   Brakes are very good.    This is a non-folding version of the Linear frame - the rear stays are welded in place, as is the front steerer tube.   There is a folding model of this bike where those parts are hinged (and creaky) for storage - this is a solid frame, no folding.    

3x7 gearing, with twist grip shifters.   Side pull caliper brakes.

I've serviced the bike, put a new rear wheel on it, recabled the front derailleur (Shimano 105), and generally cleaned it up.   There is a light on the front, and a fixture for a computer (not included).  There are two bottle cages on the seat stays.   And I've put an extended kickstand in it - I prefer bikes with kickstands.   A classic bike at a good price!   

Faux Virginia    This is a hand built replica of a Barcroft Virginia SWB, 
                                                                                                    offered for sale at $675.

This bike has a history here, very little of it a riding history.   Neill Belt built this frame in 2011 (I think), he sold it to my friend Chuck here in Milwaukee, Chuck was going to make a project of it.   Right.  Somehow it got traded to me in 2012 - I was going to make a project of it, too.   Well it hung around here for 2-3 years, literally, on the wall of the toy shoppe, waiting for it's day.    Finally Chuck wanted it back again, he was ready to ride after protracted medical battles.   We added a fork, had my powdercoat guy finish it with my favorite yellow, and I built the bike out for Chuck.   He brought a very very nice parts to the build, we put my seat on it (at first).   Chuck took it home, he's added to it since.    Now he can't ride again, and it's time to find this great little bike a new home.

5/28/18 - added a Rans Flip-it stem, for more handlebar adjustability!

This is a craft built bike in the style of a Barcroft Virginia, it has the same geometry, but not the manufacturer's provenance.   Neill's welds and craftsmanship are topnotch.   That said, the principle difference between this and the Barcroft factory bike is the main tube - this bike is based on an 1 1/2" main tube, the Barcroft Virginia uses a 2" main tube.  Neill, Chuck, and I all conclude that this bike is not for heavy riders.   Chuck is around 175 lbs when wet, and we know it works well for him.   Not much heavier than that, the bike will be very flexy for a heavy rider.   With that limitation, it's a flawless ride and a virtually new bike.   I don't think Chuck was able to put many miles on it, the bike is very clean and little worn from when I assembled it about a year ago.  

- 3x9 SRAM 9.0 gearing
- FSA crank, shortened to 160mm by Mark Stonich (he sells them).
- Terracycle over/under idler on tube bracket (for infinite adjustment).
- 26" rear wheel, 20" (451c) front - I don't remember the brand of tires on it.   There is a spare Durano 451c tire for the front that comes with it.
- Chuck mounted a fine new seat on it, I don't recall which brand - these are the premier reclining recumbent seats for SWB's, this one has a sweet ventsit pad on it, and a neck rest.    
- I think those are Rans B41 handlebars on it - wide and very comfortable for the reclined, SWB position.   On a unique headset that Neill supplied with the frame.   

The Virginia is among the finest of the short wheel based bikes.   If you are light enough, this is the best bike you can get for this geometry - smooth, fast, light.   A great bike.    Grab it!   

EZ Sport     A great first recumbent    Offered at $600

Sun's EZ Sport is my favorite entry style recumbent.   The bike is stylish, has a beautiful 'teardrop' frame.   The Sport is a very comfortable, mostly upright seating position, very easy for the new recumbent enthusiast to mount and just ride away.   It's a good ride, easy handling, and reasonably efficient for riding long distances.   It adjusts easily for riders of different sizes.   

This is a very well kept steel version of the EZ Sport (there is an aluminum model as well), the man who brought it to me bought it new in 2010, and he estimates perhaps he put 800 miles on it.   It looks almost showroom new, there is very little dirt or wear on the bike.   This Sport has a nice component group too, Deore derailleurs, Shimano parallelogram V-brakes, a Tiagra triple crankset.   Really a very sweet ride, very clean.    

- 3x9 gearing - Deore derailleurs, twist grip shifters.
- 26 and 20 inch alloy wheels, Deore hubs.   Close-to-new Kenda Kwest 100 psi tires.
- Deore V-brakes, the really good ones with the parallelogram action.
- Accessories - Pan-o-Ram computer working, mirror, air pump, 2 bottle holders, rear rack, seat pack (actually a handlebar pack mounted behind the seat), kickstand.
- Pristine two tone blue and silver paint.    

A quality bike at a bargain price.
Rans Stratus LE   - a classic LWB touring bike     OFFERED FOR $625
It is always a personal opinion, but I rank my own Mach 2 into a group of three bikes - The Mach 2, the Tour Easy, and this Rans Stratus - that are the finest LWB touring bikes on the planet.   There are some more expensive bikes, more exotic materials, different wheel configurations, but this bike, in that class, is among the best.   Comfortable, easy handling, maneuverable, just a joy to ride.   The 'right bike' because you WILL want to ride it - all you can.  The differences between these top 3 touring bikes are nuances - seating, handlebars, components, wheels - those things refine the ride, the LWB geometry defines it.

This bike is an older Stratus, dating (about 1990) from the time when Rans welding this frame by hand in their aircraft shop.  The cromolly frame is beautiful and the welds show that craftsmanship.   The blue paint is in good shape, but shows a mild patina of age and sun fading.   This bike has been well maintained across it's life so far, components, chain, brakes are in very good shape, well tuned.   This seat, while not a modern RANS sculpted seat pad, is the same proportions and general design as the current RANS seats, and it is in great shape.
- XL frame size, will fit tall riders.
- 3x7 gearing, 21 speeds.   Trigger shifter controls
- Cantilever stud brakes.
- This bike has a working wireless odometer/computer, it has a rear rack on it and a fishing pole rigged for a flag pole (see that bungee cord?)
- The handlebar is in the shape of the Rans Chopper bar but is one piece, not adjustable.   The yellow fairing/bag is actually the Rans handlebar bag - the prior owner remade the cover in yellow using the existing bag as a pattern.   Looks great!   

Can't go wrong with the Stratus, and this one is a classic at a great price!

Vision R-40   Short Wheelbase, underseat steering bike           Offered for $600

Ah, the classics!    Advanced Transportation Products favorite bike, the R-40.   Good, nimble, well made recumbent bike.   It is convertible for overhand steering, but that costs us parts I don't have in hand here.   The underseat steering bike is a comfortable set up, it is direct steering with the handlebar attached to a stem off the fork.    No linkage to fuss with.   

This bike is in great shape.   No blemished that I can see, newer Marathon tires, brakes and gear train in great condition, seemingly barely used.   Look at this picture - it's hard to see but this R-40 has the plastic chain guard on it - a rare OEM bit of gear to protect your right leg from being a grease rag for your chain.   Seat is in pristine shape - I know Vision lovers out there who would buy this bike JUST to get a clean seat cover for their Vision bikes!  
Gearing is 3x7 speeds, shifters are trigger shifters (I replaced the original shifters, FWIW).    The bike has a headlight I did not test, and a frame mounted kickstand.    

Bike Friday Sat R Day   -  THE folding recumbent  -   priced at $850

This is a wonderful little bike.   The Sat R Day is an ingenious folding frame SWB bike.   It does actually fold and disassemble such that it will fit in that travel case to the right.  The duck is not included.  It takes either a video I don't have or a high score in space relations to do it, but you can pack this bike for travel!

The Sat R Day folds - the front boom folds up over the main frame, the rear end folds up under the frame.  The seat comes off, the handlebar will fold and turn sideways.   Everything should fit in the box.   The bike itself is a modest handling SWB bike.   Brakes are V brakes, gearing on this bike is handled by a 3 speed internal hub and an 8 speed cassette on the rear wheel for 24 speeds.   Both wheels are 406c 20" wheels.   I don't think this is the standard handlebar for the Sat R Day, this is an aftermarket assembly.   There is some adjustability in the seat sliding on the main frame, this bike has the 21" boom on the front (Bike Friday made different length booms for the Sat R Day), which is long enough for the average 6' tall rider, maybe too long if you are under about 5'-9".

Sat R Day's haven't been made in maybe 8 years, Bike Friday, the maker, is still around, making upright folding bikes, and they do still have some of the unique parts for this bike - Bike Friday will talk to you about your needs.   This bike has been tuned up here at Recycled Recumbent, it's in fine mechanical shape, and actually the finish and paint is in good shape too.   Everything works well and has a reasonable life span for the new owner.  The seat fabrics are in very good shape too.

Planning to ride in Hawaii?   In Cape Town?   This just might be your travel bike!   
Easy Racer's Gold Rush    aluminum frame top of the line long bike   - offered at $1,350 at RR

This is among the finest long wheel based bikes you can find, and they don't come up for sale often.  The Gold Rush recumbent takes the Tour Easy's great design one step farther, with an aluminum frame that sheds 6-7 pounds from the bike and adds efficiency through frame stiffness.  This is that bike, that design, and it's a great one.   *I* am tempted to keep this bike, that's how good it is!    

This one is a Large size frame, 68" wheelbase.   Gearing is 3x9 with Deore XT components, trigger shifters.   Brakes are Avid V-brakes.   Rear wheel is 700c, front is the smaller 406c 20" wheel.   The bike is in good shape, it's appearance I'd rate good, it does show it's age and use a little.   Components are in good shape, and of course I've tuned my way through it.   This bike has been 50-100 miles with me, I am not sure of it's exact age.    The Koolback seat is in good shape, no nicks or tears that I see.    

This is the best of the touring recumbents.   I doubt a resurected Easy Racers company will offer a Gold Rush in the future, claim this one while you can!

Recycled Recumbent eagerly looks for old, unloved recumbents to revive and find homes for.   If you hear of anything, let me know! ***

Thanks for looking at the current crop.    Let me know if something here merits a home with you!

FOR ANY BIKE or Frame -
Shipping Con. US only – you pay the costs plus about $5 in packing tape.   (It takes about 2 hours to pack a bike and I don't charge you for that!)   Using Fedex Ground I find costs range from around $55 to near $100, pending your distance from Milwaukee .     Assembly is required at your end – I send you instructions and pictures.   Save us both the hassle and come visit – and we get to fit the bike to you if you come to the toy shoppe!    I will drive an hour from Milwaukee for delivery (THAT is getting expensive now!!).
Please write with your comments or questions.    That is as much fun for me as a sale!   Ride safe, ride often!

Contact A.D. Carson, adcarson@recycledrecumbent.com   or call 414-616-0307