3This page shows existing new bikes (those not currently on commission, if any), and whatever used manufacturer's bikes I've collected lately.

On August 13 - there are 2 RR bikes and 10 used bikes in the Showroom.


Here, but awaiting assembly I have 2 more Mach 2 frames - yellow and black. I've a Mach 3, red, for a shorter rider that I'll assemble some day. Talk to me if interested in a kit, we'll see if one of these is your size - for either of us to build out. I expect to make 2 new showroom bikes in July.


July 19, 2022. Seems like bikes just follow me home. Coming to the showroom soon -

I visited a friend and Chicago and inherited a van load of unfinished projects. Infinities - three of them!


YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER! I might not accept it (then again I might), but I won't be offended.

Please go to the Parts FOR SALE page to check Recycled Recumbent pricing for specific parts and pieces you may want to order, or to make up your frame 'kit' for your own assembly.


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May 21, 2012. Bike frames and 'kits' will be made to order moving forward. I make up 'front ends' from incoming donor bikes. These await your specification so I can build them to length for you and with your specific component set in mind. Write or call, and we can set it up! See pricing on the Parts FOR SALE page.





Orange Mach 2 - assembled Aug, 7 offered for $775

Bright orange in color. It was a rain threat day today, so I assembled a new bike. This bike is a Mach 2, with V-brakes front and rear. Wheels are 700c rear and 20" (406) front. Rather nice rims and wheels - The rear is new, including a new Schwalbe G-1 all terrain tire. Front is a Alexrims wheel, the tire is a Continental Sport Contact - this tire is not new, but quite serviceable.


40" frame - suitable for 6' and taller riders, it can always adjust for shorter riders.

73" wheelbase. 21" seat height, 13" crank center height.

This bike features an alloy Sun handlebar on a custom stem. Gearing is 3 by 9 speeds. SRAM X-5 rear derailleur, SRAM X-9 twist shifters. As always, the bike has new cables, housings, and a new chain for this build. Stock RR chain idler, this bike has a single leg kickstand. This is the first of three bikes I will build out in the next month. Come and get it!


Green Mach 2 - finished on August 12 for sale at $775

A new assembly on August 12, this Kelly Green Mach 2 is a sweet assembly. This is a long bike, the frame length is 40", as pictured it is set for a rider with a 47" X-seam. Of course it can adjust for shorter riders, but in general think of this bike for close to 6' tall riders and up. This bike is a 3x9 speed transmission using a 700c rear wheel and a 20" (406c) front wheel. V-brakes front and rear. The bike, as all Recycled Recumbents are, is a mixture of new and used components, selected from existing stock to suit this build.

Statistics -

Wheelbase 71"

Frame length 40"

Seat height 22"

Crank height 14"

This bike is very similar to the orange Mach 2 also currently in the showroom. There are small differences. This bike uses a single mast stem rather than the Sun handlebar. This bike uses a chain tube for a return chain idler, the orange bike has a jockey wheel idler. This green bike is a shade longer (see the statistics) than the orange bike. Like all RR bikes, all cabling and housing are new. The brakes are a new kit as well, the front wheel is a new build here with a good alloy double wall rim. The rear wheel is used, also a quality alloy double wall rim. Tires are Continental Gatorskin on the rear, Schwalbe Kojak on the front, neither tire is new (the tubes are new), both tires have 1000 miles in them still.

The best of Recycled Recumbent. And almost the only new recumbent LWB bike you can buy this year. Grab it!!!


USED BIKES - Manufactured bikes -


Cannondale Bent (1? 2?) - called the Mercedez of recumbents Offered at $525

Renowned bike manufacturer Cannondale ventured into recumbents with this design from 2002 to 2006 – I am told this is a 2005 “Bent 2” model, based on the way the cabling works. Some features on this bike more resemble the “Bent 1” model. For example this bike has a front shock, the original “Bent 2” model did not. The eccentric Bottom Bracket on this bike is operated from the right hand side, typical of the “Bent 1” model.

Whichever, it’s a very nice, high quality recumbent. Solid aluminum frame. Well built rear pivoting frame mounted with a hydraulic shock absorber. MTB style front shocks built into the proprietary fork for this bike.

The Cannondale Bent (they named it the Easy Rider, the name didn’t take), uses a 20” rear drive wheel and a 16” front wheel (both wheels here have Maxxis Hookworm tires – fat for comfort and sturdy for easy rolling). The drive system is 3 by 9 gears – a 9 speed cassette at the rear wheel and three chainrings on a mid-drive sprocket under the seat. A separate drive chain connects the mid-drive to the single ring crankset. The front chain is tensioned by that eccentric bottom bracket. Drive components are SRAM with twist grip shifters. The rear wheel uses a disc brake, the front wheel has a V-brake.

This bike is in very good shape. Not new by any means, but it’s been tuned up, the drive and brake components are lightly worn but have a long functional life ahead. The seat looks good, no rips or tears. The seat is very adjustable for riders of all sizes. This crankset is 175 mm, usually meant for a tall person, but it can be changed to a shorter crankset on order (normal is 170 mm).

I suggest this is a good starter recumbent for anyone entering the ‘bent world. Climb aboard and see where it takes you. Easy to do at this price!


Rans Zenetik A Crank Forward bike - unusual for me on consignment at $900

There are a whole set of riders who aren’t quite ready for a ‘full recumbent’, yet aren’t quite comfortable on a traditional diamond bike either. For you the geometry of the crank forward bike was invented. The crank forward bikes have a wide, generous seat with no seat back – closer to a traditional seat. The posture is erect, with usually a wide swept handlebar. And the crankset is still comfortably below the rider, yet pushed forward for a less severe body angle on the bike. I’ve seen riders tour on crank forward bikes, quite happily.

This is the Rans Zenetik – one of the premier examples of a crank forward. Rans (now Phoenix Bike Werks) is not clear on whether they will build the Zenetik again, but currently they have none in new stock. Grab this one quickly if this is your bike. The Zenetik is an aluminum frame bike, beautifully welded. You can see the comfy saddle – more like a tractor seat!

This bike is a 2006 model, per it's current owner. She bought it new, and has cared for it well. It is in very good used condition, completely tuned and ready to ride. The bike boasts 28mm road tires, a new external bottom bracket triple crankset (170mm), a Rans Carbon Fiber fork. It uses road caliper brakes. The drive train is 3x9. The bike has a rack and bag installed, it stands on a kickstand, she even tossed in a spare tube for you. Come and get it!


Red Tour Easy Large size For sale at $700

There are two Tour Easys in the showroom. This is a large size frame, 69" wheelbase. An older bike, it came to me in reparable condition - without a seat, really, it had a broken front wheel, and the chromed stock fork had a fair amount of cosmetic rust on it. All that is fixed, finally, as of this afternoon. This fine Tour Easy has a used Koolback stock seat on it now, the fork has been refurbished, I added V-brake studs to the fork and powder coated it black (after brushing out all the rust spots).

This bike will show in fair condition. There are some nicks and scrapes in the paint, it is not new, but there is still a good lustre to the red finish. A couple of spots of cosmetic rust, no more. Wheels are 700c and 406c, good double wall rims, road slick tires. This wheel is a 7 speed cassette, the crankset is a triple for 3x7 gearing. Shifters are bar end. Front brake is that new V-brake set, newly cabled. Rear brake is a crossover caliper set. That front wheel was hand built here, it has a new Continental Sport Contact tire on it.

The other Tour Easy in the showroom right now is a red medium frame bike. These are great touring LWB recumbents, regrettably no longer manufactured. Recycled Recumbent seeks these great bikes and refurbishes them. Grab this great bike at a very good price!


Red Tour Easy - really THE classic touring recumbent. Sale pending

Easy Racers is no longer producing bikes, it is a great loss to recumbent lore. This bike is the best touring recumbent you can find. Efficient, extremely comfortable, easy to ride for the long day on the seat, very stable, able to haul your gear as well. The Tour Easy is the primary bike from their line – everything starts with this bike.

This bike is a medium frame (there were 5 frame lengths for the Tour Easy), suitable for riders in the 5’-6 range with adjustability about 3-4” on either side of that mark. This bike has 3x9 gearing shifted with SRAM twist grip shifters, it uses V-brakes front and rear. Very good wheels, the rear is 700c, the front is a 20” (406c). The prior owner equipped this bike about 3 years ago with a Recycled Recumbent sling seat, what you see on the bike in these pictures is a new, freshly covered RR sling seat. I also added a kickstand (I have this thing about bikes with kickstands). This Tour Easy needed nothing else for your consideration. Components are in great shape, the bike is well tuned and ready to ride.


RANS Wave - a consumate beginner's recumbent - beginner's price! Sale price $300

The Rans Wave. Comfort bike, easy to ride, easy to love. Rans made this bike to be a competitive entry level recumbent, normally it includes the Rans Standard seat (this one doesn't, more in a minute), a 3 by 8 speed gear train (this one does), v-brakes front and rear (check), and 20" rear by 16" front wheels (check, more in a minute). Easy to ride, reasonably light weight, just hop on and go!

This bike came to me as a ravaged remainder - it had the rear wheel, the front fork, the steering mast, and a few cables on it. Recycled Recumbent has refurbished the rest of the bike. New 16" front wheel and tire, I've added the RR seat and a new mounting bracket on the bike - this is different than ANYone else's Wave - possibly better. Anyway, it's a new seat. The light blue paint you see in the seat bracket area is spray primer and paint added here - covering up scratches and mounting blocks from the old seat system. The bike was in rough shape when I got it, there are scrapes and the decals are messy - but it is a very sound bike. I added a stock RANS idler and the bolts to the existing bracket to achieve the standard chain routing for the Wave. This bike, ready to ride now, for only $300.

I learned something. The Wave's fork can actually fit a 20" wheel (406). Whaddaya think of this:

These three pictures show how a larger front wheel will fit on the Wave - profile, side by side with the standard wheel, and then a detail on the fork. For the larger wheel, I would substitute a caliper brake for the stock front v-brake, but it works very well this way. Who knew? At the buyers option, you can have either wheel configured for this bike.


Easy Racers' GOLD RUSH REPLICA (GRR) - aluminum classic - Offered for $1,100

Easy Racers' aluminum frame version of the Tour Easy is 7 pounds lighter than the steel bike. This black GRR is a medium frame size, suitable for riders about 5'-10" tall down to about 5'-4". The Easy Racers bike is among the best touring bikes you can own. This one has the Cobra seat on it that Gardner Martin preferred - it is very ergonomically efficient. This bike features 3x8 gearing, it's brakes are road side-pull calipers, the wheels are 700c rear and 451c front, it has god Primo Comet tires on it now.

This bike is in good used condition. It will show with a few chips and nicks in it's gloss black paint. Components are in good condition, they aren't new but are quite servicable. The fairing uses alloy straps for a top connection at the handlebar, this is a little unusual. Crankset is 172.5 mm, a little longer than the typical 170mm. Wide, studded platform pedals. The bike has a rear rack and a one leg kickstand on it. Come get the best of the ER touring bikes at a great price!


Rans V-Rex - the ‘king’ of short wheel base recumbents. For sale at $700

Rans’ V-Rex steel recumbent bike is among the best of the SWB’s in my opinion. Comfortable, ergonomic upright seating position (adjustable, of course), stable and easy to ride. This bike is the XL V-Rex – suitable for the tall crowd.

This bike is a good touring bike, a good all around city and neighborhood bike – it is extremely versatile. It features a Bacchetta seat, actually, not the original I know, but a very comfortable seat. This bike has a solid mast and a wide handlebar for comfort. Let’s see – 3x9 gearing operated by SRAM twist Grip shifters. V-brakes front and rear. The high end wheels, like the seat, are not original to this bike as manufactured. These wheels (26” rear, 20” front) have disc mounting brackets on the hub. The bike does not have tabs for disc brakes, though. Good tires.

The bike frame show as good, used. There are a few nicks and scrapes, but generally it shows very fresh with it’s two tone yellow/silver paint scheme. Components are clean and in good shape, the bike is well tuned and ready to ride. The seat fabrics are clean and show no rips or abrasions. There is one visible scrape on the fork, left side where a prior owner laid the bike down. It’s a scrape with no important impact on the bike.

A really good SWB – you NEED a city bike. Come get this one!

Penninger Voyager Premier Delta Trike For sale at $1,050

Penninger was (and might still be) a CNC manufacturing company. In 2000-01 they ventured into trike manufacturing and sales. They made two models, this is the Voyager model – their premium trike. It is a really good, well appointed and well made trike. This one does not show it’s 21 year age.

The Voyager has a comfortable, adjustable seat. All the delta (steering wheel in front) trikes are highly manuverable – this one is a great deal of fun for an unusual underseat steering configuration. The Voyager has ‘tractor’ steering. Two hand levers, each attached by a bell crank rod to the fork. Fine control is achieved by moving one hand forward and the other hand back on the grips – it’s really fun to steer. It will turn (best go slow) on a dime, doing a 180 degree circle in my one lane driveway. At the same time it’s a rugged and stable riding platform, comfortable across a variety of road conditions.

Gearing on the Voyager uses a very sturdy mid-drive. This means there is an intermediate shaft between the crankset and the rear (left side) drive wheel. The voyager uses an 8 speed cassette at this mid-drive and another SRAM 8 speed cassette at the rear wheel. Both are shifted by SRAM Centera 8 speed grip shifters – the shifters are new, installed here. You have 64 possible gearing combinations between the two cassettes – it is near impossible to find the lowest gear or the highest in most riding conditions. You also have a two ring crankset, though there is no front derailleur. You can easily stop, change the front chainring by hand, an be in a different 64 set of gears. More than most of us ever imagine using. The chains and gearing are in great shape.

There are caliper brakes on both rear wheels. These are also in very good condition and perfectly fine for stopping the bike.

This Voyager belies it age, though it does show in used, very good condition. It is clean, it shows a few bumps and scrapes in the finish. The wheels are true and in great shape, Penninger used Phil Wood hubs on this trike – heirloom quality hardware. Three 20” wheels, good, seemingly new Kenda tires (60 psi) all around.

This is a fun trike. If I had a 4 car garage, I’d be tempted to keep it to play with. The Voyager rivals some of the current model Greenspeed and HP delta trikes for function and fun. I can ship it, some assembly is required on your end. Come and get it!


Cattrike Villager - a second trike is in the showroom - for the moment - for sale at $1,100

The Villager is one of Cattrike's more civilized models, meant for casual riders. The seating position is more upright than a lot of their other models, the rider has a higher head and seat position for comfort and visibility. This model is offered as a single speed front crankset, operating a 9 speed rear cassette for 1 by 9 gearing. Plenty for riders who live in reasonable riding areas, no mountains to climb. The Villager has three 20" (406) wheels, this bike has Primo Comet tires all around. It has disc brakes for both front wheels. The pedals are combination pedals - one side is flat, the other receives Shimano cleats.

This trike has direct steering. The bike shows in very good condition. There may be a scratch or two on the white finish, and a smudge I couldn't get out, but generally this trike is very clean. I've put a new chain on it, there was a little rust on the old one, else the component set is in very good condition.

I can offer one upgrade if you are interested - I have a Patterson 2 speed crank sitting here in a box. We could put that on this trike to upgrade you to a 2 by 9 gear train - 18 speeds - if you like for an additional $200 (less than the separate cost of the Patterson set). You could consider one other option - this trike is ideal for conversion to an e-assist mid-drive motor. You could buy the trike and do that add-on install yourself! Trikes don't get into my showroom all that often, grab this one!

Buy it hopefully to pick up - or we could meet somewhere not too far from Milwaukee. I can ship this, but likely we'll be spending $200 on shipping. Thanks for looking.


Haluzak Leprechaun A unique assembly on a famous SWB! For sale at $750

The Horizon is my favorite underseat steering recumbent. This Leprechaun is it's little brother, using the 16" wheel in front. It has a tight bell crank mechanism between the fork and the remote handlebar – Haluzak got all the proportions right and this is the most intuitive and natural underseat steering I know of.

This bike is unique. It came to me as a frameset. Complete with the Haluzak seat, the bell crank remote mechanism and an shock fork. The frame is polished steel with a clear coat – also very unusual. Everything else on this bike is supplied by Recycled Recumbent, it will reflect the eclectic nature of the best-at-the-time-of-assembly method I use to assemble all my bikes. The rear wheel is a lightweight, high end 26” wheel, new 9 speed cassette, Shimano – derailleur. The front wheel I bought new – it is a 16” (305c) wheel with a new tire and tube – this is what fits best with this shock fork. The brakes are new, long-reach side pull calipers. All cabling is new, cable housings, the chain is new – a single loop 9 speed chain closed with one quick link. The bike uses Bar end shifters mounted on pistol grip handlebars fabricated here. The bike is tuned and ready to ride. Finally! I’ve worked on this project on and off for maybe 6 months now, I am glad to see it finished!


Longbikes Slipstream - THE underseat steering long wheelbase recumbent - here for $850

The Longbikes Slipstream - one of my favorites. A solid performer, well built, good components, a very nice bell crank mechanism to connect the remote handlebar to the front fork for steering. They got the ratios right on this rig, very comfortable steering. Advocates of recumbent underseat steering say this is the closest you come to flying while riding a bike - nothing out in front of you. And the Slipstream is one of the best. Solid, enduring, a good cross country bike. This is a standard length frame, there is an XL frame made. As pictured, it is set for my 45" X-seam. It will adjust down for shorter riders, it may have an inch or more it can adjust longer for a taller rider.

This bike is in good used condition. I was impressed when the seller rode it downtown to meet me - that tells me it is a reliable, functioning bike. I've scrubbed it up some, yellow coloring shows EVERYTHING. The bike has some nicks and chips indicative of it's probably 12 plus years of age. Components are in good used condition, wheels are true, the seat is umblemished. Gearing is 3x8 speeds shifted with bar end shifters. The bike has V-brakes front and rear. Wheels are 26" and 20" (406), true with good used tires.

I was excited to get this bike in and revisit/ride this fine USS LWB bike again. It is a sweet ride. Bike has a kickstand.


Recycled Recumbent eagerly looks for old, unloved recumbents to revive and find homes for. If you hear of anything, let me know! ***


Thanks for looking at the current crop. Let me know if something here merits a home with you!

FOR ANY BIKE or Frame -

Shipping Con. US only – you pay the costs plus about $5 in packing tape. (It takes about 2 hours to pack a bike and I don't charge you for that!) Using Fedex Ground I find costs range from around $55 to near $100, pending your distance from Milwaukee . Assembly is required at your end – I send you instructions and pictures. Save us both the hassle and come visit – and we get to fit the bike to you if you come to the toy shoppe! I will drive an hour from Milwaukee for delivery (THAT is getting expensive now!!).

Please write with your comments or questions. That is as much fun for me as a sale! Ride safe, ride often!

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