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This page shows existing new bikes (those not currently on commission, if any), and whatever used manufacturer's bikes I've collected lately.
On May 21, there are 4 of my finished new bikes, and 8 used bikes from other makers in the Showroom.  

Note - June 10 to August 21, I can make commitments on available bikes, but I cannot ship in this period.   I am away from the shop on a TransAm tour during that time.    But I'd love to hear from you, and I'd love to put your name  on one of the bikes below.

Summer is coming!   Grab a bike!   RIDE something!



Ready to build out - 1 yellow and 1 red Mach 2 - inquire for sizes.




Scroll down for detailed descriptions and pictures on this page.

YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER!  I might not accept it (then again I might), but I won't be offended.

Please go to the Parts FOR SALE page to check Recycled Recumbent pricing for specific parts and pieces you may want to order, or to make up your frame 'kit' for your own assembly.

                        May 21, 2012.    Bike frames and 'kits' will be made to order moving forward.    I make up 'front ends' from incoming donor bikes.    These await your specification so I can build them to length for you and with your specific component set in mind.  Write or call, and we can set it up!   See pricing on the Parts FOR SALE page.

Red Mach 2 - a fresh assembly April '18 - for sale at $850

It was a snowy day April 9, so I turned to the shop and assembled this beautiful, full sized Mach 2 - the frame is one I made last Fall, and I finally have space for this one to build it out!    It's acquired the best of salvaged parts, as always, I try to put the best components in hand on a bike when I assemble it.    This bike is sized for someone in the 6' tall range, give or take a little.    As it is set up right now, it uses the premium handlebar and the Terracycle idler.   I can easily change those items for you to reduce this asking price.    

Statistics - 
Seat height  -   21"
Crank height -  13"
Frame length -  39"
Wheelbase -      73"

Features - 
- 26x20 alloy wheels, the front is a new RR special with a skewered hub, the rear is a bolt on with a 7 speed cassette.   
- Shimano 105 square taper crankset with newer chain rings -52-42-30.    
- Shimano Dura Ace rear long cage derailleur - smooth shifting
- Microshift 3x7 twist grip shifters are new.
- Avid V-brakes front and rear with new pads.
- new cables, red cable housings, new chain.   Kickstand.  New seat.    

As pictured it will fit a 46" Xseam, there is another inch of room for a tall adjustment.  Of course, the bikes adjust almost infinitely for shorter riders.


Mach 2 Red - very similar to above, mast handlebar.   $725

For your viewing pleasure shown with April 5, 2018 sneaux in the background.  Nice contrast to the fire engine red, I think.   We'll call this one, should you be interested in ONE of the red bikes, the 'black seat bike.'   Fully built out Mach 2 model, complete with diagonal brace and unicrown fork.    A new bike in the way that all my bikes are new, with recycled/new frames and both new and salvaged components.   This one has V-brakes, 3x7 gearing, and 26 by 20 wheels.

Crank Height      - 14"
Seat Height         - 21"
Frame Length     - 39"
Wheelbase          - 71"

- Unusual matching red seat frame (most seat frames are black).
- New V-brakes and levers
- New FSA triple crankset, 52/42/30 chainrings
- 26x20 alloy wheels, the front is new, the rear is salvaged.   7 speed cassette on rear.   
- Shimano Acera rear derailleur, Shimano triple front derailleur.   New Microshift grip shifters.
- New Kenda Kwest 100 psi tires front and rear.
- New cables and housings, of course.  Chain is new, single length chain sized for this bike, close with a quick link.
- New seat.   

Option exists to add the Rans Handlebar to this bike for $100.   Option to add the Terracycle idler - $60.
Mach 2, black with black seat.       For sale at $650.

A standard build out, with V-brakes and with a diagonal brace (I almost never build without these now).   This bike is sized for someone right around the 6'-0" height range, give or take a little.   It can always size down for other riders.    

Seat Height     20.5"
Crank Height  11.5"
Frame Length  39"
Wheelbase       69.5" 

- 26 and 20" alloy wheels, front is new, RR built wheel.   Tires are new Kenda Kwest 1.5" width high pressure.   
- 3 x 7 gearing - triple alloy front crank 48/38/28 rings, rear 7 speed cassette.
- Shimano MTB rear shifter, new MTB triple front derailleur.
- V-brakes, Gripshift shifters. 
- Moustache handlebar. 
- As always, a new black seat, new cables, new housings throughout.
- Bike has a kickstand.
Priced as is.   Option - you can add the Rans Chopper Handlebar for $100 more.   The Terracycle idler for $60.   You can alter the seat color to gray if you like, no charge.   


Yellow Mach 2   - a more standard size, more standard group - for sale at $725

This is a regular frame size, meant for the 6' and under crowd.   3x7 gearing, a 'normal' build out for a Mach 2 with all the trimmings.  

Seat Height     22"
Crank Height  14.5"
Frame Length  38.5"
Wheelbase       69" 

- 700c Rear wheel, 20" (406) front.    100 psi new Kenda Kwest tire on front, 65psi cityre on rear.   7 speed cassette rear, 3 speed alloy crankset front.
- Gripshifters on custom bent alloy handlebar.   (For $100, we can upgrade to the altered Rans Chopper Bar).
- V-brakes front and rear.
- as usual, a new seat, new cabling all around.   
- Kickstand.  
 This bike, though new, is a little bit travelled.   I shipped it once to a fella, it never arrived.   Turns out the label had been damaged.  The nameless shipper, seeing Trek's stenciling on the box (I recycle bike cartons from a local shop), carried this bike to Trek.  Trek tracked their serial number to my local bike shop, the shop guessed that it was a box they had given to me.   Trek called, so I was reunited with this bike!   Meanwhile (this took a month) I had already replaced my seller's missing shipment with a new bike.   So, this happenstance creates your opportunity to own a beautiful Mach 2.


Thanks for looking at my bikes!


USED BIKES - Manufactured bikes - 





Sun EZ Sport  - a classic, comfortable, wonderful bike, aluminum frame    for sale for $650


The EX-Sport - a high comfort, easy riding bike, very easy to get used to, very smooth on the road.   Padded seat with open mesh back for ventilation, aluminum frame for light weight.  

This used bike is in excellent, clean condition.   Almost no dirt or wear, new tires, clean chain and drive train, good brakes.    Note a liitle age and wear on the lycra cover for the seat cushion, this is easily replaced should it ever wear through.   

3x9 speed gearing, grip shifters, V-brakes.   Kenda Kwest 100 psi tires front and rear (26" rear, 20" front).   Shimano components in almost new condition.    This bike has a mirror on the left hand grip, a bottle cage and an air pump on the handlebar, and a kickstand.   

Sun make a steel version of this bike, the Sport CX, and the lighter aluminum version, the Sport AX.   This is the AX model.

Evo Glide   - this is like an old style Linear, only smaller - Offered for $350

Evo Glide was a collaboration between the folks who made the Linear and the ideal of a local to Milwaukee bicycle entrepreneur, Chris Kagel.   Use the Linear form and style, but make it smaller, simpler, more accessible to the height challenged among us.   The Evo Glide is that bike, and this is an excellent, well kept example of it.    The Evo Glide is smaller than a Linear, meant for a shorter rider.   It uses a 20" rear wheel and a 16" front, the seat is miles closer to the ground for easier starts and stopsANd the bike is shorter than it's tall relative.    Because it is so short, they didn't fold the Evo Glide's frame for storage, and it doesn't creak as much as the Linear does.  It's too short for me, I'd say the Evo Glide's maximum Xseam is about 40-41".  IT is. of course, adjustable below that maximum.    Underseat steering, 3 by 7 speed gearing - the 'front' gears are actually internal gears in the rear hub.   This works very well, as these are the sort of gears you can shift while holding still if you need to.    Brakes are good side pull calipers, the bike is in very good shape.   I've added an extended kick stand for the bike and replaced the cushion in the seat base.     The bike has well engineered underseat steering.                                                            

Faux Virginia    This is a hand built replica of a Barcroft Virginia SWB, 
                                                                                                    offered for sale at $675.

This bike has a history here, very little of it a riding history.   Neill Belt built this frame in 2011 (I think), he sold it to my friend Chuck here in Milwaukee, Chuck was going to make a project of it.   Right.  Somehow it got traded to me in 2012 - I was going to make a project of it, too.   Well it hung around here for 2-3 years, literally, on the wall of the toy shoppe, waiting for it's day.    Finally Chuck wanted it back again, he was ready to ride after protracted medical battles.   We added a fork, had my powdercoat guy finish it with my favorite yellow, and I built the bike out for Chuck.   He brought a very very nice parts to the build, we put my seat on it (at first).   Chuck took it home, he's added to it since.    Now he can't ride again, and it's time to find this great little bike a new home.

This is a craft built bike in the style of a Barcroft Virginia, it has the same geometry, but not the manufacturer's provenance.   Neill's welds and craftsmanship are topnotch.   That said, the principle difference between this and the Barcroft factory bike is the main tube - this bike is based on an 1 1/2" main tube, the Barcroft Virginia uses a 2" main tube.  Neill, Chuck, and I all conclude that this bike is not for heavy riders.   Chuck is around 175 lbs when wet, and we know it works well for him.   Not much heavier than that, the bike will be very flexy for a heavy rider.   With that limitation, it's a flawless ride and a virtually new bike.   I don't think Chuck was able to put many miles on it, the bike is very clean and little worn from when I assembled it about a year ago.    

- 3x9 SRAM 9.0 gearing
- FSA crank, shortened to 160mm by Mark Stonich (he sells them).
- Terracycle over/under idler on tube bracket (for infinite adjustment).
- 26" rear wheel, 20" (451c) front - I don't remember the brand of tires on it.   There is a spare Durano 451c tire for the front that comes with it.
- Chuck mounted a fine new seat on it, I don't recall which brand - these are the premier reclining recumbent seats for SWB's, this one has a sweet ventsit pad on it, and a neck rest.    
- I think those are Rans B41 handlebars on it - wide and very comfortable for the reclined, SWB position.   On a unique headset that Neill supplied with the frame.   

The Virginia is among the finest of the short wheel based bikes.   If you are light enough, this is the best bike you can get for this geometry - smooth, fast, light.   A great bike.    Grab it!   

Bacchetta Giro               A staple of the SWB form   - offered at $800

This lovely bike was well cared for and upgraded by it's former mechanic/owner.    It is very clean, very mechanically sound, and shows only a few minor scratches in it's blue paint from leaning up against things and laying down.   

Features an upgraded, tilting stem and SWB handlebar, bar end shifters for a very clean 3x9 gear train, good V-Brakes.   Wheels are 26x20, deep vee alloy Velocity rims. Tires are road slick high pressure, Durano's, I think.    This bike has a laid back Cf seat with a deep, stiff foam cushion.   Accessorized with a mirror, the pedals are one side Shimano clips, one side platform.


Great bike, well maintained, ready to ride.

EZ-1 SC Lite - aluminum frame bike     Offered for sale at $650

THIS is a beautiful bike.   In other places, other bulletin boards I have sung it's praises.   The EZ-1 aluminum square tube bike is a rate and wonderful first recumbent, possibly the only recumbent you will ever need.   If you have a lot of bikes, this is the one you want to have handy when comany comes to ride.   Versatile, light, user friendly, adjustable to anyone one 10 years old through secondhand NBA players.   The Sun EZ-1 is among the best riding compact long wheelbase bikes - if you look on Craig's list there are lots of them for sale around the country.  BUT- most of the EZ-1's you see are the steel frame version of this bike - those ride well also, but the steel bikes are heavy, at around 45 lbs.   The EZ-1 aluminum frame bike is ligher, about 34-35 lbs - competitive with my bikes, with the Easy Racers bikes, and with the best of the Rans bikes.   And the ride of this bike - best kept secret of the recumbent world.   No, not quite as fast as a Mach 2 or a Tour Easy - but close, and every bit as comfortable.    You don't see the EZ-1 aluminum bike come up for sale used all that often - the people who have them keep them.    

I was lucky to find this one the other day - fella got it from his uncle was all he was willing to say about it.   This EZ-1 is a polished aluminum finish, it's in good shape, not perfect, there's a bit of grame and whatnot in the corners, but overall in very good shape.   Components, chain are in good shape too, plenty of life left in them. The lycra on the seat base shows some age and fading, but no holes.    Seat back is fine, tires are in very good condition.

Features - 
- 20 " rear wheel is a Schwalbe Big Apple 2.0" tire.   8 speed cassette.
- 16" front wheel with Kenda Kwest 100 psi tire in like new condition.
- SRAM 4.0 rear derailleur, Sram twist grip shifters.
- 3 speed alloy crankset
- Kickstand, handlebar mirror

Tour Easy!    ML size       For sale at $850

THE Tour Easy, by Easy Racers.   The epitome of LWB recumbents, a venerable design, great touring bike.   This is the one my bikes pay homage to.    Medium long frame (there are 5 sizes for this bike), meant for people in the 5'-8 to almost 6'-0" tall range.   As pictured, this bike's seat is set back as far as it can be, and it will fit a 6' tall person.   This is a 2002 model, says the prior owner, a good friend of mine.

Features - 
700C rear wheel, 451C 20" front wheel.   
3x9 gear train, Shimano components.  
Good V-brakes front and rear.  
Bar end shifters
Kickstand, fairing (the fairing shows it's age with a crack or two, it is functional but not pretty).
Koolback mesh seat.
Rear rack installed.
Rare long reach handlebar, Easy Racers didn't make many of these.  

This bike is older, it is very well travelled, and very well kept.   It was my friend Ron's bike, he's gone to be a triker now and hopes we find this bike a good home.   Mechanically it is completely sound and ready to ride.   The red paint is largely intact, but you can tell it has seen it's share of sunshine.   I am not sure of the exact age for this bike, my guess would be 1998-2000.  
The real Kahuna, best of the best!

TRIKES!   RECUCLED RECUMBENTS HAS TRIKES!    This is rare, but these are good trikes, great deals!
Cattrike 700                     a lightweight, deeply reclined speed machine     Offered for $1,500

The Cattrike 700, long been one of the speediest trikes on the market, and this is an early model of a bike still in production.   I've ridden this bike - 
  it really is low, sleek, and fast.    

This trike has 16" front wheels, and features a 700c drive wheel in the rear.   Disc brakes, of course, Avids.  3x9 gearing, with bar end shifters.   Direct link steering.

This bike is very clean, and ready for immediate action.   The prior owner is a good mechanic, and keeps his bikes in great shape.   Everything is very clean.    Extra features on this bike include the mirror, a bottle cage, and the neck rest above/behind the seat.  It has the tailored Cattrike accessory bags tucked in on both sides under the seat frame.

I don't think this trike will be here very long...
WheelWhiz TerraTrike - early model, I am told this is a "Sport."                For Sale at $1,100

THIS is your touring trike!   Aluminum frame, sturdy, great sling seat - a solid performer with the extras you need for all day touring comfort.   I am not quite sure how old this bike is, but it looks and rides like an early version of Terra Trike's  Zoomer.   The wheelbase is a little narrow, very sporty, and the seat is low to the ground - lower than anything TerraTrike currently offers.   The lower the better when cornering in a trike!   (It's less tippy that way, corners faster.) 

This Terra Trike comes from the same mechanic/owner as the Cattrike above, and it shows the same signs of care and great maintainence.   Very clean bike, spotless gear train.   Good Disc brakes.   Bar end shifters.   This bike has a mirror off the left side, it has a rear rack mounted and a spacious rack bag.   3 x 20" wheels, Schwalbe Racers all around.   One tire size to carry a spare tube for!    

Load your panniers on this good trike, and take off!  


Recycled Recumbent eagerly looks for old, unloved recumbents to revive and find homes for.   If you hear of anything, let me know! ***

Thanks for looking at the current crop.    Let me know if something here merits a home with you!

FOR ANY BIKE or Frame -
Shipping Con. US only – you pay the costs plus about $5 in packing tape.   (It takes about 2 hours to pack a bike and I don't charge you for that!)   Using Fedex Ground I find costs range from around $55 to near $100, pending your distance from Milwaukee .     Assembly is required at your end – I send you instructions and pictures.   Save us both the hassle and come visit – and we get to fit the bike to you if you come to the toy shoppe!    I will drive an hour from Milwaukee for delivery (THAT is getting expensive now!!).
Please write with your comments or questions.    That is as much fun for me as a sale!   Ride safe, ride often!

Contact A.D. Carson, adcarson@recycledrecumbent.com   or call 414-616-0307