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This page shows existing new bikes (those not currently on commission, if any), and whatever used manufacturer's bikes I've collected lately.
On Oct. 16*, there are 5 of my finished new bikes, and 6 used bikes from other makers in the Showroom.  

FALL SALE  - I need garage room!   Take my bike, please!   :-) 



Ready to build out - 2 yellow and 2 red Mach 2's - inquire for sizes.



coming soon - Medium size Tour Easy!

Scroll down for detailed descriptions and pictures on this page.

YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER!  I might not accept it (then again I might), but I won't be offended.

Please go to the Parts FOR SALE page to check Recycled Recumbent pricing for specific parts and pieces you may want to order, or to make up your frame 'kit' for your own assembly.

                        May 21, 2012.    Bike frames and 'kits' will be made to order moving forward.    I make up 'front ends' from incoming donor bikes.    These await your specification so I can build them to length for you and with your specific component set in mind.  Write or call, and we can set it up!   See pricing on the Parts FOR SALE page.

Mach 2 Basic - as good as it gets, as simple as it gets.   For sale at $500.

This blue blue Mach 2 needs a home.   Just assemble today, July 11.    This is a base model bike, I've decided that the diagonal brace should be in every bike I make now.   Other than that, this is the Mach 2 with no frills.   No fairing, no fenders, direct pull brakes.   When I build custom, this base bike sells for $900, we price the add on's from there.    Anyway, here she is.   Sized for riders at and under 6' tall - it is set for my 45" X-seam as you see it.   New frame, new cables and chain, new seat, of course.    Front wheel is a new RR standard, both tires are now Kenda Kwest 100 psi, 1 1/2" road tires.

Kickstand, jockey wheel idler, direct pull caliper brakesets.    Shifters are lever action.   Gearing is 3x7 with a freewheel on the rear and a 48-38-28 crankset on the front.    Note that the mast is white for this blue bike - just a slightly different look.   I have a blue mast if you prefer it.

All the joy of the Mach 2 in an economy package. 

New Orange Mach 2    -    An upgraded version of the bike, for sale at $650.

Very unusual color - I asked our powdercoater for orange, and I got this unusual 'dreamcicle' color - almost an orange sherbert bicycle frame.   Orange, yes, but not Halloween orange - more creamy and definitely unlike anything else you've seen.    This bike is meant for riders roughly 6'-1" and shorter, easily fits riders down to about 5'-8" tall.   Even shorter - all the Mach 2's are infinitely adjustable.

Crank Height          12.5"
Seat Height             22"
Frame length          39"
Wheelbase              71"

This bike is built with all the features standard the Mach 2, now upgraded with the addition of V-brakes and the diagonal brace in the frame.   I've also added a mirror on the handlebar.    Standard features include 3x7 gearing with new SRAM twist grip shifters, new Radius brake levers, custom bent alloy handlebar.   Wheels are 26 x 20, with new Kenda Quest 1.5" high pressure tires.   Of course new cables and housings throughout the bike, new one length chain with a single quick link, new black seat.   This bike has a kickstand.     

This is THE Mach 2, the bike I ride, with all the more or less standard options included.

This bike was assembled on Feb. 7, 2017, as a joyful celebration of my friend Chris Kegel, who left us that day.   

YELLOW MACH 2!    Sometimes we make a clone of the boss's bike.   This is it.

This new (April 17) yellow Mach 2 is sized just like the bike I ride.   Call it the 'bling-less' version of the flagship Mach 2.   You can add your goodies later.   

Sold to Nils, thanks.

By itself - 

This bike is sized and adjusted for me at that moment - 6' tall, 45" X-seam.   It uses a 700c Rear wheel, different from most of the bikes here in the showroom.    I've fitted it with the up-one-level components - V-brakes, it has the diagonal brace.   I can tell you this one is a sweet ride, I could take it out myself and be very comfortable just as is.

Crank Height         14.5"
Seat Height            21.5"
Frame length         38.5"
Wheelbase             70"

- 700c and 20" alloy wheels.   The front wheel is new, hand built at RR with a skewered hub.   Kenda Kwest high pressure, 1.5" tires.    
- 7 speed freewheel, Suntour derailleurs front and rear.
-  Alloy crankset - 52-42-30 rings.  
- Twistgrip shifters (3x7)
- New cables and housings, new seat.   Kickstand included.  My beautiful assistant is not included.

WHITE MACH 2!                             Priced at $700 as is, $600 with white mast handlebar.

This bike is the dazzling high gloss white my powder coat guy can do - beautiful.   The bike is a shorter model - see the statistics below - designed for riders under 5'-8" tall.    I have a black seat on it now, it might look great with that gray seat that is on the disc brake bike above - your choice as long as there is a choice.   

Option - this bike is shown with the upgrade Rans chopper bar handlebar, the $800 price includes this option (and the mirror I put on it).   To save $100, we can set it up with the typical Mach 2 riser in white, with a chrome handlebar at the top. 

Crank Height           13.5"
Seat Height              22"
Frame Length          34.5"
Wheelbase               68"           

- as above, pictured with the upgrade option Rans chopper bar handlebar.   Available with standard white mast and chrome handlebar at reduced price.
- 26 x 20 alloy wheels, front is new, built by Recycled Recumbents with QR hub, rear is bolt on hub.   Tires are new 1.5" Kenda Kwest high pressure road tires.   
- Gearing is 3x7, rear freewheel, front alloy crankset has 48/38/28 chainrings.   Chain is new, single loop closed with quick link.  
- Grip shifters operating used Shimano derailleurs front and back.
- As always, new cables and housings, new seat, bike has kickstand.    


 New Black Mach 2 finished May 24  -             A high end wheelset!     For sale at $725

This is the Mach 2, including the usual additions for V-brakes, a diagonal brace, etc.    I've added as well on this bike a sensational wheelset, and we've bumped the gearing up a notch to 3x8.

Seat Height     21.5"
Crank Height  13"
Frame Length  35"
Wheelbase        68"

I built this frame for Chuck but his priorities have altered a bit, so I've finished it this week with components near at hand.    With a 35" frame length, this is not a tall person's bike, X-seam range is limited to about 43" and shorter.   
More images soon - I need to free up some website space......
- Rear wheel is a Rhino Lite 26" rim - excellent heavy duty double wall alloy wheel, equipped on this bike with a 1.5" Schwalbe Marathon tire.   Tire isn't new, but doesn't show any appreciable wear.   New 8 speed cassette installed.
- Front wheel uses an Alix DA16 20" rim mounted to a Shimano Deore hub.  Also a very sturdy wheel.   I have a Marathon 1.35" tire on this wheel.
- Gearing is 3 speed crankset (Sugino) by 8 speed cassette.   
- Rear shifter is SRAM Centura twist grip, front shifter is not matched, but an easy handling no name off brand.
- V-brakes front and rear are new.
- This bike has a new Myrricle bar end mirror, and a new Greefield kickstand.
- And as usual, new cables, new housings, new seat.    

OPTIONS - The gray seat is swap-able for a black seat if you like - I put it on so you'd know which bike to ask for.    I like the gray seat look.
- Delete the mirror for $25 if you like.
- Add the Rans Chopper Bar for $100.
- Add the TerraCycle idler for $60.  
Mach 2, black with black seat.       For Sale at $650.

A standard build out, with V-brakes and with a diagonal brace (I almost never build without these now).   This bike is sized for someone right around the 6'-0" height range, give or take a little.   It can always size down for other riders.    

Seat Height     20.5"
Crank Height  11.5"
Frame Length  39"
Wheelbase       69.5" 

- 26 and 20" alloy wheels, front is new, RR built wheel.   Tires are new Kenda Kwest 1.5" width high pressure.   
- 3 x 7 gearing - triple alloy front crank 48/38/28 rings, rear 7 speed cassette.
- Shimano MTB rear shifter, new MTB triple front derailleur.
- V-brakes, Gripshift shifters. 
- Moustache handlebar. 
- As always, a new black seat, new cables, new housings throughout.
- Bike has a kickstand.
Priced as is.   Option - you can add the Rans Chopper Handlebar for $100 more.   The Terracycle idler for $60.   You can alter the seat color to gray if you like, no charge.   


Thanks for looking at my bikes!


USED BIKES - Manufactured bikes - 






BARCROFT DAKOTA.   Offering for sale this spring.  Oh hold, not currently offered.   
Frame by Virginia Barcroft, assembly by Recycled Recumbents.

This bike is very hard to part with.   The Dakota is a very sweet bike, low slung for a short wheel base bike, with a longer, more stable wheelbase than others of it's type.   A great cruising, climbing, touring machine.   And she looks pretty too.   

More history than you need.   Bent UP Cycles now owns the rights to Barcroft bikes, Bill Cook stopped making them in Virginia about 6 years ago.   Bent Up makes a Titanium version of the Barcroft Virginia model, he hasn't found a steel frame builder to make the chromalloy versions of the signature Virginia and Dakota bikes.

This, however, is a 'new' Dakota, save for the miles I've been out on it in testing.   This may even be the last ever new Barcroft Dakota to reach a market.   Bent Up sold me this frame and boom last October - my plan was to build up a bike I could take along as a staff member on a TransAm tour.   Only the frame and front boom are original Barcroft parts - the frame was never build out prior to arriving here.   The seat is Recycled Recumbents, the riser and handlebar are a combination of TerraCycle and Rans parts.  The front fork (it is red now, as pictured here it was unpainted) is a generic 20" fork from my stray stock.   

I built this up for me to ride, I'll tell you it is a sweet group.   Shimano 9 speed (3x9) drive train, SRAM Rocket twist shifters, great, new V-brakes.   The front wheel is a 20"  RR standard front, the rear is a deep Vee rim (I'll get the brand) to support my Clydesdale tail, the bike has Schwalbe Marathon 1.5" new tires front and rear.   

This bike has a mirror on it, and (not pictured) a kickstand.   The seat is the Super-Phifertex mesh, new for this bike.  The idler is a Terracycle double idler, bracket mounted because I didn't like the frame mount position..   Let's see.   Offer enhanced 94/1/17) with that rack, Tailrider bag, and rear fender.  Without pedals, but you can have a set of standard cage pedals if you ask for it nice.    

Rans Force 5  High Racer                Sale pending with Happyrock (Bentrider handle).     

This is Rans’ entry into the high racer bike field.   Dual 26” wheels, decent seat height, Rans’ standard seat for comfort.    The bike handles well and isn’t so reclined as some other alternatives in the high racer world.   The Force 5 differs from most high racers in using a truss frame (rather than a monotube) for a firmer, lighter ride.   The Force 5 is not currently in production, this one is a 2006 model.

This bike is in good used shape.   A detail shot below shows some flaking of the paint on the main tube – that seems to be abraision from a workstand clamp.   The bike will definitely not show as ‘new’, or as in ‘excellent’ shape, based on the paint (it is a candidate for repainting).    The original owner has used it well in the last 11 years, clearly.   This bike has been well maintained.   Brakes are good, gearing and chain are in great shape.   The only repair I needed to make was to replace the rubber on a well used grip shifter.

This Force 5 has SRAM 7.0 components – 3x9 gearing, twist grip shifters.   It has disc brakes on two new 26” wheels, tires are new Kenda Kwest 1 ½” high pressure road tires. 


This is the way the Force 5 came in here at Recycled Recumbents.   It had a fairing and an electric assist on the front wheel, and large 1.95" tires front and rear.   The prior owner described using the bike on a Blue Ridge Mountains tour.  You are welcome to the fairing – I don’t recommend it on a high racer like this, but it is available, in good shape, with all the mounts (from TerraCycle) included.   The Electric Assist gear is not available – we believe it needs a new battery.   I replaced the hub motor wheel and the rear wheel with the matched set of disc ready wheels pictured above, new in this shop.   As pictured, the bike is set for a 6’ tall rider, it is adjustable for shorter or taller riders.   The bike has a rear rack.   It does not have a kickstand.   Standard resin pedals included, please ask for them.   

Sun EZ Sport  - a classic, comfortable, wonderful bike, aluminum frame    for sale for $650


The EX-Sport - a high comfort, easy riding bike, very easy to get used to, very smooth on the road.   Padded seat with open mesh back for ventilation, aluminum frame for light weight.  

This used bike is in excellent, clean condition.   Almost no dirt or wear, new tires, clean chain and drive train, good brakes.    Note a liitle age and wear on the lycra cover for the seat cushion, this is easily replaced should it ever wear through.   

3x9 speed gearing, grip shifters, V-brakes.   Kenda Kwest 100 psi tires front and rear (26" rear, 20" front).   Shimano components in almost new condition.    This bike has a mirror on the left hand grip, a bottle cage and an air pump on the handlebar, and a kickstand.   

Sun make a steel version of this bike, the Sport CX, and the lighter aluminum version, the Sport AX.   This is the AX model.

RANS VELOCITY SQUARED  (or "V2" for short)                                On sale at $675

This is a long bike - the extra large version of Rans' V2 frame.   As pictured it is adjusted for me, I am 6' tall, 45" X-seam, and you can see the seat is pretty far forward on it's adjustment range.   The V2 is a stretched out 26x20 touring bike, the bottom bracket is a little higher than most LWB bikes.    It features the very popular Rans standard seat.    

This bike is in very good used shape.   3x9 SRAM  components in the drive train are in very good shape.   Shimano V-brakes are well adjusted and there is a lot of wear left on these pads.    Shimano 105 triple crankset.   The frame is that very dark, non-sparkle green that Rans used for years on this model.   There are a few age and abraison marks on the frame, no scratches or dents.   I've added the Rans Seat bag to it, the skirt hides one small hole in the seat fabric.       I've also added a frame mount kickstand - bikes just don't make sense to me without a kickstand.    Tires are Primo Comet 1.5" high pressure road slicks.  

This bike is I think an early 2000's model - this seat has the cam-loc seat clamp underneath.

One of the really good touring bikes - my friend Don has been in love with his for many years.   Come see if this one suits you.   

Old style Linear LWB                                      for sale at $450

The Linear, prior to a current incarnation, is an older design aluminum beam bike.   Both rear chain stays are aluminum plate and the main bike tube/frame is a rectangular box section.    This is a venerable design with many enthusiasts who support the comfort and fun if the USS handlebar design.   

This bike came to RR is trade, I've had it a while to play with.   I gotta say, the USS long wheel base design is the closest you will get to the feeling of flying on a bike.   Nothing out in front of you....

This Linear LWB is in good, used shape.   Definitely showing it's venerable age with scratches and marks here and there.   But no frame damage that I have found.   The components are in good shape, the chain is good, cogs and gearing in great shape.   This is a 3x7 speed drivetrain.   Rear wheel is a 27" alloy rim, the front is a 20" (451c) rim, tires are good but not new.   The seat back shows no tears or blemishes, the seat base is OK, interior foam probably a little tired with age.

Perfect starter bike for someone who wants that 'open cockpit' feeling.   Better for a taller person, that seat winds up pretty high (27").   
Bachetta Agio   - almost factory new, offered for $700.

The Agio is Bachetta's entry into the long wheelbase design market.   A fine, sturdy bike.   Stiff design and slightly shorter wheelbase (than most LWB's) makes the Agio a favorite for rugged conditions.  With the right tires, a great off roader.   And great on the road as well.  

This one is in near new condition, the owner said they only put a couple of hundred miles on it.   I see a few scuff marks where the seat clamp was moved on the main frame, that's it.   Gears and brakes are factory clean.   

Disc brakes front and rear.
Kenda Kwest 26 and 20" high pressure tires, 1.5" width, in great shape.   
3x9 gearing on SRAM gripshifters.   
Seat is in new condition.
This bike has a mirror on it.  I've just put a kickstand on it (bikes drive me crazy without kickstands).  
Almost a factory new bike, at a half price sale!   Grab it quick!    
TerraTrike Rambler    -  almost new trike for sale  -   One speed crankset for $950.   
                                        With new Patterson 2 speed crankset, $1,225.

TerraTrike’s Rambler is an appealing 3x20” wheel trike.   Direct steering, an easy to reach higher than average seat for tadpole trikes, and a sturdy, braced steel frame that will take a lot of abuse or weight.    TerraTrike sells the Rambler with a number of different gearing options, this one is the base model with a single front speed and chain ring, and with a Shimano Alfine 8 speed interal hub for 8 gears on the rear.    Very simple, easy to use.    The chainring on the front is 34 teeth, which makes the gearing available on this trike quite low.   Top speed is likely 10-12 miles per hour in the as-is version offered here.    I have ordered a Metropolis Patterson multispeed crank.    The Patterson will effectively give this bike two speed options up front – like having a standard two speed crankset, except all the gearing is interal, there are no moving gears or cogs other than the drive cogs front and rear – no derailleurs!

Update Sept. 18 - I HAVE INSTALLED THE PATTERSON CRANKSET!    Wow, this is now the coolest trike on the planet!   Observe:

The original, 34 tooth crankset is on the ground, the $1,000 version of this trike is still available.   The Patterson internal crankset effectively makes the front end of this bike a 2 speed, 'compact double' crankset, for a total range of 16 gears on this bike - ALL OF THEM INTERNAL - no visible gearing on the front or rear, no deraileurs  (just shifters).    I rode this bike this morning, adding the Patterson gives it acceptable touring speed range, into the low 20 mph's.    Works great!   

Trikes don't stay in this showroom long, let me know if you are interested (in either set up, it's OK if I need to change it back to the single crank to meet your needs).       

Recycled Recumbent eagerly looks for old, unloved recumbents to revive and find homes for.   If you hear of anything, let me know! ***

Thanks for looking at the current crop.    Let me know if something here merits a home with you!

FOR ANY BIKE or Frame -
Shipping Con. US only – you pay the costs plus about $5 in packing tape.   (It takes about 2 hours to pack a bike and I don't charge you for that!)   Using Fedex Ground I find costs range from around $55 to near $100, pending your distance from Milwaukee .     Assembly is required at your end – I send you instructions and pictures.   Save us both the hassle and come visit – and we get to fit the bike to you if you come to the toy shoppe!    I will drive an hour from Milwaukee for delivery (THAT is getting expensive now!!).
Please write with your comments or questions.    That is as much fun for me as a sale!   Ride safe, ride often!

Contact A.D. Carson, adcarson@recycledrecumbent.com   or call 414-616-0307