NEW BIKES ON Jan. 10, 2015!!! There is a way where there is a will! And there is almost no wrong way to make this bike! Read on! (I remain an imperfect record keeper. If I have mis-labeled or forgotten a credit below, please forgive first, and write me to correct it second.)

(I also put a few recent projects of mine on the ADC's Bikes page.)




This is Lauro Haber de Amapa, from Brazil - the only picture I've kept on this page from 2009. He is a true adventurer, riding this bike north to south ACROSS rural/coastal Brazil. He sent me a web link to his photo journal - A proven bike, though, eh?

Bill's layout in 2013. I don't think I ever got a final picture of your bike, Bill.

Bob's bike above, Off to the left is an anonymous by choice Brit submission.

From Chris in 2013 - did you ever finish it??

Danny sent this in - USS handlebars work just fine for them what want's them!

Don's bike has a unique hardware clamp under the seat. An alternative to my suggestion.

Jaroslav Michael from overseas. Jason's bike.

Jerry did a USS bike too.

From Jesper. And from Jim.

My image date on this one says it's from John in 2010.

Jory's USS - seems more popular lately, From Malcom via Facebook. With a remote above seat handlebar.

though I don't suggest it for first timers.

Steve's bike, both in developement and finished.

By Reverend Jim

Yardsale stray - I am not sure where this picture came from.

Robert built these two bikes - I think the blue one is for his wife.

Rooker (left) and Royal (above) built new Mach 3's, with the 26" front wheels.

Tim's bike. I think he bought the modified Rans Chopper Bar from me.

Wallace's bike.

From William, fancy paint.

This last is from Walter, he consulted with me while creating this hub motor ATV version of a Recycled Recumbent. Walter is more an expert that I on the hub motors, batteries, and what not needed to make it go. Very nice!


That's the 'final' 2014 edition of this page and includes pictures sent in 2013 - I have been remiss in updates. I love seeing pictures of the work you do making these bikes. Thanks for browsing. If you sent a picture and I missed it, write and let me know. If I missed your intent, or there is a better shot than above, send it in! I very much appreciate seeing where you go with your project. There is no finer payback for my website than your responses to it. Keep the faith!

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