Start a new WI Branch

Congratulations! You are thinking of starting a new branch that will
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Organize a WI Branch in just three easy steps!

Step One

  • The first step applicants take to organize a branch of the WI is to contact the QWI President and submit the request in writing to the QWI President through Macdonald Campus-McGill University, or by email expressing the desire: write to

Step Two

  • Within a few weeks of the application, a meeting of the applicants and of others who are qualified to become members shall be called giving due notice to the Provincial President and the County President. At least one of them must represent the QWI.

  • Such a meeting shall be known as the Founding Meeting of that Branch Women's Institute. First members will be known a Founding Members.

  • The Provincial President or County President will chair the meeting. They will come prepared with an agenda, and copies of the swearing in ceremony and several handbooks. Someone will be appointed to keep minutes until a secretary is sworn in. The chair will start by stating the reason for the meeting.

  • The following motions must be made.

      • A motion will be requested by the Chair, to establish the Branch including its name, and stating that the Branch will agree to abide by the By-Laws of the Quebec Woman's Institutes.

      • The Chair will then ask for nominations for officers and committee chairs from the floor.

      • A motion will be called for the acceptance of the nominations.

      • The new executive will be sworn in by the Provincial President if she is present or in her place the County President.

      • The new executive takes their places and the Branch President continues with the meeting.

      • A motion must be made to allow the treasurer and one other executive, generally the president, to go to the bank and open an account in the name of the newly formed Branch.

  • The members will then discuss when they will hold their next meeting and any other business they so choose.

Step Three

  • A report of this Charter meeting, certified by the new Branch president and secretary, shall be forwarded to the Provincial President within two weeks of the meeting.

  • The report shall include a copy of the minutes, the name of all the new members, a list of the officers and committee chairs elected.

  • A cheque made out to QWI, for the members' annual assessment fees for that year must be included.


  • Any County President may organize a branch in her county or adjacent counties not having an WI branch.

  • The expenses incurred will be paid by the treasury of that County WI.

  • A group that organizes without a County's backing will be responsible for any expenses that are incurred.

Welcome new WI members!
Start enjoying member benefits while contributing to the
improvement and well-being of all,
For Home and Country!