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QWI Cairn Fundraising Goal: Fund for future needs

History of the QWI Cairn, 1964

To commemorate the founding of the first Women’s Institute in the province of Quebec at Dunham, January 27, 1911, members desired to erect a cairn. The 1962 minutes show that the Commission of Historic Sites and Monuments would furnish the plaque and forty percent of the cost of the cairn.

In 1964 the project was finished. On July 15, 1964, a special ceremony was held at Dunham when the plaque was unveiled by Mrs. W. S. McElroy, Charter Member of Dunham WI. Mrs. Gordon Brown, daughter of Mrs. G. Beach, read the minutes of the first meeting and Mrs. G. D. Harvey gave a history of the WI.

Greetings were given from Mr. Glendon Brown, M.L.A., Mr. J. J. Bertrand, M.P.P.Q.C., Mme P. C. LeBeau, Department of Agriculture and representative from the Historic Sites and Monuments Board.WI members gathered by bus and car to witness the unveiling. Refreshments were served by Missisquoi County WI at the United Church.

Thank you to all our donors and members who helped

move this cairn from a mere idea to an historical monument!

The QWI Cairn Today

Since 1964, the QWI cairn has been the site of annual Remembrance Day ceremonies, during which wreaths are placed by the QWI, the Missisquoi County WI, Fordyce WI, Dunham WI, and Stanbridge East WI. The Ville de Dunham is represented at the ceremonies by the mayor and other town councilors. Missisquoi County WI hosts a light luncheon after the ceremony that is open to all ceremony participants.

The QWI cairn holds its place among the many historic sites of the early settlers in the area. The Township of Dunham was the first in Canada’s Eastern Townships, and celebrates 150 years in 2017. Dunham today is nestled in the heart of Quebec’s wine country, orchards, artists’ and artisans’ workshops, and beautiful scenery. Visitors enjoy stopping by the cairn and reading its commemorative plaque.

Maintenance of the QWI Cairn

Annual upkeep of the cairn is currently being done by a “mysterious” volunteer, to whom we owe many thanks. However, the fence around the cairn property became tattered and was in need of repair. It was decided that it should be replaced by a wrought iron fence. This greatly improved and protects the overall cairn site.

However, the cost of replacing the fence was greater than the amount collected from our very generous members and friends. Fundraising continues to recover the costs.

For more information about fundraising for the QWI cairn, please contact the QWI Cairn Committee.

Thank donors, members and friends!