QWI Member Benefits

QWI member benefits serve you and your community at your local level, regional, provincial, national and even international level because our motto has always been "FOR HOME AND COUNTRY."


    • WI Branch Membership: as a member of a WI Branch, you are welcomed into a diverse, dynamic, supportive social network where you can experience how your voluntary efforts impact your community.

    • WI Counties: you automatically become a member of a WI County, which includes a local cluster of WI Branches that work at a wider, yet still local level.

    • Quebec Women's Institutes: you are automatically a member of the provincial body which, along with the other nine provincial WIs, tackle issues and problems that affect us all, and provide annual opportunities to celebrate and socialize.

    • WI Canada (formerly Federated Women's Institutes of Canada - FWIC): you automatically become a member of WI Canada, joining thousands of members of Canadian WIs.

    • Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW): you are automatically affiliated with ACWW, representing nine million women in over 70 countries.


    • Meet your like-minded neighbours that you never even knew existed!

    • New in town - ask your WI friends to help you find your way around the intricacies of your town and county.

    • Build relationships with people all over Canada and the world.

Community Service

    • Help support schools with volunteering and fundraising for essay writing prizes.

    • Help support local services for women and children.

    • Pitch in to alleviate hardships caused by disasters like floods and fire.

    • Participate in agricultural fairs as competition judges and volunteers.

    • Visit with "shut-ins" and help members who can no longer drive get to WI meetings.

Life-long Learning

    • Enjoy a variety of workshops and educational opportunities either free or at a nominal cost.

    • Apply for scholarships and bursaries to pursue your interests.

    • Bring your friends with you the the Annual QWI Convention at the end of May at Macdonald College campus.

    • Participate in national and international conferences of WI Canada and the ACWW.


    • Participate in the annual crafts competitions! Learn new skills from other members and teach us what you know!


    • Whether its animal husbandry or food production, orchard production or vineyards, help ensure the best agricultural practices are being followed and that we have access to all available improvements.

    • Help protect our farms' and farmers' livelihood.


    • As a member, you are invited to join in the annual and special-event writing, cultural, and handicraft competitions. Learn as you go! The journey is continuous!

Leadership Opportunities

    • Opportunities are always coming up for involvement at the level that you feel most effective - local, regional, national and international.

    • Do you want to stretch yourself to the next level? Learn the how to get there at your own pace.

Hospitality Homes

    • When traveling in Canada, stay at a WI Hospitality Homes for a nominal fee per night, including breakfast.

News and Print

    • Receive the QWI Newsletters, the WI Canada Connections, and ACWW Canada Area updates.

    • Try your hand as a contributor to the WI news!

    • Help compile stories and articles for commemorations.

Support our Canadian Heritage

    • Celebrate Canada Day and sing the national anthem with us.

    • Join in the WI Remembrance Day ceremonies and learn about the WI's participation in war efforts.

    • Share fun and fellowship while making your home and country a better place to live!

Click here for the list of Counties and Branches.

Click here to find out how to start a new branch.

Associate Members

  • Any woman may become an associate member by applying to the QWI Treasurer.

  • Associate members will receive the QWI Newsletter and pertinent information, they may participate in fundraisers, attend conventions, and participate in discussions, as they are ex officio – Associates have no vote.

  • Associates may also enter provincially sponsored competitions (except those pre-judged at County level).

The final word on member benefits goes to one of our centenarians who was interviewed for our
FWIC Founders' Day celebration in February 2022:

Continuing the fellowship of other women is the most important message for the new generation of WI members.