Gmail Instructions

How to create a gmail account in 2 easy steps

Step One:

  1. Go to

  2. *Remember to write down your user name and password.

  3. You might get a confirmation email – where you have to click to confirm your new gmail account.

Step two:

  1. Send your new gmail address to

  2. You will then receive an email with the Subject “qwi members only Invitation to view

  3. Open the email, and click the link to go to the QWI website.

  4. Enter the password for your new gmail account.

That’s it!

NB: “webmaster” is a QWI volunteer who might take a day or two to get back to you, so please be patient. If you think that it is taking too long, or if you need immediate assistance, send an email to

Additional Information

Save the QWI website address in your “Bookmarks” or “Favorites”:

Using gmail

If you ever want to use your gmail (for example is you need a “backup email” or if you do not want to use your regular email for something)

1. Go to Google:

2. In the top right corner, click the square box that is made up of 9 small squares (Apps)

3. Select the app that says Gmail – the the big red M:

4. Enter your gmail address and password.