Erland Lee Award of Appreciation

This award is presented by the FWIC to a man who most exemplifies those qualities of Erland Lee, chairman of the Farmers Institute who, with his wife went from farm to farm knocking on doors and inviting the women to come and hear Mrs. Hoodless on February 19, 1897. Through the combined efforts of Erland Lee, and Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, the Stoney Creek Women’s Institute was formed, and so began the world-wide WI movement.

Each year, each province may nominate one man for this award. The nominations may come from any level.

Nominations must be submitted to the QWI President by January 15 of the current year. The QWI Executive will choose one application to be sent on to FWIC.

Nominations must include:

-nominating Branch or County

-name and contact information of nominee

-a paragraph stating why your group recommends this man for the Erland Lee Award

Cost: A $15.00 cheque made out to FWIC must be received with the application. The only cheque cashed will be the one that goes to FWIC with the chosen application.

Recipients of the Erland Lee Award of Appreciation

2022 updates coming soon!






2016 Donald Robinson, Hemmingford WI, Chateauguay-Huntingdon County

2015 Ellis Clark, Spooner Pond WI, Richmond County

2014 Malcolm Cogswell, Stanbridge East WI, Missisquoi County


2012 Melvin Dustin

2011 Jim Kenton

2010 Danny Kyle