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Books and Publications

Quebec Women's Institutes 1911 - 2011. 100th Anniversary: History of the Years 1986 - 2011.
  • This booklet is the result of a number of QWI contributors.
  • "Women of the Future - Inspired by the Past"
  • "Coast to Coast ~ WI Alive and Well"

Quebec Women's Institutes 1911 - 1986, 75th Anniversary: History of the Years 1961 - 1986. Sherbrooke, QC, 1986.
  • 1961 - 1971 by Hazel A. Coates.
  • 1971 - 1986 by Gwendolyn M. Parker

QWI Pioneers 1911 - 1981. Quebec Women's Institutes, Sherbrooke, QC, 1981.

  • The Book Committee: Gwen Parker, Hazel Clarke, Doris Cascadden

Q.W.I. 1911 to 1961: The First Fifty Years. Joyce Gilchrist, 1961.

  • "Pride in the past, confidence in the future"

QWI 70th Anniversary Song Book 1911- 1981. Compiled by Hilda Graham, Wyman Wl, Gatineau Co., QC., 1981.

  • "I have a picture of myself sitting on my mother's knee at a Wyman Wl meeting, and I must have been about
    three. The QWI and I are the same age; when I was 70 I compiled and printed a songbook for the Wl; this
    year I chose to give prizes for three handicraft competitions: knitting for first time entrants, a maple leaf quilt
    block, and a sampler. I have a sampler made by my great grandmother — we must save the art of our heritage."
Excerpted from The MacDonald Journal,
November 1986.

A Quebec Mosaic: A Story of Quebec and its Crafts. Hazel A. Coates, Quebec Women's Institutes, Granby, QC, 1967.

  • See also the FWIC publication: A Heritage of Canadian Handicrafts, McClelland and Stewart, 1967.

Macdonald Journal. In the early years, the QWI branches were given 4 pages in the Macdonald Journal.