2013 Hlth and CL

2013 Highlights from QWI Health and Community Living


·       One square of dark chocolate daily, 37% less likely to suffer from heart disease.

·       The CHUS in Sherbrooke has been selected to conduct a new test for colorectal cancer that could avoid the necessity of a colonoscopy.

·       Do not boil your vegetables, steam or micro them.

·       Eat tomatoes for your heart and walnuts for your brain.

·       Daily drink 2 cups of cocoa for a boost of beneficial blood flow to the brain.

·       For a healthy winter, get a flu shot, exercise 30 minutes, eat lighter meals but more often, wash hands for 20 seconds.

·       Surprising foods that fight pain such as ginger, cherries, turmeric and beans.

·       Vitamin D is key to optimal absorption of calcium.

·       Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis; it affects 1 in 10 Canadian adults.

·       To kill fungus on feet, spray with a 50/50 mixture of peroxide & water nightly and let dry.

·       Sleeping pills may increase the risk of developing dementia.


·       Donated food for Christmas Baskets.

·       Made sailor boxes filled with items for Christmas to be given to sailors when they come to the Port of Quebec.

·       Gave a tea at the Wales Home in Richmond.

·       Cards and cheer for shut-ins.

·       Cakes were made for the Fair.

·       Attended Terry Fox Run or Walk.

·       Held a flea market.

·       Piggy Bank for medical supplies on display at meetings and money sent to

·       Convention.

·       W.I. members assisted at the 4-H Rally held in Cookshire at fair grounds for their 100th Anniversary.

·       Supported the Hoodless Homestead.

·       Supported North Hatley Recreation & Sports Centre by working at their annual rummage sale.

·       Provided money to buy small farm animals through World Vision Canada.


·       The AQDR of Sherbrooke (L’Association québécoise de défense des droits des personnes retraitées et préretraitées) is a community organization that focuses on defending the rights of senior citizens in the area. To get help, call 819-829-2981.

·       A new law passed: If someone has to leave their apartment because of sickness, they now only have to pay 2 months' rent instead of 3 months.

·       Arthritis pain drug called diclofenec should be pulled due to adverse health effects. A better choice is an anti-inflammatory of NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

·       A local entrepreneur spoke of the struggles and successes of starting a business in a small community.

·       Two firemen spoke of the necessity and proper maintenance of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire prevention in the home.

·       Quebec postpones new services for pharmacists, being able to renew prescriptions and administer certain injections. Fees for pharmacists are under discussion with Bill 41.

·       Gluten and celiac disease — your rights.

·       Ways to increase your energy.

·       Preparing your home for the elderly, nursing homes and selecting a nursing home, Alzheimer's. Dementia.


·       Royal family: William and Kate had a baby boy, George Alexander Louis. He was baptized in the same church as Princess Diana. 4 Generations.

·       Prince Phillip was in Toronto in April 2013.

·       Remember the 11th of November. Wear a poppy. Buy a wreath.

·       Support for Douglas Hospital.

·       Supported breakfast and hot lunch programmes.