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Agri 2013

Highlights of 2013 QWI Agricultural Report


Food that we can gather by foraging

·       look around the fields for chickweed, cattails, chicory roots, burdock roots, dandelion, milkweed, pigweed, stinging nettles and various eatable wild berries.

The Quebec Farmers Association (QFA) (

·       Mission: The Quebec Farmers’ Association (QFA) represents and promotes the interests of the English-speaking agricultural community through assuring the provision of information, programs, and services. In doing so, the QFA provides a forum to develop a sense of belonging, confidence, and pride among its constituency.

·       Warren Grapes Foundation

o   (

o   provides bursaries to support individuals pursuing secondary and post-secondary studies in recognized agriculture or silviculture programs. The bursaries are a direct grant of monies to recipients to cover any and all reasonable costs related to the pursuit of their studies.

·       The Advocate (

o   an award-winning monthly newspaper published by the QFA to provide timely information to English–speaking farmers in Quebec.

o   more than 3,000 readers including government officials, researchers farmers.

L’Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA) (

·       Mission: to promote, defend, and further the professional, economic, social, and moral interests of Quebec’s farm and forestry producers, regardless of race, nationality, sex, language, or belief system.

·       experts in all fields, marketing, agriculture, economics, land use, planning in every region, animal production.

·       work together on important issues that affect us in spite of our diversities.

·       90 years of experience in participating in major debates and compromise.

·       Maple producers challenge marketing restrictions, seizures by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup producers.

Manure Digester

·       Cow power, manure digester to digested fiber compost.

·       A descriptive diagram was presented to explain the process.

·       For more information see “Farm Power” :

Dean Madramootoo, McDonald College

·       gave interesting talk about how farming techniques have changed in Quebec and Ontario, especially the landscape of small family farms being transformed into farms with thousands of acres.

2012 Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year -

·       owns 5,500 blueberry plants, sells jam, coulis and blueberry vinegar.


·       How will climate change impact agriculture?

·       The Japanese government agreed to ease the ban on Canadian beef.

·       Prime Minister Harper doing away with support to the dairy farmers.

·       Benefits of insects and animals in your garden.

·       Looked at and discussed the program for Shigawake Fair, compared to the local fair.

·       Tips for winterizing gardens and planting fall bulbs.

·       Local W.I. group provides seeds for local school children to grow their own vegetable garden, which is judged at end of summer. Prizes given for their work.

·       Described trip to Scotland, judging at local fairs and raising different types of poultry.

·       Spoke about foreign workers from Guatamala, regulations and adjusting to life in QC.

·       Encouraged 4-H activities and banquet.

·       Many branches used auctions of plants and bulbs as fundraisers.