Buying & Selling

How Does One Find a House for Sale at Pagewood Park?

It is the same as for any normal house or property. Try looking in the newspaper, on the internet, and talk to Estate Agents in the area. Note, some Agents have names on Pagewood Park waiting lists.

For Sale/Rental Signs

To put up a 'For Sale/Rental' board or sign an Estate Agent needs approval from:
  • The owner of the property the sign is to be placed on;
  • The Committee of Management, see Additional Rule 5. In most circumstances the Committee will automatically approve if the owner approves. The Committee is only likely to object if the sign is unusual or overly large. The Committee will definitely object if it is a standard sized sign on the inside of the Estate or a 'Forthcoming' sign which does not give an address, see the special note below.

Approval is straight forward if the Lot for sale/rental is on the perimeter of Pagewood Park, i.e. Chesterville Road, Bernard Street, or Wilson Street. The main sign, with the two approvals, can simply be placed at the front of the property which is for sale/rental.

For Lots on the inside of Pagewood Park the Seller or Estate Agent needs to contact an owner on the perimeter of Pagewood Park and ask their permission to put up a standard sized main board on their perimeter property to "catch the eye" of passing motorists and pedestrians. The Seller or Estate Agent may also put up a small secondary sign on the house which is for sale/rental inside the Estate so that potential buyers don't have to go door knocking to discover it. A good place for the small sign may be the front window of the house for sale.

It is the policy of the Committee of Management that the "For Sale/Rental Sign' be removed by the selling agent within two weeks of the sale/rental of the Lot.

Special Note: Signs (actual or forthcoming) which do not have a house address are not approved as they encourage potential customers to wander through Pagewood Park Estate door knocking and looking through windows in an attempt to locate the property.

Can an Owner make Changes on or to a Lot?

  • Inside - Yes.   Inside the building there is no problem.
  • Outside - Depends.   Outside the building (on or to the external surfaces, as well as the front and back yards), you MAY be able to make changes BUT only AFTER you obtain written approval from the Committee of Management. See Additional Rule 4. The rule aims to retain the look of Pagewood Park.