This page is intended eventually to be a sort of "cheat sheet" for the Day of Atonement services, signposting all the main parts with short clips. (BTW the S&P say "Kippur", not "Yom Kippur".)Kal Nidrey

The reader sings the opening five words, and the congregation join in and chant this hymn:

Shema Kolee


Yes, the following passage is pronounced "Kal", unlike both the Ashkenazim and Eastern Sephardim, who say "Kol". According to the S&P tradition there is no hyphen between the two words, and hence the vowel is kamats gadol, not katan.

Kal Nidrey (complete) [JC]

The above recording includes the introductory passage, one of the three repititions of the main text, followed by the rabbi's chanting of the blessing "Sheheheyanu" (Blessed are you God who has brought us to this time).

There are many S&P melodies for Yigdal, but on RH and YK the melody of Et Shaarey Ratson is traditionally used:

Yigdal [JC]