This page is intended eventually to be a sort of "cheat sheet" for the Day of Atonement services, signposting all the main parts with short clips. (BTW the S&P say "Kippur", not "Yom Kippur".)Kal Nidrey

The reader sings the opening five words, and the congregation join in and chant this hymn:

Shema Kolee


Yes, the following passage is pronounced "Kal", unlike both the Ashkenazim and Eastern Sephardim, who say "Kol". According to the S&P tradition there is no hyphen between the two words, and hence the vowel is kamats gadol, not katan.

Kal Nidrey (introductory passage) [JC]

Kal Nidrey (main) [JC]

Immediately following Kal Nidrey, the blessing Sheheheyanu is sung by the rabbi:

Birkat Sheheheyanu [JC]

There are many S&P melodies for Yigdal, but on RH and YK the melody of Et Shaarey Ratson is traditionally used:

Yigdal [JC]